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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Harley and I are going camping in a couple weeks with a dozen or so of our good pals. Our camping buddies happen to be our riding buddies as well so, we are all pretty comfortable with each other. Big Ed, Beaver and the Lone Ranger, just to mention a few of our great friends, all come equipped with large RV's! With toy haulers! This comes in handy when we all go camping. We like to go to the Atlanta Motor Speedway and camp in the infield. We've been fortunate enough to be able to camp out with them while attending some local Bike Events and Rallies also.

A weekend like this usually takes a little planning and thought, so we can have a plentiful bounty, and an endless inventory of thirst quenching refreshments. This is where it gets interesting, and the carnivores and vegetarians start to emerge onto the task of planning the menu. "Keep the list simple" the carnivore says, "Just get Sausage, Steak, Ribs, Chicken, Sausage, Bacon, Hamburger Meat, Eggs, lots and lots of refreshing thirst quenchers and, did I say Sausage?" Most in the group just nod their heads and mumble something about sounding good to them. "Wait a sec!" interrupts a vegetarian, "What about some potato salad, macaroni salad, or a veggie tray with Ranch to go with all that meat!" Then someone pipes up, "Don't forget the refreshing thirst quenchers!"

Camping Rules - 101: Eat food with bones, it does not require utensils. In the event no bones are present, a slice of loaf bread to hold the food will work nicely. You must always eat in a standing position. The table and chair are holding the TV and Portable Dish. Have ample supply of those irresistible thirst quenchers. Paper towels may be handy. Class dismissed.

Well, don't worry folks, as usual, we always work it out and everyone usually has a great time! The Lone Ranger makes the best camping breakfast of anybody I know. There is nothing better in the morning after a night of fun and revelry, than smelling coffee in the air and bacon cooking. We can also vouch for Big Ed's talents on the grill. I personally don't think he can ever NOT cook good on a grill! As for our other pal Beaver, well, maybe we should just change his name to Mr. Dibbs. You see, he's like the ice cream man cometh. You can always count on Beaver to have those delicious little ice cream treats called Dibbs. They are yummy! See ya later, alligator! Lady R

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Thanks to Darrell Waltrip, we Nascar fans know only too well, these three little words mean high speed action and lots of excitement. Today is the start of the 2008 Nascar Sprint Cup Series with the running of the Daytona 500. I love Racing!

Racing is like a fever, and it gets in your blood. I grew up with my Dad, four Uncles, three Brothers and a herd of relatives all interested in racing of some sort. Sunday evenings were spent at the Fairgrounds for Dirt Track fun. My dad used to race Go-Karts, on the dirt and on the ice. In Iowa, (where I grew up) the winter would freeze large areas of the Mississippi River around boat ramps and such. That would allow enough frozen surface set up a track, put chains on the tires, and go for what you know. Large crowds would gather to watch the Go-Karts race on the ice. He liked to go to motorcycle races and participate in the games. Two of my brothers raced in Pro Class Hill Climbs while living in Billings, MT. Hell, even my Mom would get in a beat up old race car and participate in the Powder Puff Demolition Derby and won once! So, needless to say, I like to go fast.

Well, yesterday was another beautiful day to ride the motorcycles. Harley felt lucky, and with the Florida Lottery at 30 Million, we decided to take a little cruise to the state line to purchase our winning ticket. (Someone else must have gotten it, cause we didn't). This little trip took roughly 5 hours or so round trip, stopping to each lunch and all. It was a little windy, but other than that, another 68 degree day with a little cloud cover every now and then. (Hang in there you northerners, warm weather is coming!) The whole time we were riding I found myself thinking of racing and how cool it would be to get on a track and go as fast as I could. Put me in a cage and tell me I can go as fast as I want... I might even scare myself! Now, hear me out, I always practice safe riding and try to use good judgment. This insures great rides and wonderful experiences and I love the freedom of the open road. But, we all know how fun it is to "open it up" every now an then. This usually happens when you can see straight ahead of you for about three miles and nothings coming. Harley likes to do this, and when he does (I'm usually following) I can distinctly hear his motor make that taunting "Braaaaaoooooppp! The next thing you see, he's getting smaller in the distance. Well, I can't resist the temptation. So, as I also go "Braaaaaoooooopppp", all I can think of in my head is "Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!" Lady R ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful day to ride. It was about 67 degrees, clear blue skies, and Harley was pacing, ready to go. I had to get my lead out or I was going to be left. We got out the trusty Topo map so we could scope out a few new roads to explore. I enjoy that the most on our little Saturday afternoon jaunts. New scenery! And when we realize that we made a wrong turn somewhere, on a day like yesterday, who cares. It's all about the ride, isn't it? We still managed to come across a quaint little hole in the wall cafe and ate some of the best Boston Butt we have had in a long time. And good sweet tea! Harley usually judges whether or not a place is any good, on how well they make their sweet tea. (It's a southern thang!)

