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Monday, May 26, 2008


I hope I haven't over loaded any of you too much with my red, white and blue rhetoric. I just can't help my self sometimes, and I realize that I get carried away. It's Monday morning and I just thought I would reflect on my weekend a little. I hope all of you had a good and safe Holiday as well.

Harley and I had a very lazy Memorial Day Weekend this year. Truth be told, H. is probably glad I didn't try do drag him downtown for the big Jubilee CityFest, we have every Memorial Day Weekend. It's fun and all, but it's best if you wait and go down at night and listen to the bands at the amphitheater. We rode the motorcycles Saturday, pretty much all day. I laughed to myself as we headed out thinking, Harley and I will be our own parade! We took off and headed north and played around in Talladega County most of the day. One of my favorite roads we take when we head in this direction, has a big wide bridge that crosses over a small river. We usually stop here for moment just to look at the water and stretch our legs. If you look close, you can see a small row boat with two people fishing. It was so peaceful and quiet here, that I almost hated to start my motorcycle and break the tranquility of the moment. But I did!

Sunday did not bring us anything more than catching up on honey-do's and playing in the pool all day. We'd do a little something, then jump in the pool. Do a little something more and jump in the pool again. I don't mind doing a little yard work, as long as I can take a quick dip to cool off. I cooked us up some Ribs, corn and cucumber salad, and we watched a little bit of the Indy Race before settling down to watch the Coca Cola 600 later that night. Told ya. Very Lazy!

So, this brings us to today. Our Memorial Day Holiday. I'm sitting here reflecting how glad I am that I have one more day to play, before our work week starts. Today is going to be another beautiful day so, Harley and I will probably continue on our mission of laziness, and ride the Glides again to a destination yet to be determined. We'll come home, take a cool down dip in the pool and eat leftovers. Sounds good to me!

Memorial Day is a day for remembrance and thanks. The sacrifices that have been made, so I can enjoy riding my motorcycle in this free country we call home, will not go unappreciated. To all of our Military Armed Forces, Veterans, and families of POW's and MIA's. This day is for you.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


When I was a little girl in Iowa, growing up in an industrial town on the Mississippi River, Memorial Day meant Picnics and Parades! I didn't grow to really appreciate the significance of Memorial Day until a bit later in life, particularly when I became a member of the Armed Forces myself. My dad was a Navy man, and he likes to tell me the story of having to jump ship and go AWOL, (that's absent with out leave) so he could see me in the hospital when I was born. Being born in a Naval Hospital and having a Sailor for a father, I guess it was destiny that his daughter would join the Navy too.

During my childhood, my very patriotic dad, liked to involve himself in Navy Clubs and different Veteran Organizations. This is how we found ourselves at every parade our town ever held. He would participate in Honor Guards and Color Guards, or maybe his help would be needed to build the Float. I remember a time when I was about 9 years old, I got to walk in the parade with my mom. Our job was to walk in front of some cars carrying some "official people" and this big float, holding the banner that says, "The Dubuque Navy Club". I was prancing that day, I can tell you!

Some of my favorite parade participants, where the Shriners. They would bring a group of twelve or so, on either small mini-bikes, or little cars, and perform maneuvers every couple of blocks on the parade route. To see these full grown men on miniature motorcycles doing figure eights, intersecting with each other, circling within circles was very fun and entertaining. Our local war veterans would be showcased and honored, riding in brand new Cadillac Convertibles provided by sponsoring car dealerships. Throw in some marching bands and pretty floats, fire trucks and beauty queens. This little girl loved parades!

Now, when the parade was over, we would all go to the park for a picnic. Our family picnics usually consisted of grandma, grandpa, several aunts, uncles, cousins and anybody who just slips in our crowd unnoticed. This can happen with a big family. Especially when the older cousins started bringing outside friends to our family gatherings. You get to a certain age, when the only way you'll show up to family stuff, is if you can bring a friend.

