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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


When I started blogging, I didn't know really what to expect, other than having an outlet for my creative writing and sharing my love for riding motorcycles. Since I've started, I've become familiar via the web, with several other bloggers, whom I would now consider my friends. Well, I got to meet one of my new blogger pals this past weekend when we were at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the NASCAR race.

Allen over at Allen Madding's Musings is also a big race fan, and was going to be at the AMS on Sunday. He and his lovely wife Alison (sorry if I misspelled it, there must be a dozen versions of your name! LOL!) were fortunate enough to land some pit passes. Harley and I are always camping in the infield, so Allen and I figured it would be a good chance to meet each other. After communicating via email and cell phone, we had no problem spotting each other on Sunday for our face to face visit.
It was like we already knew each other, as our conversation just flowed from one thing to the next. You really need to check out his post about Bikers for Babies. He was able to participate in a ride that allowed them to take their motorcycles on the Atlanta Motor Speedway. How cool is that! I could tell, as he told me about this experience in person, what a rush that must have been! The track officials put a pace car out front, and your not to go faster than him. But, as Allen explained, if you let them get waaaaay ahead of you, you'll be able to click around there with a little more speed. I would love to do that some day. Actually, I would like to get my motorcycle on the Talladega Super Speedway! Woo Hoo!

While we were talking, I confessed that I haven't taken one pic yet all weekend. I've posted about our race weekends before, and I just figured it would be too much of a repeat. But, he chastised me for not even getting pictures of the food! I was telling him about our deer shoulder we did on the grill and a couple boston butts. Mmmm, good. Yes, I should have gotten pics of our wonderful smorgasbord of protein! Sorry all!

I really enjoyed my short little visit with the Maddings. Allen and his wife were a pleasure to talk to and I hope to see them again some day. Since we're race fans, and it appears that we both come to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for these race weekends, we probably will.

Lady R

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My 1998 Electra Glide Classic, has a little over 65,000 miles on her, so things are bound to wear out. After the gremlins plucked the life out of her in Panama City a few weeks ago, her immediate injuries were taken care of by a trusted local mechanic, who was really more, than just the nice voice on the telephone. The nice voice explained, that although I still had some timing issues, she's all ready to go. After getting the old girl out of the "hospital" so to speak with all her broken parts replaced with new, I decided she needed a "Rehab and Spa" treatment at the Harley Shop.

You know how it goes when you have a case of the "while you got it here..." syndrome. Well, after the Harley Shop addressed her timing issues and gave her an overall check, she got new front and rear tires, repacked bearings, front brakes, a general service, and time on the dyno machine with a brand new Power Commander! Oh... oh... ohhhh!

It's been almost two weeks since I relinquished my Glide to the "mechanical higher ups", so they could work their magic. I was soooooo ready to get back in the saddle again, that I only called to check on their progress about a half a dozen times during my forced sabbatical from riding. That wasn't too many, was it? It's pretty bad when you have your service department on speed dial! Finally, I got the old girl back around lunch time on Saturday, just in time to take her on a nice long Saturday afternoon reunion ride!

Harley and I took off and headed north toward Sylacauga, figuring we would just wander around in our old familiar territory. I was having fun, experimenting with my throttle, playing with the new brakes and just checking out things in general. My brakes felt tighter, my throttle response was quicker, and it felt over all smoother and faster. This bike already had a Stage one kit, and a Two-in-one Vance and Hines exhaust, so choosing the Mackie 500 cams and adding the Power Commander, just makes this bike sound and run like a dream!

I was happy that I could enjoy my newly adjusted sports seat too! We've had it as long as we've had the motorcycle, but it bowed my legs out so, that it put me on my tip toes. I wasn't comfortable with that, so I never used it. Well, I found an upholsterer who peeled back the leather, shaved down the foam on the side areas to reduce bulk and placed a softer foam there instead. He then just reattached the leather back to the seat frame. This alone gave me about two more inches, which was all I needed. The first few times I had to place my feet, I was securely down. Woo Hoo! No more bubble butt! Now my sexy girl has a newly trimmed rear end!

