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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There are so many GOOD things I want to share with you about my weekend at Holt during the Bike Fest, that I decided to dedicate one whole post to just that. The weather was great! After playing in the warm sun during the day, it was refreshing to feel the cool evening air on your skin.

GOOD PEOPLE are always a great reason to get together and share your enthusiasm and love for a common interest; motorcycles. When we come to a bike rally, we may only see some of these people a few times a year. But, I feel like we all just come together for the same reason, to have fun and make some memories. Everybody likes to just get away and forget the stress of daily life, and maybe shuck a few responsibilities. Hell, I like to think of it as "recess for grown ups".

GOOD FOOD is also close to the top of the list of good things, these last couple days. The Lone Ranger started everybody off with breakfast each morning, as usual. Bacon, sausage and eggs cooking on the camp stove, and coffee brewing, will make even the laziest sleeper give up the fight to sleep in. Our buddy the Road Runner spun his magic around the smoker all day and created a feast that could have made even the pickiest eater happy! He cooked Boston Butts, Ribs, Chicken, also, someone else brought Moose, Caribou, and Elk. This was some good stuff! Pans of potatoes with onions and mushrooms, and baked beans, all cooked on the grill. I'm telling you what! If you went hungry, it was your own fault. Oh, we also had plenty of brews. Nothing goes better with a good grilled Butt than an ice cold Bud! LOL!

GOOD RACING is really the main reason all this comes together in the first place. Watching these Drag bikes are pretty cool and they keep you entertained in between races and qualifying, with stunt riding and other fun stuff. A group of about eight trick riders will go up and down the track doing wheelies, rear wheel dougnuts, brake stunts, and other amazing things all at the same time. They also had a slow race and some street matches, where anyone can get out and run down the track. I think I would do that sometime, maybe when no one was watching. Shhhh!

I must mention the GOOD MUSIC. They had music both nights, but Saturday, Geneva sang and she was great! She mixed it up real nice and did a lot of rock, some country, some great biker songs, and just sounded wonderful. Music feeds our soul just like our riding does, and I think having a good band playing makes everyone get into a joyous spirit. Or maybe it was just the spirits! Regardless, as I stood around, listening to the music and watching the crowd, I saw couples giving each other secret looks, hands being held, and several times an embracing couple would start swaying to the music creating a dance floor of sorts, right where they stood. This is what it's all about.

I would probably be negligent if I didn't mention all the GOOD FUN we had! I said in my earlier post on Monday, the camping area was set up like a little neighborhood of tents and campers, with wide enough passage between for the assortment of Atv's and golf carts to drive around and maneuver through the camp ground. Well, what do you imagine happens in any small camp-town at night. You go around and see the neighbors of course! During the evening, while all the festivities are going on, the campground is usually buzzing with traffic flow. People trying to hook up with old friends you don't see very often, except at a rally maybe. LOL! This gets to be pretty fun. There always seems to be a lot of laughing and playful heckling being shouted about as people spot one another. Every now and then you may even come across some pretty interesting entertainment, so you really have to be ready for anything!

I have several GOOD PICS I want to share with you and they are in front of this post. I hope you have enjoyed the first part of my Bike Fest series, "THE GOOD".

To be continued...
Next in the Bike Fest series, "THE BAD". Stay tuned. Lady R

Monday, April 28, 2008


Going to the Emerald Coast BikeFest is a great way for us to spend our weekend with several friends, old and new, who also share a love, or at least an interest in motorcycles. Many times, these rallies have lots of friends we just haven't met yet!

Harley and I loaded the bikes with enough clothes to last the weekend, some cash in our pocket, and a fully charged digital camera ready to capture some "Kodak Moments". We left Friday after lunch, and made our way south to a little place in Florida called Holt. It was a pretty nice ride through some scenic country side and didn't have any trouble except for a short little rain storm. We just took this opportunity to gas up and get a drink, and were back on the road in about 15 minutes. It only took us about three hours to get there.

When we get to the gates of the event, the Emerald Coast Drag Strip and surrounding property was already buzzing with activity. There were bikers and bikes of all kinds, ATV's and Golf Carts all simultaneously moving around the grounds like a well organized colony of ants. The area for camping was set up in a grid pattern that allowed for traffic to flow easily throughout. It kind of reminded me of being in a small neighborhood in the suburbs, only the homes are all Campers, RV's and tents of all sizes and colors.