We are really fortunate to be in the South. It affords us many more days of riding. I have family in the Midwest and West and all they can do these days watch the snow blanket everything in sight. Hang in there folks! The sun is coming!

Friday, February 8, 2008


I know this expression has been used and reused for a wide variety of purposes. For me, it can only mean one thing. My jeans are shrinking! It is almost impossible to get those darn things to recoup their original dimensions without going to great lengths to stretch them out, hang them up wet, and pray that they did not have another reduction attack. It becomes inevitable to me that it's time to TRIM THE FAT!

I know this happens to other people too, but I feel like I have lost over 750 lbs. over my lifetime. No, I am not as big as a house, it's just that those pesky lost pounds seem to find their way back to me. If indulgence were an Olympic event, I would have a room full of Gold Medals! I have a love for Chocolate! I have a love for Bread! I have a love for Rich Cheesy Cassaroles! Need I say more?

So, I got together with some other Tooth Fairies (that's my day job), and we decided to form our own private little weight watcher support group. Hopefully, we'll do more than watch our weight go up! We made each other swear to secrecy, like we were members of the Ya Ya Sisterhood of the Traveling Pounds. Bravely, and somewhat hesitantly, we noted our starting weight on the "CHART OF PROGRESS". Each Monday we will return to this ominous "CHART OF PROGRESS" to notate how well we did for that week. Now, we will have someone to answer to for our weekly indiscretions at the Donut Hut. Talk about being in a lose, loser situation.

My willpower is going to be at the mercy of those sweet little diet crashers called the "Girl Scouts". They post themselves outside every grocery store there is during cookie season peddling their irresistable treats. Being a good foot or so taller than most of them, hopefully I can avoid looking into their pleading eyes as I pass through the gauntlet of Thin Mints, Lemon Cremes and my favorites, the Do Si Do's. Show no fear! United we will hold firm to our menu plans and aim steady to be the biggest loser! Just look kindly into their awaiting gaze and say, "Sorry Dear, I can only get two boxes this year instead of my usual four. You see, it's time to TRIM THE FAT!" Lady R;)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Girl Needs Her "Posse"

A girls' gotta have her posse to get through this crazy place called life. Two of my favorite movies come to mind to help me explain my feelings on this. "Bad Girls", a great western chic flic, and "Steel Magnolias" which we are all familiar. You see, women are very stoic and committed to getting through all of lifes ups and downs while trying to maintain the image that we ARE stoic and committed. HA! That's where we need the rallying support of our posse. Because without them, we crumble and get lost. That is not a good thing.

Well, Lady R, (that's me) is no different. Let me introduce you to MY Posse. Redlight Roxanne, Black Widow and Crazy Chick. Together we can move mountains, solve all the problems of our lives and stall traffic! Each one of us brings a different component to our group that makes us dynamic.

We can count on Redlight Roxanne to keep us musically entertained. I call her my personal Ipod. She has an infinite supply of lyrics in her head and an equal amount of air in her lungs in which to share those lyrics. I think she should be a contestant on "Singing Bee!" She would break the bank, I guarantee!

Crazy Chick is exactly that. She comes by her name honestly. You always have that ONE in the group that will tip the scale and offset the balance between sensible and insane. The problem is, we all follow her lead like little chicks behind their mother! We can count on Crazy Chick when things get dull. She can create a situation in which we are all laughing our heads off as quick as a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat!

Black Widow is not as ominous as she sounds. Although they are known for killing their mate when they are done with them, I can assure you, as a friend, she shows patience, kindness, consideration, AND she cooks a mean brisket! Black Widow spins a web of mystery about her. I like to tease her about how alluringly dangerous she seems in name, when truth be told, she is really more like the earth mother we truly love.

The more time I share with this posse of mine, I realize why they are so important to me. They each contribute to the recipe that makes me who I am. Redlight Roxanne is my kareoke partner, even though I cannot sing worth a crap; Crazy Chick keeps my dare devil personna at peak levels; and Black Widow keeps my domesticated side in check with a sassy attitude. I am reminded of a song from my childhood. "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is Silver and the other, Gold!" I have made many friends in my lifetime. Some are near me, some are far away. With some, I am in touch with often, and with some, maybe not so much. The fact remains that friendships are a Blessing not to be taken for granted. When you see this Posse coming in slow motion like they do in the movies, you'll know we ARE Steel Magnolia's! Lady R ;)