I've talked about enjoyable rides before, and shared pretty pictures of places we've been. But nothing gives a rider more enjoyment to being one with the road, than being one with your machine. Winding through the country roads enjoying my old girl's new spunkiness and hearing the purr of her newly rejuvenated soul, was music to my ears. I hate that we had to go through the gremlin woes, but now we're reunited... and it feels so good!

Lady R

Saturday, October 18, 2008


For those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis, you know about my recent string of bad luck with the road gremlins. Well, one of these such occurrences allowed me the pleasure of riding bitch again with my sweetheart of 28 plus years. When my Electra Glide Classic had to stay parked in Panama City, after Thunder Beach, due to a severe gremlin attack. Harley and I loaded up his Street Glide and headed home to Montgomery, which is a nice three and a half hour ride, and I'm... back in... the pillion... again!

I'm instantly pleased to hear Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Double Trouble" CD come blasting out of Harley's speakers and I think to myself, that it will be nice to listen to this while we ride up the road. For the first few miles, I kept peeping around Harley's helmet, trying to see everything that was going on. This is a rider, to passenger, adjustment hazard! It was at that moment, I realized that I need to sit back, and switch gears in my brain to passenger mode. This is hard to do when your used to being in control of your own. I'm sure Harley appreciated it when I quit causing unbalanced wind drag by poking my big melon out around his trying to see what's up front.

Several miles later, it dawned on me, that enjoying the scenery as passenger again had it's definite advantages. It was nice to be able to actually gaze at something pretty as you rode past it, or fixate on a flying bird trying it's best to keep the pace with it's iron adversary. Cotton fields, old barns, curious livestock and the smell of fresh mowed hay filled my senses with a plethora of awareness. The luxury of not having to dart curious glances, between natures beauty and the unforgiving road, was a nice change of pace and reminded me again of our early days of riding together (before I rode my own).

I told you that we had Stevie Ray Vaughan playing in the CD player, and Harley likes his music loud enough to hear it. Before I knew it, I was bobbing my helmeted head, tapping my hands on my knees and really getting into the rhythm of Stevie's "Say What!". After we turned off of Hwy. 231, just past the Florida and Alabama state line, we were on a nice little country road. I realized, after mile or so, I was staring down and gazing at the lines on the highway. Well, as I was fixating on the lines, all of a sudden, it dawned on me, that these lines were keeping time to the music! You know how the "passing allowed" broken lines jump sides, so each lane can have a chance to pass other vehicles? Well, here I am, staring down at the rapidly moving pavement, listening to the music and watching these lines till I'm mesmerized. Line... line... line... line... jump! Line... line... line... line... ect. Every now and then, we come to a spot that does not allow any passing, then it goes something like, line... line... line... jump! Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnneee.

That nice little country road, which is one of our favorite short cuts, spit us back out on Hwy. 231 just north of Dothan. By this time, it was around 6:30 p.m. The sun was to our left, and getting low in the sky, which allowed a perfect angle for shadow riders! I noticed the pesky little followers and watched them jump around a lot, but they never left our side. No matter how Harley adjusted our speed, the shadows riders stayed right on our ass. I kept my eye on them for awhile and I decided to make a gesture of friendliness so they wouldn't keep following us. I tried to wave, but it took a few tries for me to notice the shadow riding bitch wave back. When she did I giggled out loud at what I sight I must have been to other vehicles, riding down a major 4 lane, with my left arm stretched out, trying to make friendlies with the shadow riders. When Harley leaned back to ask me what I was laughing at, I knew this was one of those perfect opportunities to f*#k with him, as he does with me as often as he can. I answered, "I waved at my shadow and she waved back! Woo Hoo!" He just shook his head from side to side in surrender. He often wonders what goes on in my head.

