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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Emerald Coast Bike Fest 2009 - All weekend long, during the rally, the drag strip stays busy with qualifying runs, eliminations, and stunt riders, all before the actual races on Sunday. We would ride the golf carts from the camp site to the track several times during the weekend to enjoy a little "high speed" entertainment. I love watching drag races. My problem is... I want to be on one of those bikes! Woo Hoo! (I snatched this photo from the Emerald Coast Bike Fest website. Pretty cool, heh?)

We were were watching some amazing tricks performed by the stunt riders, when these two caught my attention in particular.
While I was watching them, the announcer was telling us, that even though this young married couple just had their first baby about six months ago, they're at the track often, practicing their tricks. Congratulations! How cool is that? I imagine as soon as that little one is ready to roll, he or she will be at the track with Mom and Dad, learning the family skills.
I'm guessing they are getting ready for another stunt, but I swear the caption on this pic needs to be, "Will you get your head outta my ass and let me ride!" LOL!
I tried to get a close up, but if you look down the track, you can see that she's facing backwards in front of him while he controls the bike. Hmmm. He's probably thinking, " uh, honey... while your there..." LOL! They were really fun to watch.

I put together a little slide show, wrapping up my rally experience that's sure to satisfy the peeps with lots of motorcycle candy. Most of you know I'm a die hard rocker, but something about this catchy country song just struck my fancy. Besides, I tacked on a little treat for myself at the end... saving the best for last.

Woo Hoo! That was fun all over again! What a weekend! I know several of you are making plans to attend Sturgis this year. I just want to say... RIDE ON! Go and have lots of fun and get your fill. Then get your butt's (safely) back home and blog, blog, blog. Those of us who can't go will be waiting anxiously like chicks in a nest... come back with food!

Lady R

Monday, May 18, 2009


The Saturday before Mother's Day, Harley and I took a ride up to Cheaha State Park in the Talladega National Forest. We love riding through this area, and since we were up this way to take Harley's mom out for lunch, we decided to take a little detour through the park. Sitting on top of the mountain is a nice lodge and country store, as well as a stone tower marking the highest point in Alabama at 2,407 feet. Not quite nose bleed time, but beautiful scenery, none the less. This would be a great place for visitors to stay a few days and ride the beautiful surrounding Alabama highways.

BTW... this is the picture I submitted for the Harley Davidson Mosaic Cover Project. We'll all be looking through magnifiers when that one comes out so we can find ourselves. LOL! "Where's Lady R?"

Hope you all have a great week. Happy Monday everybody!

Lady R

Friday, May 15, 2009


Emerald Coast Bike Fest 2009 - Going to rallies are all about fun, motorcycles and the camaraderie between fellow bikers. During the day there's plenty to see, with the drag races, the bike show, and vendors galore. But, when the sun goes down and the night sets in... the real fun starts!

Okay... okay! I guess I've been teasing you long enough. Let's move on to what you've all been waiting for. TIME FOR THE NITE LIFE!!

The music of Geneva peals into the night, as if inviting those within earshot to migrate closer to the center stage and appease their curiosity. As the crowd gathered, you could see smiles on faces and hear laughter in voices while the mood of high spirits took hold. The vibration and energy coming from the stage was infectious as the band set the tempo for an evening of festive revelry ahead.

X-Rated humor is the norm at most rallies. It's a common understanding that, if nudity and dirty language offend you... don't come! Otherwise, keep it light, don't take it personal and have a great time! Take the "BOOB-A-METER" for instance. Who wouldn't want one of these! Woo Hoo!

"Sugar" the bull has been around for many rallies and she didn't disappoint at this one. One contestant after another, challenged "Sugar" to give them the ride of their life... but alas, "Sugar" gave the onlookers the show of their life. She would slowly twist and turn and pretend to throw off her challengers, but in her infinite wisdom, she kept the riders on her back just long enough for the crowd to enjoy the show. Surprisingly, even though "Sugar" was moving quite sedately, their clothes still seemed to just fly off.

Sorry for the blurry zoom and no close ups, but some of you may remember, last year some jack-hole wanted to whip my ass for squeezing up front for some pics. Hand Grenades and Moonshine have a way of mixing up bravado with stupidity, so I decided to stay out of trouble this time.