We rode past the track and vendor area to go and seek out our friends at the camp site, which is usually way in the back of the camping area. This is good for several reasons, but mostly, it allows us to set up our Campers and RV's (seven this year!) in a circle pattern making our center area great for bike parking, cooking, and congregating with each other throughout the weekend. Also, being this far back has it's advantages with noise levels and privacy. We found our friend Big Ed, who has graciously allowed us to call his Raptor our home away from home. I knew I was in for a great two days when I heard him say as I rode up, "Oh s#@t, here she comes!" I'm the oldest in my family, so I am a big sister to three brothers. Big Ed is like the BIG brother I never had, and he likes to tease me every chance he gets. I try to give back everything he dishes out but, he's just better at it than I am.

To be continued....
This is just the beginning of what I called a great weekend! I have so much I want to share with you, and in the interest of time and read length, I will break down my weekend experience into three part series for you to enjoy. I'll call it the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY! Besides, I've got to sort through my pics, as some are too adult in nature and are not for posting, I also have several pics my friend has to get to me as well. Please stay tuned! Lady R

Sunday, April 20, 2008


SATURDAY - PLAY DAY! Harley and I are notorious for putting off our "honey do's" till Sunday. After working all week, we are not wanting to postpone our ride any longer than we have to. I really enjoy, and look forward to these long relaxing Saturday rides! Harley rides his motorcycle to work often, but it's not like getting out on the open road and letting it go. It's time for some "therapy for the soul".
Today we decided to go up toward Mt. Cheaha State Park and Horseshoe Bend National Military Park. We probably logged about 270 miles altogether as we, made our way north, up Hwy. 9 to Ashland, then Hwy. 77 to Talladega. We stopped and had lunch with the Colonel and stretched our legs a bit before we began our ascent up the curvy, twisty road that takes you to the top of Mt. Cheaha. (we stopped for pics, but I will save them for another post). Coming down from the mountain, we took Hwy. 49 and rode south, until we stopped at Horseshoe Bend National Military Park, which is about 12 miles north of Dadeville.

This historic site, where the "Creek War", 1813 - 14 took place, is a nice park with restrooms and picnic areas. As you meander around on a 3 mile loop road, through the battlefield grounds, you can see trails and markers designed to inform you of the Creek Indians and the events that took place here. The Tallapoosa River curls around severely to make a horseshoe shape, which gives you a sense of being on an island. Riding through a gauntlet of overhanging trees provide a tunnel of refreshing shade on a hot summer day. This Park is the backdrop, of what I think one of the most beautiful places in Alabama.

I remember the first time I saw Horseshoe Bend, I thought to myself..., this is my "Tara." You see, I fell in love with the South and many things Southern when I saw "Gone With the Wind." (I was a very hopelessly, romantic adolescent!) I like to daydream a little when I'm riding back in this cool shady part of the park. I imagine a modest, but comfortable Colonial Style home, verandas and all, nestled in a lush forest of Oaks and Pines, sprinkled with Dogwoods and Crepe Myrtles, all surrounded on three sides by the beautiful Tallapoosa River! This is where I say Ahhhh! Home Sweet Home!

Alabama has many pretty highways and parks within its borders, and we are having a good time finding them, one country road at a time. Every time we find ourselves here for a pit stop, I always want to take that little ride through the park. Sometimes, Harley would just as soon go on about our way, but I can usually talk him into riding once around the loop. So, as I'm meandering through, enjoying the coolness of the shade, looking into the center of the forest to see my imaginary house, and glancing around to the river to see my imaginary little boat tied to my imaginary dock, I'm reminded at how nice and serene life can be if we just keep a balance between work and play.