Three and a half hours later, we were only a few miles from home when we turned onto a small county road to complete our journey. It was nearly completely dark by now and we had woods on either side of the road we were on. I was leaning forward to warn Harley to watch for deer, when I saw two of them right next to the road. I couldn't even finish my sentence, "Be careful, there may.... DEER! DEER! DEER!" Harley must have saw them the same instant, because he moved over to the far side of the road and slowed, to give us more room if he needed to maneuver quickly. Luckily, the deer stood frozen until we past. Whew! That'll tighten the ol' butt cheeks!

Since I've become a rider up front, my time riding pillion has been very limited. The seat on the Street Glide is firm and narrow, and proves comfy enough for a fun afternoon of bar hop riding. But, there is a significant difference in those short little jaunts, and a three and a half hour long ride without a nice touring seat under your ass. After sitting on those damn, rear end pressure points for that long, it felt like I was straddling a 2 X 4, and about as soft! Every railroad track or rough patch of road, just magnified the discomfort. When we purchased Harley's Street Glide, we set it up for two up riding, but not necessarily for long distances, whereas my Electra Glide's touring seat was so comfortable, when we would ride double on it, I could almost fall asleep on the back. Harley knew something was up, cause I was getting more squirmy by the mile, trying to get relief to the buns. My being on the back caused his back rest to be more forward than he was used to also, so he was having just as hard a time trying to stay comfortable during our last few miles. We finally made it home, much later than we anticipated, and I hate to admit it but, my ass was more than happy to get off the bike!

This trip home really made me appreciate the fact that I ride my own! I revel in the absence of stress, when I ride, and the joy of being one with the road. Harley supported, albeit a little slowly, my decision to ride my own, and then followed through with constant assistance and advice to get me where I am today. I'm very fortunate to be able to share this passion for riding motorcycles with the love of my life. But, until I get my old broken girl back on the road again, all fixed up from her tangle with the gremlins, I guess I'll be... riding bitch again!

Friday, October 10, 2008


For the last few weeks, I feel like I've been stuck in a terrible Orson Welles story! "Invasion Of The Road Gremlins." I'm telling you, we are being invaded by by these ugly little focker's and they're stalking me! Help!

It all started about three weeks ago, while Harley and I were riding home from the Bainbridge Bike Fest (Georgia On My Mind and Georgia On My Mind... Still). I was tired from a big weekend of playing, but enjoying my ride home none the less. About 45 miles from home, right after we went through Troy, AL, my engine light came on. Harley and I stopped to check it out. We checked my oil level and it wasn't really low, but could stand a little boost. There was no synthetic oil to be found in the Zippy Rip, and there was nothing around us open that would be of any help. I told H that the light would go off briefly, when I came to stops, but would come back on when I started going up the gears in acceleration. After pondering our dilemma, we decided to push on home. I kept an eye on my gages, the oil pressure looked good, and it ran and sounded just fine.

After we arrived home without any other complications, we added some oil to her and see if that took care of the problem. Harley rode it around the neighborhood but, the light would still come on and off intermittently. Hmmm. She had to go in. Monday afternoon, we dropped my old girl off at the Harley shop and hoped it was nothing serious. I got a call from T, the service dude, and he said I had a battery wire come loose. That can mess with my fuel ratio or run lean, or cause it to miss, any of which could trigger my engine light to come on. All they had to do was tighten up the connection and I was off and running again. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised that my cost was only about 30 minutes of labor. Woo Hoo! Got out of that one pretty good. Just a small "cha-ching". Life is good.... until the next gremlin finds me.