The wet T-Shirt Contest is another favorite highlight, (other than real bike stuff) at most rallies. In between belting out some great biker rock songs, Geneva herself called out to all the ladies in the crowd to come on up and claim their fame and show the ta ta's. Hot chicks and wet t-shirts... anyone interested?

I guess that's the cool thing about biker chicks... they ain't shy!

Oh, oh... where did the t-shirts go??

We were enjoying the show and cheering for our favorite, when a different jack-hole decided to show us all he had loud pipes (and a little pecker!). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE loud pipes, but not in the middle of a crowd of other bikers, who probably have pipes just as loud as yours! My only problem with him, was how he had a complete disregard for those of us who were directly behind him and his parked custom chopper.

His ol' lady (or someone he knew) was a contestant, and every time the MC held his hand over her head to get the crowd to cheer their vote, this dude would start his bike and throttle up... loud and hard! Since we were standing around right behind him, we kept getting pelted with dust from his exhaust, not to mention the ear splitting noise he was creating. After the fourth time of doing this, the crowd around him started getting a little peeved, and I kept waiting for a fight to break out! Even the MC yelled out to the crowd, "Hey man, don't blow that motor!" When that was said, the crowd cheered a little as if to say, "blow the damn thing and shut it up!"

Well, it didn't blow, and his girl didn't win, but this dude obviously annoyed a lot of folks. As soon as the contest ended and the crowd started to dissipate, this one woman, more mature in her years, walked right up to him and stood fast, shaking her finger in his face while giving him a piece of her mind. You go sista! She was probably telling him what a little pecker he had!

Other than that, it was all good! Night life at the rally carried on... long into the night.

On another note; I need to give kudos where kudos are due. As the evening rolled on, I took a hit from a grenade, and my camera abilities were pretty much shot. I was having a great time though and thankfully, my good pal Details was happy to bail me out with pics HE took during the wet t-shirt contest. And more thanks go to my friend Darlin' for emailing them to me, so I could share them with you. Shew! Thanks guys!

Coming up next:

Have a nice weekend everyone! Ride on and ride safe!

Lady R

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Emerald Coast Bike Fest 2009 - One of my favorite attractions of a bike rally is the bike show. It's like looking at candy in a candy store. Looking around at all the beautiful machines, standing proudly in their categories... it was hard to pick a favorite.

BAGR4LF - I'm particularly proud of my friend Details who won 1st place in the Touring Category with his gorgeous Road King. Way to go Details! I featured him and his sweet wife, Darlin' as my Pic Of The Week a couple weeks ago, but I couldn't do this beautiful motorcycle justice with only one picture.

The bright candy red that lies deep within the orange and yellow flames, makes this paint job pop with realistic beauty. And the vertical direction of the flame makes it look as if the bike is on fire while it sits there, showing off in all her sinister allure.

I love her vampish appeal as she draws you in, making you hungry for her details...

Her Heart and Soul...


An awesome front fender... (the eyes glow in sunlight!)

And a nice ass too!

Details takes impeccable care of his baby and the attention he pays her on a regular basis made his getting ready for the bike show seem like child's play. As his hands moved swiftly and meticulously over her entire body, the bond between this rider and his machine was very evident. It was so cool for me to watch my friend take his prize when he was announced as 1st place winner for the Touring Class. This bike is hot! Congratulations again, my friend... She's a real beauty!

BEST IN SHOW - This trike is a true work of art. There's obviously a theme going here, so I chatted with the owner a bit to get his thoughts on how it all came about. He was a Marine Veteran who fought during the Korean War, came home... then went over again to serve more time during the Vietnam War. Like most veteran's, he was very humble about his own accomplishments, but was willing share abundant stories and praise for his fellow comrades. He was quite an interesting fella and I enjoyed talking with him. I took a card from him so I would have his information, but alas, I cannot find it.

Of course, being a Marine, it was an obvious choice to honor his branch of our Military Forces for the front fairing. (Be sure and click your cursor over the picture to see it close up, so you can see the beautiful details.)

He wanted to acknowledge all ranks, from the newest enlisted man all the way to the oldest commissioned officer.

Across the bottom fender, you can see all the Armed Forces are represented with their Military seals. I particularly liked his creative use for his dog tags.

