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Monday, December 29, 2008


It's time to say good bye to 2008. Some will say good riddance, but I'm just glad it's over and I'm holding out for a better 2009 to come. I've been saving this picture to present as my last 'PIC OF THE WEEK' for 2008.

I took this pic last September during Thunder Beach Weekend while Harley and I sat and enjoyed a beer with our pals. We were at a place called "No Name's", a local bar with an outside deck, that sits at the base of the Hathaway Bridge. You're looking across Saint Andrews Bay toward Panama City's beach front area.

Have a nice Monday everybody, and let's say goodbye to 2008!

Lady R

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Friday, December 19, 2008


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... every where I go! I just love this time of year. I get into the decorations and festive atmosphere, while enjoying the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for the biggest holiday of the year. Being a Midwestern transplant though, I get homesick for the cold and snow. ( I know some of you will think I'm crazy!) I have brother who lives in Florida now, and we were just talking about this the other day. He is of the same thought. It just doesn't feel like Christmas when it's 60 to 70 degrees outside! I know I tease some of you riders of the north, about how nice it is that we are able to ride all year long, but the grass is always greener on... no wait. Let's just say the snow is always whiter above the Mason Dixon Line!

Well, while I was in midstream with tree trimming last Sunday, Harley and I decided we needed to take off for a little putt on the scoots. I was all in favor. I have been feeling a little antsy lately, and that's when I realized I haven't been on my Glide since we came back from Chattanooga, the week before Thanksgiving! Shameful! So off we went.

As we made our way up the familiar roads we often ride on, I was noticing the wide variety of Christmas decorations that adorned homes along the way. I saw beautiful Christmas Wreaths hanging on doors and windows, Garland draped on fences and porch pillars, cut outs of Reindeer and Santa Clauses strategically placed in yards, and we can't leave out the ever popular life sized plastic Baby Jesus surrounded by his parents and the Three Wise Men that light up for better effect at nighttime.

I laughed out loud when we passed one place, that had so much stuff placed out on their property, that it looked liked a mine field of Christmas! I don't think there was an empty spot anywhere that did not have some ornamentation propped, hung or just laying there waiting to get blown up for the night. (Those hot inflatable balloon decos are becoming all the rage!) Some people go for simple and elegant, and then you've got those that think if the grass is showing, something needs to go there. They're the ones that land on the "Tacky Light Tour" every year sponsored by one of our local radio stations. Believe it or not, we actually have folks that strive to get on the route for the "Tacky Light Tour". They must be related to the Griswold Family!

None the less, we had a nice little ride while we took in the sights, and I enjoyed the break from trimming the tree, which still had to be done when I got home. Even though it was a bit chilly and overcast, getting out on the road was exactly what I needed. Riding seems to always be exactly what I need. I just wanted to share the Christmas spirit with you and I think I'll end this post with a little Christmas song. So, grab some hot chocolate or whatever you prefer, sit back in your chair, and enjoy the sweet sound of "White Christmas"... southern style!

Hope this inspires you to have a very Merry Christmas and as we say in the south... DECK THEM HALLS YA'LL!

(Thanks to Peek a Boo for providing us with our musical entertainment!)

Lady R

Friday, December 12, 2008


It's nice to know, in this time of crumbling economy and selfishness, that there are still great companies out there who will stand behind their product and provide good customer service. Rinehart Exhaust is one of them.

When Harley bought his '07 Street Glide 18 months ago, he put a lot of thought and planning into what, and how much he was going to have added to his new toy right off the bat. The day he drove it out of the dealership, he had Axel Nut Covers, Backrests, Engine Guards, Highway Pegs, Matching Shifter Pegs, Cruise Control Kit, Smart Security System, Stage One Kit, ect, ect... The list went on and on! But the most important thing at the top of that list was the True Duel Rinehart exhaust system. He was especially exited about that.

The day he picked up his new baby, looking her over and listening to the sweet sound that she made... well, let's just say, I'm glad there are still things that I can do, that that wonderful bike will never be able to pull off! LOL! I'll admit, it was music to our ears and I was jealous, no doubt. This was a beautiful machine, and she was going to be part of our family now, so I accepted her with no qualms. (except the fact she came with a hefty price tag!)