Our family picnics were pretty simple. Everybody brought their own meat, cooler of drinks, and a dish to share. There never seemed to be a shortage of food. We always seemed to have enough grills to cooks everyones food at once. Miraculous! My mom always made potato salad or macaroni salad. I can remember our families usual dishes that would adorn the picnic tables like it was yesterday. We'd have cucumber salad, pork-n-beans, jello salad, copper pennies, and all kinds of cakes and cookies too. My aunt, Hotline, always made a big batch of Rice Krispie Treats and they were always my absolute favorite.

Being on a picnic gave us kids a chance to run around and play like there was no tomorrow. And we didn't have to worry about using our inside voices! I think picnics are a great way to have fun as a family. Doing things with your kids and sharing good times like this, is what instills the tradition of family values. I thank my parents for unselfishly providing me a stable home with lots of love. My brothers and I are very blessed to have parents like ours.

Memorial Day is a day to honor and remember our fallen heroes. This I will do. But for this little girl, Memorial Day is also a day for picnics and parades.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Everyone knows what the Kentucky Derby is, right? Just the most exciting two minutes in sports! I know this is supposed to be a motorcycle blog, but today, it's about the anticipation of winning and losing, and a funny little group of women who formed a sisterhood of tradition involving this grand event.

Horse lovers every where will be glued to the TV for this most important race, hoping to see their favorite horse and jockey come in first place, while we girls, will be trying our darnedest to win our own, coveted prize of notoriety. You've never seen a more competitive group of sweet charming ladies, than this bunch. Hence, the nickname, the "Derby Challenge"! The nice thing about the Kentucky Derby, is that it always falls on the same weekend that Panama City holds the Spring Thunder Beach Rally. The first Saturday in May. Woo Hoo! I'm always there!

The rules for this ladies only "Club" for the lack of a better word, are posted on a board, that follows the party every year along with other boards bursting with pictures of past Derby parties. The hostess of the year can change or add any part of the rules, with the exception of a few. We all chip in together and we hire a Butler (usually a handsome one) to spoil us and take care of all our beverage needs for the afternoon. This year we had Thomas and he did an outstanding job. Husbands, Brothers, and teenage sons are lined up ahead of time to be ready for Cab duty. This is one of those annual, without fail, probably gonna get drunk kinda of parties... so my friends and I, and every one else plays it smart and prepares for such matters.

To be included in this Ladies Annual Kentucky Derby Party, you have to be invited in. I was fortunate enough to have been invited in by my good friend, Earth Mother. She would always say, that girlfriends are a very important part of life. She is a great person, and I enjoy being around her. I'm just glad that, because of her, I get to come to this party every year. These girls are a fun bunch to share an afternoon with!

Once invited in, your party attire can be whatever you want it to be but, it MUST include a hat AND gloves. Also, you are responsible for knowing where and when the parties will take place without the help of an invitation.

The party guest that wins the "Best Hat" prize, will be the hostess for the next years Party. This year, Red Light Roxanne was the winner for having the "Best Hat". She really went all out, in dressing true to her name, and was just a delightful character. Her winning the "Best Hat" prize, means next year, about three hours before the race starts, twenty or so women will show up at her house, dressed in Derby attire, ready to party and, you guessed it, watch the most exciting two minutes in sports! Woo Hoo!

A prize is given to the guest who comes best dressed with the "Overall Kentucky Derby Look". This prize has been won on a regular basis by Crazy Chick and I challenged her to step up her game. I told her I'm coming after the "Best Overall" prize this year! She playfully accepted that challenge and gave me a fair warning in return. Well, I didn't win and yes, you guessed it, Crazy Chic took the "Best Overall" trophy once again! The queen continues to reign "Overall"!

We also fill our time with contests of "Best Shoes" and "Best Gloves" too. What better pastime for a bunch of ladies than comparing shoes and accessories! A lot of fun is had, by looking around at everyone's well put together outfits, and voting on who we think should be chosen to win the playfully sought after prizes.

