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Monday, December 29, 2008


It's time to say good bye to 2008. Some will say good riddance, but I'm just glad it's over and I'm holding out for a better 2009 to come. I've been saving this picture to present as my last 'PIC OF THE WEEK' for 2008.

I took this pic last September during Thunder Beach Weekend while Harley and I sat and enjoyed a beer with our pals. We were at a place called "No Name's", a local bar with an outside deck, that sits at the base of the Hathaway Bridge. You're looking across Saint Andrews Bay toward Panama City's beach front area.

Have a nice Monday everybody, and let's say goodbye to 2008!

Lady R

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Friday, December 19, 2008


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... every where I go! I just love this time of year. I get into the decorations and festive atmosphere, while enjoying the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for the biggest holiday of the year. Being a Midwestern transplant though, I get homesick for the cold and snow. ( I know some of you will think I'm crazy!) I have brother who lives in Florida now, and we were just talking about this the other day. He is of the same thought. It just doesn't feel like Christmas when it's 60 to 70 degrees outside! I know I tease some of you riders of the north, about how nice it is that we are able to ride all year long, but the grass is always greener on... no wait. Let's just say the snow is always whiter above the Mason Dixon Line!

Well, while I was in midstream with tree trimming last Sunday, Harley and I decided we needed to take off for a little putt on the scoots. I was all in favor. I have been feeling a little antsy lately, and that's when I realized I haven't been on my Glide since we came back from Chattanooga, the week before Thanksgiving! Shameful! So off we went.

As we made our way up the familiar roads we often ride on, I was noticing the wide variety of Christmas decorations that adorned homes along the way. I saw beautiful Christmas Wreaths hanging on doors and windows, Garland draped on fences and porch pillars, cut outs of Reindeer and Santa Clauses strategically placed in yards, and we can't leave out the ever popular life sized plastic Baby Jesus surrounded by his parents and the Three Wise Men that light up for better effect at nighttime.

I laughed out loud when we passed one place, that had so much stuff placed out on their property, that it looked liked a mine field of Christmas! I don't think there was an empty spot anywhere that did not have some ornamentation propped, hung or just laying there waiting to get blown up for the night. (Those hot inflatable balloon decos are becoming all the rage!) Some people go for simple and elegant, and then you've got those that think if the grass is showing, something needs to go there. They're the ones that land on the "Tacky Light Tour" every year sponsored by one of our local radio stations. Believe it or not, we actually have folks that strive to get on the route for the "Tacky Light Tour". They must be related to the Griswold Family!

None the less, we had a nice little ride while we took in the sights, and I enjoyed the break from trimming the tree, which still had to be done when I got home. Even though it was a bit chilly and overcast, getting out on the road was exactly what I needed. Riding seems to always be exactly what I need. I just wanted to share the Christmas spirit with you and I think I'll end this post with a little Christmas song. So, grab some hot chocolate or whatever you prefer, sit back in your chair, and enjoy the sweet sound of "White Christmas"... southern style!

Hope this inspires you to have a very Merry Christmas and as we say in the south... DECK THEM HALLS YA'LL!

(Thanks to Peek a Boo for providing us with our musical entertainment!)

Lady R

Friday, December 12, 2008


It's nice to know, in this time of crumbling economy and selfishness, that there are still great companies out there who will stand behind their product and provide good customer service. Rinehart Exhaust is one of them.

When Harley bought his '07 Street Glide 18 months ago, he put a lot of thought and planning into what, and how much he was going to have added to his new toy right off the bat. The day he drove it out of the dealership, he had Axel Nut Covers, Backrests, Engine Guards, Highway Pegs, Matching Shifter Pegs, Cruise Control Kit, Smart Security System, Stage One Kit, ect, ect... The list went on and on! But the most important thing at the top of that list was the True Duel Rinehart exhaust system. He was especially exited about that.

The day he picked up his new baby, looking her over and listening to the sweet sound that she made... well, let's just say, I'm glad there are still things that I can do, that that wonderful bike will never be able to pull off! LOL! I'll admit, it was music to our ears and I was jealous, no doubt. This was a beautiful machine, and she was going to be part of our family now, so I accepted her with no qualms. (except the fact she came with a hefty price tag!)