Now, lets fast forward to today and the reason why I think Rinehart is so great. Within six months of the purchase, we noticed the tips of the exhaust started turning color. It started out with just a subtle change from black to a lighter shade of charcoal. But then it turned orangey copper, to an unpolished yellow brass. Really ugly! He would get comments from other riders, who noticed this, about how badly those tips are turning. About a month ago, some one said to him, "Man, that's a really nice looking bike, but those tips are about the worst I've ever seen." That was the straw that broke the camels back! That day, he came home grumbling, "We need to write to Rinehart about these damn tips!" That "we" would be me (I haven't mentioned this before, but I have the blessed chore of being my husband's personal secretary whenever things like this come up).

I started Googling to find out some contact information, but kept running into the problem of... no info, just how to buy them. I decided to call our Harley Dealership to ask them if they have a way to contact Rinehart. Upon their inquiry as to why I needed this info, after explaining our concern, they said, "Oh, just bring in your turned tips in and we'll give you new ones." (sound effect... needle scratching across vinyl on the turntable. ZZzpppppttt!) Say what? The nice voice on the phone repeated, "Yeah, Rinehart stands behind their product, and we act as the liaison between you and them. Just bring us the turned tips, we will send them back to Rinehart and give you new ones." Woo Hoo! I was pleasantly surprised to hear this. No questions asked, no jumping through hoops, no arguments with costumer service, just "bring them in and we'll give you new ones." How often does that happen?

I wanted to get a pic comparing the difference in the turned ones and the new ones, so the parts dude at the dealership humored me, and allowed me to get this shot. (BTW... have you ever noticed, that when you pull out a camera, people scatter like roaches in a dark room when the light comes on!)

Now, Harley's True Duals look good again! He is very pleased and I too, am extremely happy at how easy this whole process was. I just wish we'd have done it sooner. Maybe we could have spared Harley some undue buyer's remorse.

I know product reviews can be very informative and helpful when trying to decide on which products will be the best for you. I just wanted to pass along how happy we are that Rinehart provides a great product, AND they stand behind it. For this, I give them a big THUMBS UP!

Lady R

Monday, December 8, 2008


We had my office Christmas Party Friday night, and we always play a game called "Dirty Santa". Well, when it came for me to open the gift I choose, as you can see, I couldn't have been more delighted. (Who said Christmas was for kids!)
This book is full of cool pic and lots of Harley Davidson History! Sure beats a dog bone that says "Bite Me". I don't think Santa was very dirty this year! Have a nice Monday everyone!

Lady R

Friday, December 5, 2008


I love to travel, and I love taking advantage of any chance I get to ride my Glide and enjoy this beautiful country I call home. Riding my motorcycle on the open road is probably my favorite way to get from point A to point B, but due to my limited time off work, I sometimes have to chose an alternative mode of transportation. Now and then, you find yourself with too many miles to go and not enough time to get there, so enter into the equation a very expensive, and probably the most stressful mode of travel... flying!

Don't get me wrong! I love to fly! I am just usually doing it on two wheels! LOL! However, the airports can provide some of the most unusual experiences and allow you a peek a boo view of our world's most interesting individuals. Simply put, I call it "People Watching". While on my trip to Billings, Montana for Thanksgiving, here are a few of my most memorable observations.

Person # 1... Funny Man. Youngish college age dude, clean cut, dark framed glasses, carrying one back pack and very involved in reading his book. This guy seemed harmless enough, and with the shortage of open seats in the gate waiting area, I chose to sit next to F.M. Within two minutes, I noticed he would giggle every now and then and mutter some comment. I thought to myself, "Hmmm, his book must be pretty good." This would not have been so bad, but he began to lose track of the fact, that he was in a crowded area full of strangers, because he began to outwardly laugh and giggle, while talking to himself. I noticed some people were looking at me as well, wondering if the close proximity of our seats meant that I was with him. I chose to ignore their questioning glances and kept my head down while I tried very nonchalantly to see the title of this powerful book of giggles and self conversation. Have any of you heard of "Are you there, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea" Hmmmm. Very interesting, funny man.

Person # 2... Iron Legs. Beautiful tall model like woman, walking at pace with the best of us, wearing... stiletto heeled fashion boots! With absolutely no exaggeration, these heels must have been at least 5 inches! We're talking tippy toe walking here folks! I would not have been able to take five steps, while holding a walker, in this pair of beautiful boots, and here this chick is, kicking it down the concourse hallway like there was no tomorrow! I was in complete awe of the woman with iron legs.