There's always a betting pool, and everyone gets a chance to draw for horses. It makes the race even more fun for some lucky someone. Whoever draws the winning horse, goes home with $100.00. Miss P, the Lady in Black was our lucky winner that day, when she drew Big Brown. Good for her! Way to go P! Also, I want to express much thanks to Lil' Mama (far left in white dress) for having us all at her place this year. It's hard work getting a party ready for a bunch of wild booze drinking women, who like to play dress up once a year! She was an exceptional hostess and we all had a wonderful time. Thanks B!


We may have started out like sweet, genteel ladies, but somehow evolve into wild party girls! Some of these women, I'll see often and some I will not see again until next time. I look forward to this event every year. The bonds of sisterhood will not be broken and the "Derby Challenge" will live on forever. Lady R

Thursday, May 15, 2008


On Friday, two weeks ago, Harley and I loaded the Glides, and hightailed it down to Panama City, for Thunder Beach weekend. The weather was clear and pretty, and I was looking forward to the nice three hour ride through our familiar roads, that we travel on often. This time of year provides a special treat for those of us who ride. As we made our way south, I would get hit with the most intoxicating smell of honeysuckle. I love that smell! It would seem like I rode through a cloud of honeysuckle every few miles or so. I was in heaven. Better than cow poo mixed with fresh hay, right Joker?

We have been going to the Spring and Fall Rallies for about six years now, and we always have a great time. I think it's because we're reunited again, with our good friends, Big Ed and Red Light Roxanne, who graciously open their home and always seem to have a vacancy for us. Most of our good friends, live in Panama City, so needless to say, we come here often. When we got into town, Big Ed, Harley and I met up with Lone Ranger and the Beav for couple of beers and unwind from our ride. I saw a few other friends and passed around some hugs before we decided to go to the house. We had to get ready for a big night. We were going to see Rodney Carrington!

Big Ed got us tickets to see Rodney Carrington that Friday night at the Civic Center. So, the four of us; Big Ed, Red Light Roxanne, Harley and I were in for a great evening. We went to eat a wonderful meal first, at Hunt's Oyster Bar down by the Marina. This little local joint has the best fried shrimp, with not too much breading and cooked to perfection. The cheese grits and hush puppies are so good, they'll make you wanna slap your momma! I have never had anything bad at Hunt's. It's one of my favorite restaurants there.

After sufficiently filling our bellies, we headed to the Civic Center to see Rodney Carrington, the stand up comic and country singer. Now, I have never heard of this fella before Big Ed told us about him, but he made me laugh so hard, I had tears in my eyes a couple times. He acts like a simple ol' country boy that just can't get enough titties and beer. Yep, that's him. The titties and beer dude! If you have never seen him before, check out Rodney Carrington - King of the Mountains. We all had a good time at the show and our cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. If you can't handle a little nasty mixed with the funny, this show is not for you. Especially when he sings, "Show'em To Me", you just might get a sneeky peeky of something good! I did. Woo Hoo! (see something, that is, not show something!)

I have to share this video I found of Rodney, doing an interview at a radio station and singing one of his songs. It cracks me up!

Our first night in town was great, as usual. We went home that night, back to Big Ed's and Roxanne's, musing over our next days plans. The boys were going to go play on the motorcycles and meet up with some other pals, while Roxanne and I were going to be at the Derby Party. Some of us girls have termed it "The Derby Challenge!" What's the Derby Challenge, you ask? Well, stay tuned and you'll find out! Ride on! Lady R

Monday, May 12, 2008


Last summer, Harley, Big Ed, the Beaver and the Lone Ranger loaded motorcycles and went on a "boys trip" to Canada.

While riding the Cabot Trail up in Sydney, Nova Scotia, they came across this restaurant. They took a picture of it, because they were afraid no one would believe they ate at a place called Lick A Chick. When they were asked if the chicken was good, they would just laugh and say, "Hell no, it tasted like fish!"