Which didn't take long. I picked my bike up on Tuesday. Thursday, while driving my car to work, my battery light came on, but my battery was not that old. I drive an old '95 Mazda 626, because we are presently supporting two Harley habits at our house. Frankly, I don't care what kind of car I drive, or how old it is, just so I have one when I need one. I called my trusty mechanic that keeps me going and asked, "What does that mean?" His response, "Your alternator may be going." So I said, "Can I just keep my battery on a charger for now and get by?" His answer, "You'll probably be stranded by this afternoon". Crap! This is going pull some more change out of my pocket. Plus, I have errands to run, to prepare for the weekend, because we are going to Panama City for Thunder Beach. Feeling a little annoyed that an ugly little gremlin, graced me with unplanned mechanical costs, I got the car to him before lunch, and rode my motorcycle back to work. I was enjoying the fact that I had backup transportation to get around. Who needs a stinkin' car anyway. Well, he called before I was off work and said I was ready to go, and yes, it was the alternator. Cha-ching!

Well, Harley and I rode to Panama City that Friday, and all this was a distant memory as we enjoyed a great weekend with our friends. A few of our pals decided to get a Poker Game together that Sunday afternoon at the Lone Ranger's place, which is about 25 miles north of Panama City off of Hwy 231. Since we pass right by there on our way home, Harley decided to go and hang out with them, while I had lunch one more time with Red Light Roxanne and Earth Mother, in town. I planned to meet Harley up the road at Lone Ranger's place when I was done, and we would ride on home.

After my friends and I enjoyed our lunch and shared goodbye hugs, I was a lone rider heading out of town to hook up with Harley. I didn't even get 3 miles out of Panama City when I started hearing something not good. It started out like a tapping, and as I tried to determine what I was hearing, it got louder and more erratic. I looked around and didn't see any gremlins, but they had to have been close by. I kept my eyes open for a place to pull off and it was about 1/2 mile before I came to a median u-turn lane. I stopped and parked the bike in a yellow striped area so I was out of everybody's way, but by the time that happened, my tapping had turned into loud grinding and grating like metal parts dancing the two step in the engine of destruction. I knew this was not good! I called Harley and he said to stay put till he got there.

As I waited somewhat impatiently, I was pleasantly surprised at the several offers of help I received. First, a Statie stopped to ask if I needed assistance. I explained that help was on the way and he made sure I had a cell phone before he left me. Nice fella. Next, a really nice man and his wife, pulling two bikes on a trailer did a u-turn down the road to come back to me to see if I needed help. Again, I was impressed that this person went out of his way to check on a fellow rider. Two more bikers stopped, then moved on when assured help was coming. All this time I was thinking how nice it is, that there are still some great folks out there. Thanks to all of you who stopped! I really appreciated that!

Harley got to where I was, in about 25 minutes. After looking at it and trying to figure out what to do, we decided to limp back to Big Ed's place, only about 5 miles away. I went slow with my flasher's on and Harley followed, till we managed to get it to the house. Our decision at that time was to leave the bike with Big Ed and he will take it to a fella there in town the next day to diagnose my breakdown. Harley and I loaded up our stuff and rode double on his Street Glide and went back home to Montgomery (Riding Bitch Again... another post will follow).

After a restless night, stalked with bad dreams of ugly little gremlins, I started my Monday with the hope that my old girl wasn't hurt too bad. I got the dreaded phone call on Tuesday informing me what the Electra Glide's injuries were. The nice voice on the other end of the phone assured me they would treat her real nice and fix what ails her, so I can come back and ride her home by the weekend. That was good news! I needed some by this time. So, when I asked the nice voice to tell me how bad she got hurt, it went something like this. Let's see... Lifters, Cams, Cam Bearings, Push Rods, Electronic Ignition Sensor, Filter, Oil... other parts, labor... ect. (Cha-ching, Cha-ching, Cha-ching!!!).

Oh, woe is me! Them dirty rotten gremlins are messing with my psyche! Not to mention all my non money! But... the nice voice called Friday and said my bike was ready, so I can go get her! By now this will be the third weekend in a row we have not been home. Albeit the first two were planned and fun, this spontaneous trip is starting to make me feel like I'm going and going like the energizer bunny... only tired.