We eventually found our way home again, and some of the time today was spent on capturing some great pics for future posts. Harley humors me when he knows I'm stocking up for my blog file. Sometimes, he even see a good place to stop before me! What can I say. Today was a great play day! Ride on. Lady R

Monday, April 14, 2008


Smile everyone! It's Monday!
While on a "Boy's Trip" to Nova Scotia last June, Harley captured this great shot. The Lone Ranger and Harley bought their '07 Street Glides last year before they went on this trip. They are ascending up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire and they stopped for this photo op about 5,ooo feet up. I like this picture because it looks like it should be a Harley Davidson ad. Beautiful! Oh yeah, and the scenery is great too! Lady R

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We were planning to go to Birmingham yesterday, to see Harley's Mom, who is in the hospital. She should be home in a couple of days, but we wanted to go and visit her. The weather decided to cooperate at 68 degrees and some sun, so we took the bike's. Since we didn't get started till almost noon, we opted for the Interstate so we could get to Birmingham more timely. It's 90 miles from Montgomery, and pretty uneventful... until we get close to the Birmingham city limits. I think that's wear it becomes every man (or woman) for themselves!
After a quick, Chick FilA lunch at the Cahaba Valley exit, we resumed our ride. I swear, some people have no regard for the biker trying to assert their place traffic. We were trying to merge back onto I 65 with two entrance lanes (challenge one) and we seemed to be surrounded by SUVs' (challenge two). As we started to accelerate to merge speed, I noticed Harley, traveling in front, getting squeezed by a Jeep Cherokee. He had no clear lane yet to merge and was not able to move over. From my view, he was literally sharing his lane with this other vehicle. As I checked my mirrors, and looked over my shoulder to see if my lane was clear to move over yet, my last thought in my mind was, "Please Lord, let me turn back around and NOT see Harley going ass over end because of that damn jeep!" Thankfully, all was well. I did, however, turn back around just in time to see Harley prominently sharing his "Love Eagle" with the offending Jeep driver.

While we made our way closer to the jutting skyline of Birmingham, we needed to stay ever alert with all the lane changing fools, that seemed to be in a bigger hurry than a colony of ants trying to rebuild their home. I'll never forget, the very first time we rode through Birmingham after I started riding solo. My hubby, who knows me well, tried to warn me what to expect. He was afraid I would get a little too nervous and forget what I know. He said, "Well ride in the far left lane, that way we only have one side to worry about." I'll admit, we don't usually get into as much trouble over there. And, we're not the sort to let traffic pile up behind us.

We arrived at Carraway Methodist Hospital with no further ado. After a nice visit with Ma, a friendly nurse noticed our riding clothes as we left the hospital. She told us how jealous she was to be working, and not riding like us. We sympathized with her a moment before she told us a great to get back out of the city with less hassle. It proved to be a great piece of advice. Thank you, to our nice new friend!

I realized why I don't enjoy riding on interstates and in big cities, as we took a more leisurely route home on Hwy 31 to Montgomery. You can be more relaxed, find your groove, and take in what the Good Lord put before us, as we wind through these familiar country roads. Ahhh! This is my comfort zone. I'm not ashamed to say I would rather ride a thousand miles through the country side, than a hundred miles on the interstate! Ride safe. Lady R

Friday, April 11, 2008



Well, it's almost time to load up and head south to Holt, FL for the Emerald Coast BikeFest. Harley and I have gone for the last four years and we usually have a great time. It takes us about three hours to get there, and once we're in the gate, we probably won't ride much till we go home. You see, I don't have my drinking and driving license yet, so I'll probably move around on my two feet or the golf cart. LOL!

During the day, you can look around at numerous vendor booths for leather, bike accessories, clothes, jewelry and all kinds of usual biker paraphernalia. Plenty of food and drink available also. I love watching the Drag Races and grudge matches. Not only do they have Pro Mod and Top Gas Drag Bikes, they will let any regular Joe and his street bike get on the track and see what he can do. They make you sign a waiver for liability reasons, but other than that, this is a good safe place to test your skills and speed. One of the guys that usually camps with our group, actually brings his Harley Road Glide he set up for racing and competes. It's fun to go over to the track an pull for someone you know.

Night time gets a little bit more rambunctious to say the least. The music gets cranked up, the bull riding begins and there's always the infamous wet t-shirt contest to draw the entire camping population to the stage area. I remember the first time I went, I probably had a "deer in the headlights" look on my face the whole time. I figured out real quick, if you get offended easily by dirty talk and bare skin, this is not the place for you. I actually get a kick out of all the different attire, or lack there of, I see while walking around the crowd. There's always at least one hot chick dressed in a bikini and assless chaps, that usually has a crowd of men with cameras behind her like rats following the pied piper (Joker, you'd feel right at home here, bro). LOL! If you got it flaunt it. Unfortunately, my flaunting days have passed me by along with my birthdays. I have to be careful though, beer makes me brave (or maybe stupid is a better word). There comes a point in your life where you don't want to be responsible for scaring the hell out of someone! I don't think everyone has gotten this message though. I'll admit, for every sexy one you see, there are at least three to make you want to shut your eyes! The odds aren't in your favor.