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today is a day set aside to pay special tribute to all our mothers, mothers-to-be, and mothers in our memories. I came across a quote that I particularly like and wanted to share it with you.

"Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible." Marion C Garretty
I wanted to share a very fun picture I have of my Grandma Vi. She is enjoying her eighth decade of life, and still has the greatest sense of humor. She was visiting me (she lives in Montana) for Thanksgiving about three years ago, and we had an opportunity to get her on the motorycycle. She was all for going for a SHORT little ride, until we told her she had to put on a helmet. "Oh, I can't do that", she said, "it will mess up my hair!"

A big THANK YOU goes out to my Mom for being there for me always, and also being the best girlfriend I could ask for! I LOVE YOU!

Have a great Mother's Day everyone! Lady R

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well, here it is! My final post in the Bike Fest series. Bringing my weekend adventure to an end is a little bitter sweet, but I couldn't just share all the GOOD and the BAD, without bringing you a little bit of the UGLY! I hope I don't offend anyone, but if I do, well... goodbye.

Do you remember that favorite thing your mom yells at you when you were a kid, running around in the yard crazy, playing and screaming and stuff? She'll say, "Stop running around with that, you'll poke your eye out!" It didn't matter what we had in our hand, it was going to poke our eyes out. Well, I saw something sooooo UGLY, I wish my eye was poked out! Joker, I think this guy read your comment about riding through Holt in the Duo Glide, with nothing but the chaps. OMG! Someone should have told him the 'just kidding' part! I had to do a double take! On his ass, someone wrote "TIP ME". I wanted to go up to him and say, "Here's a tip for ya. I'd run before those six big guys over there decides who gets you first!" He must have been doing this as a dare. I sure would hate to think another fellow biker thinks this is pretty!

You know, it's really UGLY when you lose your girlfriend! Our buddy, the Lone Ranger, was all set with his date for the weekend, when something terrible happened. She turned up missing! We looked all over the campsite for her and couldn't find her anywhere. We asked everyone we talked to, to let us know if they see her. After looking through the track and vendor area, we decided she was nowhere to be found. He was very sad and heartbroken over her, but decided, what the hell! This is Bike Fest! So we popped some Bud Lights and drank to a hopeful future!

Well, as it turned out, we found the Lone Ranger's girlfriend later that night. Here she was, all strapped up on some other dude's cart, riding on the front like the shameless hussy she was! Now how UGLY is that, to see your girlfriend hangin' out all over the place for everyone else to see! Tsk, tsk, tsk. The Lone Ranger rides alone once again.

It's all about fun! Probably everyone here, came with the intent to have a great weekend, share their love for motorcycles, and take home some sweet memories. That's why it's a sad note when the weekend is marred by an accident. Saturday afternoon, a couple turned their ATV over and were hurt pretty bad. Apparently, they were riding around a corner too fast, and it rolled. They had to be air lifted out by Gulf Flight. It's an UGLY scene, when something like this occurs.

And just one more big UGLY! This is for all the ladies out there. Don't be fooled that a nice smile and a charming personality will keep you out of trouble! I made the mistake of coming between a man and his titties and I thought all hell was gonna break loose! It was really very innocent at how it all happened. I made myself real little and squoze up to sneak in near the front, to get some pics of the Bull Ride. ( I had my blogger pals in mind, here!) Well, after snapping a few shots, still scrunched down, I turned around and was going to squeeze myself back out. Some big guy twice my size stepped in my way and said, "Hell no! You stepped all over me to get up here, your only way out is through there!" This isn't exactly what happened, but anyway, as he was saying this, he was pointing over my shoulder behind me. I turned around to verify what I knew I was going to see, and yep! Nothing but the ring and that nasty ass bull, with who knows how many nasty asses have already been on it. Well, I really thought he was just messing with me, and when I realized he was genuinely pissed, I got a bit nervous. He stepped into my path three or four times, determined not to let me out of the crowd. I finally told him, "We can two step all night, but if I'm not back out by that cart in about two minutes, I'll have three or so dude's looking for me. I got by. When I got back to the cart, I told Harley what had happened, and he said I should have had my tazer on me. Silly me, I thought I was at a party! So ladies, hear what I am saying. We need to be ever mindful of our situation at all times. Our world does have some UGLY going on, and if we stay smart and observant, we'll always be one step ahead of the rest.