Person # 3... Dog Boy. I really feel sorry for the parents that have to put a leash on their kids. I understand that this is for their own safety, because my mom had to put a leash on me when I was a wee tot. (Hmmm. This explains a few things, heh?) The looks these parents have to endure from other non understanding folks, is really nothing compared to the grief they may feel if something terrible happens to an uncontrollable child who runs off from you. While walking down the concourse hallway, I came upon such a family, waiting off to the side for their plane to start boarding. The young boy was having a good time with his tethered predicament, because he was jumping around with his tongue hanging out, and barking and yipping like a real dog. His parents didn't seem to care, as long as he didn't pull too hard, they just let him play. He stopped jumping long enough to notice me when I walked next to him, and gave me a quick smile and a pant or two. I decided to get into my inner child at that moment and gave him a playful bark in response. After, his eyes widened for a moment, he recovered quickly with an out loud giggle and we just laughed at each other as I continued past them. Nice puppy.

During a 2 hour layover in the Denver, CO airport, I discovered this Harley Davidson retail store while I was walking around. Of course I had to take a quick little look see. The first few shirts I saw had price tags on them that would have made you drop your teeth if you could. A simple T-shirt had $98.00 on it, while another one with a little more detail went for $135.00. Geez! As I meandered through the store, the very friendly clerk struck up a conversation with me. Come to find out, the three large boxes she was working out of, were all on sale. Hmmm? "Yes", she said, "just look through them. They're all $15.00 and $20.00." Jackpot! I of course found a couple of shirts to add to my bag for Harley and myself. I was very pleased with myself when I walked out of there not spending more than $35.00 and had TWO shirts! Woo Hoo!

In addition to the colorful array of people you see, and the lucky shopping stop, trying to keep up with the accurate time was another challenge. I went from Mountain time, to Eastern time, to Central time, all in an 8 hour period of time. Of course, this allows for more weirdness. Where else can you get a full Mexican meal, complete with rice and beans at 5:00 in the morning. Not only that, you can have a beer with that, or for you hard dogs... whiskey and rum is yours for the purchase! Airports are great!

I hope you forgive me for the quality of the pictures, but I tried to get some shots while I was high in the sky. I wasn't near the window much, except during my flight from Denver into Billings. I had a birds eye view.
It was really cool to watch the terrain change from flat and quilt like, to the early ripples of earth that would soon turn into mountains.
In my imagination, these clouds resembled the ocean waves breaking on a sandy surf. I thought it was kind of neat how one part of nature can mimic another part.
After all my fun flying the friendly skies, I felt like a stone skipping across the top of the water, bouncing from one airport to another. From Atlanta, to Chicago, to Denver, to Billings, then back via Billings, to Denver, to Atlanta. Not to mention, I have a two and a half hour drive between Montgomery and Atlanta, where I started all my airport fun. I appreciated the bird's eye view I had and remain amazed at the beauty our country holds.

Taking it to the road on two wheels still gives me the enjoyment and pleasure that cannot be matched, even by the view of a bird. I'm sure I'll travel by plane again, and have a little fun playing my "people watching" game. But in the mean time, riding my Glide still remains my favorite mode of travel.

Lady R

Monday, December 1, 2008


My parents enjoy the most beautiful sunrises in Montana, I just had to share. This was taken from their patio.
This one was taken while we were up on the Rims. What looks like fire on the horizon, is the sun coming up. Enjoy! And have a nice Monday!

Lady R

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This picture was taken at Thanksgiving about 5 years ago. We had just put our "cement pond" in, and always in for a laugh, my Mom and Dad clowned around for this shot. (something weird happen when I scanned this and it made their legs look stretched out. Oops!)

I'm in Montana for a week, seeing Papa J and the Bear for Thanksgiving. Papa J turned 70 a couple weeks ago, and I decided to present myself as his present. Being the only daughter of four children, I can get away with that! It's been too long since our last visit and he was quite happy to find out I was coming. I found out recently, that they will be moving back to our home state of Iowa this summer as well. They have been living in Montana for the last 8 years, and Papa J says it's time go home.

I put this post together before I left, so I could have something to publish while I was gone. I know it's not about motorcycles or a great ride, but I thought I would share the story of how Bear got her name.

Papa J has always been a strong figure in my life, and I am just like him in many ways. Stubborn, always right and able to take charge if need be. Fortunately, my Mom balances me out by blessing me with some of her most endearing traits. From her I learned worry, humor, duty to family and most of all, a serious addiction to the java bean. We both love our coffee. If fact, I would say this is the key most important factor to the Bear's morning waking up process, as was discovered one day, by Papa J, while on a camping trip with some friends.