Now, lets fast forward to today and the reason why I think Rinehart is so great. Within six months of the purchase, we noticed the tips of the exhaust started turning color. It started out with just a subtle change from black to a lighter shade of charcoal. But then it turned orangey copper, to an unpolished yellow brass. Really ugly! He would get comments from other riders, who noticed this, about how badly those tips are turning. About a month ago, some one said to him, "Man, that's a really nice looking bike, but those tips are about the worst I've ever seen." That was the straw that broke the camels back! That day, he came home grumbling, "We need to write to Rinehart about these damn tips!" That "we" would be me (I haven't mentioned this before, but I have the blessed chore of being my husband's personal secretary whenever things like this come up).

I started Googling to find out some contact information, but kept running into the problem of... no info, just how to buy them. I decided to call our Harley Dealership to ask them if they have a way to contact Rinehart. Upon their inquiry as to why I needed this info, after explaining our concern, they said, "Oh, just bring in your turned tips in and we'll give you new ones." (sound effect... needle scratching across vinyl on the turntable. ZZzpppppttt!) Say what? The nice voice on the phone repeated, "Yeah, Rinehart stands behind their product, and we act as the liaison between you and them. Just bring us the turned tips, we will send them back to Rinehart and give you new ones." Woo Hoo! I was pleasantly surprised to hear this. No questions asked, no jumping through hoops, no arguments with costumer service, just "bring them in and we'll give you new ones." How often does that happen?

I wanted to get a pic comparing the difference in the turned ones and the new ones, so the parts dude at the dealership humored me, and allowed me to get this shot. (BTW... have you ever noticed, that when you pull out a camera, people scatter like roaches in a dark room when the light comes on!)

Now, Harley's True Duals look good again! He is very pleased and I too, am extremely happy at how easy this whole process was. I just wish we'd have done it sooner. Maybe we could have spared Harley some undue buyer's remorse.

I know product reviews can be very informative and helpful when trying to decide on which products will be the best for you. I just wanted to pass along how happy we are that Rinehart provides a great product, AND they stand behind it. For this, I give them a big THUMBS UP!

Lady R

Monday, December 8, 2008


We had my office Christmas Party Friday night, and we always play a game called "Dirty Santa". Well, when it came for me to open the gift I choose, as you can see, I couldn't have been more delighted. (Who said Christmas was for kids!)
This book is full of cool pic and lots of Harley Davidson History! Sure beats a dog bone that says "Bite Me". I don't think Santa was very dirty this year! Have a nice Monday everyone!

Lady R

Friday, December 5, 2008


I love to travel, and I love taking advantage of any chance I get to ride my Glide and enjoy this beautiful country I call home. Riding my motorcycle on the open road is probably my favorite way to get from point A to point B, but due to my limited time off work, I sometimes have to chose an alternative mode of transportation. Now and then, you find yourself with too many miles to go and not enough time to get there, so enter into the equation a very expensive, and probably the most stressful mode of travel... flying!

Don't get me wrong! I love to fly! I am just usually doing it on two wheels! LOL! However, the airports can provide some of the most unusual experiences and allow you a peek a boo view of our world's most interesting individuals. Simply put, I call it "People Watching". While on my trip to Billings, Montana for Thanksgiving, here are a few of my most memorable observations.

Person # 1... Funny Man. Youngish college age dude, clean cut, dark framed glasses, carrying one back pack and very involved in reading his book. This guy seemed harmless enough, and with the shortage of open seats in the gate waiting area, I chose to sit next to F.M. Within two minutes, I noticed he would giggle every now and then and mutter some comment. I thought to myself, "Hmmm, his book must be pretty good." This would not have been so bad, but he began to lose track of the fact, that he was in a crowded area full of strangers, because he began to outwardly laugh and giggle, while talking to himself. I noticed some people were looking at me as well, wondering if the close proximity of our seats meant that I was with him. I chose to ignore their questioning glances and kept my head down while I tried very nonchalantly to see the title of this powerful book of giggles and self conversation. Have any of you heard of "Are you there, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea" Hmmmm. Very interesting, funny man.

