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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let it Snow!!

Being a girl growing up in the midwest, snow is something I never had a shortage of during the cold winter months. In fact, by the time April rolled around, I was sooo ready for some sunshine to melt away the dirty frozen chunks that I almost helped out with my hair dryer!

Well, lets fast forward to the present, and I find myself having lived in the sunny south now for about two and a half decades. Snow is like a celebrity who may or may not give you the pleasure of her presence, depending on her mood. She teases you with the promise to appear, only to send her dreary understudy, Rain in her place at the last minute. Our trusty weatherman, whom I'll call Mr. Right, promised us that Snow is coming to town! That's right! She's actually making an appearance right here in our dreary little atmosphere. (Well, it HAS been overcast for a few days!) You can imagine my exitement as I tried my hardest to go to sleep that night. It was almost to much to bear, reminiscent of Christmas Eve, knowing that Santa was coming and treasure trove of great new pretties will be under my tree in the morning. After a few roll overs, tosses and turns, and even a sneeky peeky out the window when I did my middle of the night flush test, I woke the next day to a unwelcome familiar sound. You know the one. It's the same one that keeps people in bed longer, the same one that mesmerizes you when listen to it hit a tin roof, the same one that makes farmers smile and garbage men cry. You guessed it! RAIN! Cold, steady, (keeps my pool full) rain! Have you ever tried to make a rain angel on your sod? Or a water ball from a puddle? It just doesn't work!

So, being of sound mind and body, I will do what comes naturally on a day like this. Go back to bed, pull the covers up tight, and listen to the melody of mother natures little joke. Night Night!