Oh look!! More Hand Grenades! His sense of humor and loyalty to Harley Davidson didn't go unnoticed. Let's hope he never has to use it.

As I said, I lost his card, but he knows I plan to post about this bike. Hopefully, he will read this and comment so I can give him the proper kudos!

There were soooo many pretty bikes, but these two deserved a little feature of their own. The rally was going along nicely and the weather was holding up beautifully. I hope to bring you more goodies soon. Stay tuned...

Lady R

Monday, May 11, 2009


We rode up to Mt. Cheaha and Martin Dam Saturday and spotted these turtles taking a break and catching some sun. It was beautiful warm day, perfect for riding. I hope you all had a nice Mother's Day weekend and here's to a great week! Happy Monday everyone!

Lady R

Authors note: Okay, maybe this is lame to some of you, but hey... I thought they were cute! LOL! Coming tomorrow... BAGR4LF AND BEST IN SHOW

Sunday, May 10, 2009


"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."
- quote Abraham Lincoln

Today is a day to honor our mother's. I know for some of us, this day will be bittersweet. I'm very blessed to still have my Mom, and even though I don't live near her, I can pick up the phone and know she is on the other end.

My heart is heavy for all of those having their first Mother's Day without their loved one.

Today I'm thinking of all the children (young and old) who lost their Moms... remember the good things she did for you and do them for your children.

Today I'm thinking of all the Mom's who lost a child... remember the love and adoration that child gave you, and it will help you through your darker days ahead.

Today I'm thinking of all the single Moms... your children see your strength.

Today I'm thinking of all the Men who had to step up when they became the "Mom" as well as the Dad... your children will learn balance and diversity.

Today I'm thinking of all the women out there who would have made great Moms but couldn't... I feel your lonesomeness.

Today I'm thinking of all the Mom's out there... your wonderful! Thanks for all you do for us!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Lady R

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Emerald Coast Bike Fest 2009 - No party can be complete without it's arsenal of refreshments, right? Well, our group of rally goers are no different. Thanks to Darlin' and our other pal Dallas, we were running for cover (or running for more) all weekend.

Darlin' provided our group with a famous Bourbon Street drink called the Hand Grenade. This tropical drink reminds me of Gatorade... with a kick! In fact, this is a perfect party drink to pull together when you want to serve many folks at one time.

The Hand Grenade mix is trademarked and can only be bought online at tropicalisles.com. The recipe is pretty simple and can be mixed up right on the spot.

Start out with a clean 5 gallon bucket, then add the following:
1 gallon of Handgrenade mix
3 gallons of water
3 liters of Everclear (woo hoo!)

Stir and serve over ice. Then... it's hammer time!!
Just look at that smile as she pours in the key ingredient. She gave us fair warning before we drank... "This will f*#ker you up!" Woo Hoo! Thanks Darlin'!

Our other pal Dallas brought some Peach Moonshine that was out of this world. I was hesitant to try it at first, but when I did... mmmm. It went down as smooth as peach juice. There's something nice about having a pop of moonshine every now and then throughout the day and night that keeps the party rolling. But if your not careful, it will make you dress funny. Dallas told us he was just trying to start a new fashion trend. Love them legs! Woo Hoo!

I just wanted to set the tone and put ya'll in the mood before I post more of the rally. Maybe you should all get a drink before the next post comes up! LOL!

Everybody loves a good party, and I'm no different. The thing to remember... just be responsible, and DON'T DRINK AND RIDE OR DRIVE!!

Other than that... let's party on dudes!

More rally fun to come. Stay tuned.

Lady R

Monday, May 4, 2009


From left to right: We have Dancing Queen with Best Gloves, the Marvelous Ms. M took Best Hat, and Sweet as Honey had the Best Shoes.
Down in front: Crazy Chick continued her reign for Best Overall.

Mine That Bird wasn't the only winner during last Saturday's Kentucky Derby Festivities. I know this is a motorcycle blog, but my annual Derby Challenge is one party worth mentioning. I have a lot of fun with this unique group of ladies, and I want to give credit where credit is due. These chicks can party!! Woo Hoo!

These last two weekends have kept me very busy, but I have lots to post about so stay tuned. Have a nice Monday everybody!

Lady R