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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Most of you know, my posse of pals and I met up at the Angel City Rally last weekend in Unadilla, GA. In spite of my humorous tongue in cheek Pic Of The Week sporting my handsome Angel City pole dancer, we all give this rally a big thumbs up! The event organizers and creator of Angel City went above the norm to provide a great venue for our weekend of biker revelry.

Most of the rallies I've been to are often out in a big freshly cut hay field somewhere, allowing us all to have fun without being an endangerment to the general public (who... us?). This can get tricky sometimes, maneuvering motorcycles around large choppy stalks of leftover debris, especially after the spirits begin to flow (Hence the necessary use of golf carts at the bike rally!). Here at Angel City, we were still out in the country, tucked nicely away from the less adventurous, but the facilities were far superior to some of the other venues I've experienced.

Angel City is themed after an old western town and was created just for motorcycles. The town is laid out like a crossroads with a saloon on every corner and old creaky boardwalks that lead you to several storefronts where vendors can set up shop. They had the usual leather shops, jewelry, t-shirts, and tattoo parlors along with lots of other cool bike related interests.

A blacktopped one way path, is laid out through town and around the stage in a star shape providing a large center area to stable the bikes. Even though our campsite was close enough to walk, it was fun to ride your iron horse through town at least once while you're there.

... my friend Darlin' demonstrates, as she takes a cruise through town.

The stage is strategically positioned right in the center of town with two large pavilions providing shade and picnic tables. No price gouging here folks, as food and drinks were very reasonable, and in addition to the Saloons, they had several stations setup that served, so you never had to wait in any long lines. We brought enough food and drink fit for a King, but occasionally we found ourselves "in town" without a cold one so buying one from them didn't hurt so bad.

It didn't hurt so bad for the guys to buy the rounds either... hmmm, I wonder why.

The campgrounds encircle the entire town with nicely packed dirt roads that weave throughout the different camping areas allowing movement much safer. RV parking has water and electrical hookups and the tent camping had really nice portable showers. We were very close to town, so it was extremely convenient for us to walk back and forth.

Here, at our home away from home, we had a great time just hangin' with friends and creating another chapter of awesome memories. Our decision to try this new venue (for us anyway) was a good one, as we all unanimously agreed... we will definitely be back.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and more Angel City Rally fun... I haven't even gotten to the good part yet.

Lady R


IHG said...

Sounds like a very cool rally. I think you live in one awesome part of the country. What is the job market like down there? Dan and I'd love to live somewhere that we could ride more and drive through snow less!!! :)

Gary France said...

THe Angel City Rally sounds like just what the doctor ordered, plus some things that he probaably didn't. It all sounds good to me, so I am wondering what the good part is that is yet to come. Looking forward to part 2....

mq01 said...

EXCELLENT!!! we need more rallies like this one!!!

Lady R (Di) said...

Steph... this rally was awesome! Come on down! The south could always use a couple more good midwesterners to help balance this crazy place out. And yes... you can ride... ride... ride!

Gary... I laughed a lot, and had the best time so, it's definitely what the Dr. ordered! Part 1 just gave me a chance to express how great I thought this rally was pulled together. My part 2 is full of more merriment...just more good medicine!

Mq01... I agree. I even posted some kudos about the shitters, but decided to take that part out. They provided "Royal Restrooms"... still portable, but with flush-able commodes and sinks to wash your hands. Very nice for us ladies!
We will make this our new Spring Fling location, I'm sure!

Webster World said...

I know I want to go. In the picture of you the vender is selling asses. Now what a cool biker rally that is lol.

Lady R (Di) said...

Webster... I had to look back at what you saw. LOL! That's funny.

Quick funny story: That's the same place I bought a small motorcycle themed floor mat for the entry from the garage. On the table, someone wrote with a Sharpie... Rugs..$5.00 or 2 for $10.00. We made a comment about how wonderful it was that they took the stress of math problems away for us and laughed it off. Later that night, while walking past the same storefront we noticed that a few additions were made to that little sign with other Sharpies. Things like... "stupid" and "2 for $12.00" and "no shit". We just laughed some more!

I could have went with this and told you they had plenty of asses... two for one! LOL!

Webster World said...

That is so funny.

Tasha said...

As a bartender of every Angel City rally, and one of the "beer girls" you have pictured, I think you've done an awesome job of portraying exactly how much fun this rally is! Keep up the good work!