So, if any of you are going to be in this area, and are planning to check it out, drop me a line. It would be great to have a drink with you and toast to friendships, old and new. Here is the link so you can get all the info on camping, tickets, and whatever else you need to know. http://www.emeraldcoastbikefest.com/ Hope to see you there and don't forget to wear your party hat! Lady R

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Do you ever have one of those days, where you just feel good all over? Well, I'm having one of those days! I have many things to be thankful for!

I just spent these past couple days with a couple of great girlfriends. These two particular ladies are part of what I refer to as my "Posse", and my previous post of Feb. 2nd pretty much sums up how I feel about these two. Crazy Chick and The Earth Mother don't live close to me, so the time we spend together is usually what I call, nice quality time. Little Hanna Montana was with us. She belongs to Crazy Chick, and she is a pretty cool little friend. She's a great little dog sitter too.
We enjoyed a great lunch at one of my regular romps, Sinclair's on the Lake. (also written about in a previous post). Afterward, we took Hanna Montana to a place across the road called "The Children's Harbor". It's a pretty cool Campground, with a Light House, a Fog Bell Tower, and other interesting play structures. This facility provides a campground dedicated to children with cancer. This place is truly a Godsend.

I got to crank up and practice my Kareoke skills a little, and it was during this time, that we missed our absent friend, Red Light Roxanne. She can Kareoke like no one else! My songs of choice this time were, "The House of the Rising Sun", and of course, "Born to be Wild"! I sang like no one was listening, and that means loud! LOL! I'm glad my neighbors take their hearing aides out after 8:00. I think we were safe!

We had a weekend full of fun and adventure, and I will have great memories of our time together. After we said our goodbyes and gave repeated hugs in the driveway, we waved goodbye to each other as they turned their "Girls Fun Mobile" south and headed home.

Feeling a little sad that I don't live closer to my friends, as I came back into the house, I decided to see if I could cheer myself up by checking in on some blogger buddies. I got a pleasant surprise when I checked my first new comment. My little brother, Bucky, has found his way! I saw his comment on my most recent story, got so excited, and answered the comment immediately. Then I realized, as I went back in my post history, he left a little trail of messages in my comment section on several posts. For me, this is a great feeling, because I like feeling close to my family. We were pretty tight knit as we were growing up, and the fact that we all live in different places, we have to make an effort to keep in close touch.

So, when I decide to measure my worth, my friends and my family are without a doubt, what I am the most thankful for. I'm married to a good man who is still my sweetheart and my best friend. I think everything else is small stuff and replaceable. I FEEL GOOD! Lady R

Saturday, April 5, 2008


For those out there who follow my posts, you may remember the March 16th entry, that described my experience in Atlanta's tornado. My sister in law, who is a big Kentucky Wildcats Fan and a lover of basketball, sent me this picture to tell me why the SEC game was canceled that night.
Here is an excerpt of what was written about this unique shot.

"As an EF-2 tornado swept across downtown Atlanta, one local photographer snapped the shot of a lifetime.

Shane Durrance was on top of his condominium off Howell Mill Road when he saw the potential for a great photo of the downtown area. He took the photo just as 11Alive's Paul Ossmann was talking about tornado warnings in Atlanta.

Durrance, who is an acquaintance of Ossmann's, sent the photo to 11Alive and said he believed he'd missed catching the tornado on film. But after Ossmann reviewed the picture, he assured Durrance that he had indeed gotten the shot.

The picture shows a light-gray vertical strip of what looks like clouds connecting the cityscape to the larger clouds above. That is the actual tornado. Ossmann said it didn't look like the usual sort of funnel cloud because it was embedded in rainshowers at the time of the photograph. "

Pretty wicked photo, huh? I was in the Westin Tower during this mess, and after looking at this photo, I'm just thankful it wasn't a bigger storm! Lady R