I hope you have enjoyed my Bike Fest series...the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY. I had fun putting it all together, but probably more fun collecting the data. Harley and I have been busy, so I have many more nice posts to come. Ride on! Lady R

Monday, May 5, 2008


When I looked up the word "BAD" in the dictionary, this adjective is described as, "evil, wicked, defective, inadequate, decayed, rotten, unwelcome, distressed, ect..." It actually, says many things about this word, but in the interest of keeping us all on the same page, I decided to make it easy. Two songs come to my mind when I think about the contents of this part of my series. That would be Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun!", and George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone". Sort of like this guy standing here. He kind of looks "BAD TO THE BONE!"

I like to hear people talk about something they've seen that was very cool, and they refer to it as "BAD". I came across this very thing while we were watching the Burnout competition at the track. I overheard a couple guys talking and one of them said, "Watch this next dude, he does a "BAAAAAD Burnout!" Well, here again, I think to myself, bad must mean good. So I watched this biker do a BAAAAAD Burnout. Now, let me back up a minute and tell you this first. We just watched another dude do his burnout, which lasted about twenty or so seconds, and saw lots of smoke. Cool, right? Well, he got booed. So, here comes this other guy. I watched as he filled the surrounding air, thick with blueish tire smoke, part of what makes the burnout so cool. The revving motor was loud and the spinning tire was screaming in harmony. All of a sudden I heard a loud BOOM! Everyone started cheering wildly! He blew the tire! So that's what makes a "BAAAAAD Burnout, is to see how long you can go before you blow your rubber?! LOL! With boys like this around, maybe I'll think about getting some stock in Firestone!

I had the opportunity to meet a true "BAD ASS" biker. I saw this handsome little guy zipping around on his little chopper, and I must say, he handled himself very well. I hate that he wasn't wearing a helmet though, but if you looked around, practically no one was. I shouted out to him and I asked him if I could take his picture. He whipped that thing around and was all smiles. While we were talking, I told him how cute he was and how tough he looked riding his chopper. The folks he was with were standing right by us, and I could here them chuckling at how prideful he got all of a sudden while I was talking to him. I had to hid my own amusement at the humorous picture he made. It may not be real visible to you, but he had a biggest purple Kool-aid smile I'd ever seen! Man after my own heart! I hope he had fun, and didn't get too much premature education while there! He may have been a cutie, but I don't think this was the kind of an event for youngsters.

I know many of us think Naughty is Nice so, in that context, we could conclude that "BAD is Good". Sometimes, the naughty comes out in people when they come to a Rally. Unfortunately, not all naughty girls look this nice! LOL!

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, the place takes on a different persona, so to speak. The music cranks up, the spirits flow freely, and the neighborhood comes to life. All through out the campsite are several tryout spots for employment opportunities at some fine upscale dance studios. (wink!) You would be surprised how many nice young ladies have a real zest for a dancing lifestyle, or else it was a "BAD" case of beer bravery!

To be continued...

Stay tuned for the third and final post of the Bike Fest series, "THE UGLY". I am keeping my ass home for awhile, so I might be able to get caught up on the posts I've started. Below is another slide show of what I thought were more "BAD" pics. Lady R


Friday, May 2, 2008


We are going to Panama City for Thunder Beach! I really tried to get my second post up of the Bike Fest series, but it just didn't happen. I've been busier than a one legged woman in a butt kicking contest! Sorry to do that to you, but I'll be back Sunday.

Have a great weekend to all! Ride on! Lady R