Person # 2... Iron Legs. Beautiful tall model like woman, walking at pace with the best of us, wearing... stiletto heeled fashion boots! With absolutely no exaggeration, these heels must have been at least 5 inches! We're talking tippy toe walking here folks! I would not have been able to take five steps, while holding a walker, in this pair of beautiful boots, and here this chick is, kicking it down the concourse hallway like there was no tomorrow! I was in complete awe of the woman with iron legs.

Person # 3... Dog Boy. I really feel sorry for the parents that have to put a leash on their kids. I understand that this is for their own safety, because my mom had to put a leash on me when I was a wee tot. (Hmmm. This explains a few things, heh?) The looks these parents have to endure from other non understanding folks, is really nothing compared to the grief they may feel if something terrible happens to an uncontrollable child who runs off from you. While walking down the concourse hallway, I came upon such a family, waiting off to the side for their plane to start boarding. The young boy was having a good time with his tethered predicament, because he was jumping around with his tongue hanging out, and barking and yipping like a real dog. His parents didn't seem to care, as long as he didn't pull too hard, they just let him play. He stopped jumping long enough to notice me when I walked next to him, and gave me a quick smile and a pant or two. I decided to get into my inner child at that moment and gave him a playful bark in response. After, his eyes widened for a moment, he recovered quickly with an out loud giggle and we just laughed at each other as I continued past them. Nice puppy.

During a 2 hour layover in the Denver, CO airport, I discovered this Harley Davidson retail store while I was walking around. Of course I had to take a quick little look see. The first few shirts I saw had price tags on them that would have made you drop your teeth if you could. A simple T-shirt had $98.00 on it, while another one with a little more detail went for $135.00. Geez! As I meandered through the store, the very friendly clerk struck up a conversation with me. Come to find out, the three large boxes she was working out of, were all on sale. Hmmm? "Yes", she said, "just look through them. They're all $15.00 and $20.00." Jackpot! I of course found a couple of shirts to add to my bag for Harley and myself. I was very pleased with myself when I walked out of there not spending more than $35.00 and had TWO shirts! Woo Hoo!

In addition to the colorful array of people you see, and the lucky shopping stop, trying to keep up with the accurate time was another challenge. I went from Mountain time, to Eastern time, to Central time, all in an 8 hour period of time. Of course, this allows for more weirdness. Where else can you get a full Mexican meal, complete with rice and beans at 5:00 in the morning. Not only that, you can have a beer with that, or for you hard dogs... whiskey and rum is yours for the purchase! Airports are great!

I hope you forgive me for the quality of the pictures, but I tried to get some shots while I was high in the sky. I wasn't near the window much, except during my flight from Denver into Billings. I had a birds eye view.
It was really cool to watch the terrain change from flat and quilt like, to the early ripples of earth that would soon turn into mountains.
In my imagination, these clouds resembled the ocean waves breaking on a sandy surf. I thought it was kind of neat how one part of nature can mimic another part.
After all my fun flying the friendly skies, I felt like a stone skipping across the top of the water, bouncing from one airport to another. From Atlanta, to Chicago, to Denver, to Billings, then back via Billings, to Denver, to Atlanta. Not to mention, I have a two and a half hour drive between Montgomery and Atlanta, where I started all my airport fun. I appreciated the bird's eye view I had and remain amazed at the beauty our country holds.

Taking it to the road on two wheels still gives me the enjoyment and pleasure that cannot be matched, even by the view of a bird. I'm sure I'll travel by plane again, and have a little fun playing my "people watching" game. But in the mean time, riding my Glide still remains my favorite mode of travel.

Lady R

Monday, December 1, 2008


My parents enjoy the most beautiful sunrises in Montana, I just had to share. This was taken from their patio.
This one was taken while we were up on the Rims. What looks like fire on the horizon, is the sun coming up. Enjoy! And have a nice Monday!

Lady R