So, we leave right after work on Friday night and we head south to Panama City, again. We were unable to secure a house sitter for all the babies, so we decided to take my Mazda since it's more fuel efficient, and the dogs could go with us. The cats will do okay for two days until we return. We were pleased with ourselves for leaving early enough so we should get there by 9:00 or so. Getting ready to settle in for a nice little ride, we were about 30 miles out of Montgomery when my engine light come on. WTF! I looked, but the dirty rotten gremlin must have been too quick for me to see it! I just had the alternator put in, so surely it must be a false reading! We pondered if we should just keep going, or turn around and get the gas guzzling Ford F150. We pondered for only a moment before we turned around and headed back to the house to exchange vehicles and get gas. Cha-ching!

At least we finally got to Panama City with no further problems, and we did get to enjoy the weekend with our friends again. I want to thank my three best amigos for helping me with my motorcycle problems last week. Thanks guys!

Sunday morning, Harley loaded up in the Ford with the dogs and headed north to Montgomery, and I followed as I rode my old girl home. It was a nice day and I enjoyed the three hour long ride, but unfortunately, she'll still have to go to the Harley shop so they can hook her up to the computer and see what else is going on. The idle is too low and I still have a tapping sound that's not usual. The nice voice told me, he couldn't get the timing to set, so they need to check that out too.

But, first I had to find out what my ugly little gremlin bestowed on the Mazda, so I took it to the shop first. My trusty mechanic had it done the same day, complete with Lube and Oil Service and a brand new O2 Sensor! Cha-ching!

Tuesday after work, I resolutely rode my 1998 Electra Glide Classic to the Harley shop for yet another round of "Let's Tap the Money Tree!" She'll probably be there till next week sometime. While they have her, she needs a 20 K service and a new rear tire. Cha-ching, Cha-ching!

So, here it is Friday again. I have no motorcycle to ride this weekend and it's going to be beautiful! This really bums me out. I suppose I could take advantage of being "grounded" so to speak, by catching up on some honey do's but, it won't be as much fun, I can assure you!

This has been a rough and expensive three weeks for me and my mechanical woes. I've been stalked, tormented, used and abused by my own personal ugly little gremlin. I think I'll call him... Cha-ching!

Ride safe and have a great weekend!

Lady R

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around.
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound.

If you've ever ridden in the Southeast this time of year, you are very familiar with our lovebugs. They are the most annoying little buggers and they're plentiful right now.

Plecia nearctica, more commonly referred to as "lovebugs" is a member of the family of march flies. This is mating season and they are everywhere! The little fockers are hell on your paint and clothes and prove to be a serious nuisance when riding down the road. Especially if your smiling!

Here's a little excerpt I copied from the Wikipedia to help better explain...
"Upon reaching maturity, the lovebug spends almost the entirety of its remaining life copulating with its mate, hence its numerous romantic nicknames. The male and female attach themselves at the rear of the abdomen and remain that way at all times, even in flight. In fact, after mating, the male dies and is dragged around by the female until she lays her eggs. Females lay up to 350 eggs in debris, and about 20 days later the eggs hatch into larvae. The larval stage may last up to nine months."

Can you imagine screwing during your whole adult life without stopping? For you dudes, life may be short, but definitely sweet. Except for the knowledge that your ol' lady will drag your dead ass around till she's done having her babies! LOL!

There was plenty of "love" in the air on the way home from Bainbridge, as you can see by the honeymoon suite on my fairing.
Love is in the air
Love is in the air
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

Ride safe!

Lady R

Thursday, October 2, 2008


As I was saying... we were enjoying the Georgia country side, while the weather provided a perfect day to ride.

We found a great little fish camp called Big Jim's about 23 miles away from the rally grounds into the country. This biker friendly restaurant and bar had the best fried shrimp, and even though I don't eat raw oysters, those with me who did, said they were great! The beer was cold and the music was good. We were enjoying ourselves and just having a nice time being with one another.

