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Monday, April 19, 2010


Harley and I just had a wonderful weekend at the Angel City Rally over in Unadilla, GA. I have lots to tell you about this great location and all the fun that was had, but you'll have to give me some time to pull it together for ya. A weekend full of fun and frolic takes a lot out of a person. Shew! In the meantime... just a little teaser.

This jolly fella was setting up for the "wiennie bite" when he noticed me and my camera. He was quite amusing when he realized he had an audience and very eloquently showed off some of his pole dancing skills.

Spending a couple of fun filled days with some great friends topped off with an awesome ride over and back... it just doesn't get any better than that. Stay tuned for future posts of my Angel City Rally experience.

Have a nice Monday everybody!

Lady R


Willy D said...

When I saw the title about a pole dancer I figured Monday was off to a good start. After seeing the picture I remembered why Mondays suck.

Dean "D-Day" said...

You sure aren't doing anything to fight against the southern redneck stereotype by posting pictures like this. I was just glad that you didn't post of picture of this Bubba's "lovely bride".

Can't wait to hear about the rest of the ho' down.

Cameraman1024 said...

Ditto, Willy D..

FLHX_Dave said...

That chick needs to shave! Not what I was waiting to see, but, I'll take it!

See, I'm not the only idiot on the planet. There are many, many more of me running around! whooooooooo!

Darlin' said...

Glad to see you made it back, was a wonderful day for a ride, but just left it in the trailor to keep Flame's bike company, gets lonesome sometimes in the toy hauler. One of the best trips ever, and I have to admit my stomach still hurts from laughing. Can't wait to see your version of events and there's pics on my FB if you need them. Hugs my friend til we meet again! and btw Shooter txt'd me today she put on 5 lbs, so there were some extra choice words for the cook, wahahahaha.

IHG said...

I honestly don't know what to say about this one. Hmmmmmm...no...no too mean....nope. LOL It made me laugh! :)

Word Verification : mensape OMG to funny...OH OH OH!!!!!!!

WooleyBugger said...

Hell ya got me to on this one. I would have at least expected a bikini clad dancer.

mq01 said...

whooooooooo take it, no strike that, dont take it off :-D lol!

Lady R (Di) said...

Willy... Yeah, Mondays do suck... Muwahahahaha!

Dean... Don't know about his bride, but this guy had more than one good looking chick huggin' on him all weekend. Guess you can't judge a book by it's cover, heh? LOL!

Cameraman 1024... where's your sense of humor. LOL! Don't worry... there's more!

Dave... exactly! I bet if this guy would of been at the Home Depot that day a couple of crazy hard heads decided to race shopping carts... he'd have jumped in one himself and challenged the winner! Woo Hoo!
We laughed so much this weekend, that I thought it was fitting for me to post a "laughable" pic of the week. Stay tuned... more laughs to come!

Darlin... I saw Shooter's comment on my FB pic... she say's she woke up with an ear tag! LOL! I had a great time too and I'm looking forward to going back there again! Our ride home was good, no problems, just tired. (Hmmm... imagine that!) I'll try to get our wonderful adventure posted soon so we can all continue laughing! See you again soon my friend! (hugs)

Steph... dirty ol' bikers... gotta love'em! Love your new profile pic! Awesome!

Wooly... words may a powerful tool, but pictures can make your eyes hurt! LOL! Stay tuned... I'll make up for it. (I hope)

Mq01... You just never know... he just might be "magically delicious!" LOL!

Webster World said...

When I saw it I could hear the old Mountian Dew song.

Lady R (Di) said...

Webster... LOL! He was a trip and he helped make the biker games even more fun.

Webster World said...

Forgot to ask how many dollars you spent at the pole heeeheee

Lady R (Di) said...

LMAO!! Not much... I can assure you!