A picnic table full of riders from Pensascola, FL positioned right in front of us, was seemingly having a good time as well. Suddenly, one of the fellas turned around and pointed at me and asked, "Who sings this song?" The band was in the middle of their rendition of "Smoke On The Water" by Deep Purple. When I told him Deep Purple, his face fell and every one else around his table started laughing. It seems that he had to buy everyone around his table a beer, because he bet them, that it was Foghat. I said, "You have to buy everyone a beer because I said it was Deep Purple?" He answered, "Yeah!" I said, "Cool", sweeping my hand across my table, "We all drink Bud Light." That got a big laugh out of everybody then! Well, a few minutes past, and not thinking any more about it, we got a second good laugh when this nice fella returned with a nice cold Bud Light, with 5 straws! Oh well... cheers!
Peek a Boo's friend has never been to a bike rally before and she was having great time. She shared with me the fact that she has two grandchildren, and all I could say was "Wow! She was the sexiest grandma I ever saw!" I think I'll just call her "Sexy Granny"! Well, everyone had told her about my blog and how I liked to write about riding motorcycles and going to rallies, like this one. I wanted to make sure she wouldn't mind, or be offended if I included her in any of the pics I use, or stories I share. I guess she wanted to do her best to assure me, because all of a sudden, she grabbed Peek a Boo, and planted a big fat one! She then turned to me and said, "Blog that Mother F*'er!" Woo Hoo!
Told ya... Double Trouble!

We all decided we had enough fun around the fish camp and we were ready to ride again. But before I continue my story, I need to reintroduce one of my pals and explain the quickest name change ever. I previously referred to one of our friends as Hippie. Harley and I both liked it and thought it would stick. When I mentioned this to our friend, we were taken to task like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Hippie said, "What? Those yellow bellied, loser, no good trash that spit on me, and protested my cause while I was in Vietnam? Don't call me a f*'ing hippie!" Geeze, sorry dude! Don't worry, he's really a great guy and had us laughing within minutes with a story on how he got a nickname we will use.
Friends, meet Balls O'Roonie Filthy McNasty!
He had a very interesting tale on how he came up with his name, which will have to wait for another post. I think I'll just call him McNasty for short. He's riding a really bitchin' '76 Shovel Head, but she was showing her ass that day. (Sorry, I really shouldn't talk about this aging beauty like that) When we got ready to leave Big Jim's, she wouldn't turn over. McNasty knows how to wrench on these old girls, but what he discovered was not going to be an easy fix. A battery wire was burned. Fried. No life. That sucked. We decided to go on ahead and bring a trailer back, so we could bring her back to camp. The Beav stayed behind and waited with McNasty until we returned. Did I mention the beer was cold?

When we got back to camp, we explained to G-man what happened and it was just a matter of minutes and he was in the truck on his way to save the day. Hooray for G-man! He was also responsible for seeing to it that one of the golf carts got to the rally. Hooray for G-man! He also is one of the finest people we know and would help you out in heart beat. Hooray for G-man! Woo Hoo! Thanks G-man.

Some of my friends had a great time throughout the weekend coming up with several alias' for me. They enjoyed teasing me about my blog, and how I try to come up with unique nicknames for everyone. I do this for the sake of privacy, you'd think they might just appreciate it a little. LOL! It's only because I have a good sense of humor and don't mind taking my turn on the roasting table, that I feel comfortable sharing them with you. Let's see, the ones used most often were Lady Talksalot and Lady Blogsalot. But, as we got more into the weekend, I became Lady Drinksalot and sometimes, Lady Fallsalot, which of course lead to... Lady Pukesalsot.

We were all very responsible campers while we were rallying it up! We each made sure that we kept our garbage neat and clean and organized. See... here is my pile.

This was the first time I got to enjoy the Bainbridge Bike Fest. I enjoyed the company, I enjoyed the riding, and I enjoyed meeting some new friends. We all had a damn good time and we even got to enjoy a little Shakespeare. I have lots of pics to share, so I plan to create a slide show to summarize the great weekend I had. In the mean time... ride safe and ride on!