Once upon a time... there were three or four other couples, that decided to join them for a weekend of canoeing and camping. My folks got into canoeing after I left home, but their stories assured me, they loved this new activity very much. One morning, Papa J, being the early bird he always was, already had coffee perked over the fire, and was passing some out to all the staggered risers. He heard some noise coming from his tent, and decided to take, his sleepy wife (my mom) some coffee, knowing she really liked her coffee very first thing. Because he had made the rounds, he only had about a half a cup of coffee when he entered their tent to present his morning gift. She took the cup in her hands only to discover the half full cup of coffee and rumbled in a low and booming voice, "What the hell is this! You think I'm going to spill it?"
"Jeepers Creepers!" Papa J was always known to say, and skeedaddled right on out of that tent! The other couples with them, heard this exchange and gave Papa J some lighthearted teasing about a bear in his tent. Within a few minutes, another pot had perked, so he was able to fill a cup up to the brim. He cautiously approached the tent with a plan to make sure he was spared the wrath of that terrifying bear for a second time that morning. He placed the full cup of coffee on the end of a canoe paddle and held it out at arm's length, enabling him to stay clear of the tent by a good 3 feet, as he presented this offering of peace. When mom stuck her head out of the tent and saw what her hijinxing husband did to pay her back, all she could do was laugh. As did everyone else!

From that moment on, my mom has been affectionately known as... "Bear".

Thank you to my parents, for making me part of who I am.

Lady R

Thursday, November 20, 2008


There is always a flip side to everything. On one hand you have this... while on the other hand you have that! Do you pick Door Number 1... or Door Number 2? I guess what I'm trying to say is, that there will always be choices, and you have to take the good with the bad.

Four weeks ago, when we found out that we were going to go to Chattanooga, TN to celebrate my MIL's birthday with all of Harley's family, my first thought was... "Woo Hoo! We can ride the motorcycles!" Harley was very much in agreement that it would be fun to ride up on Look Out Mountain and see some pretty scenery while en route to our destination. As soon as we know we are going to take any kind of a trip, we start looking at maps and tour books to see what routes are available, and to choose one that will give us the most enjoyment. This also initiates the weather watching. We realized the week before we were to leave, we were in for some rain and a serious cold front. Harley told me we should reconsider our plan to ride and just take the truck. Hmmm. I could feel the disappointment setting in as I realized our little trip might be sabotaged by Mother Nature.

I need to interject a little inside information here so you'll be able to understand where I'm coming from during the rest of this story. During the summertime, Harley and I look forward to our weekends, so we can ride for longer than our very non eventful 10 minute commute back and forth to work. If we're not running off to some rally or going to visit our pals in Florida, we usually ride on Saturday, and stay home to do our house and yard chores on Sunday. However, if I notice that Saturday is not the best of days because of rain in the forecast, and Sunday promises to be a nicer prettier day, I suggest we stay home to do our chores on Saturday, and ride on Sunday. Makes perfect sense, heh? Well, this has earned me the nickname "fair weather rider" by Harley and some of my friends. Okay, let me continue my story now.

We start daily visits to Accuweather' web site at how the weather is progressing as the weekend draws near. Now, I'm checking weather forecasts for Montgomery all the way up to Chattanooga and a few places in between. Promises of lots of rain for Friday, (the day we plan to leave) and a serious cold front coming in right behind it bringing the Sunday (the day we plan to return) temperatures into the low 30's. Harley gives me his opinion and advice on how uncomfortable it can be to ride for that long (it's about a 5 hour ride) in temps that cold. I have yet to ride in really cold weather, whereas, he has done it enough times to know, it's not that fun. He tried to warn me that I do not realize what I am getting myself into, which gave me the opportunity to ask him if he too, has become a "fair weather rider".

Friday morning came and we looked at the weather one more time on the web site. According to the radar maps, it didn't seem like rain would be a real issue considering the route we planned to take. We would probably dodge most of it and we packed enough clothes to layer if the temperature did indeed plummet on Sunday like it promised to. It was a game time decision. To ride... or not to ride?... ?... ?... WE RIDE!

Woo Hoo! I was happy we were taking the Glides and my excitement was evident. We headed north and didn't get out of Montgomery more than 20 miles when we had to pull over... to don the rain suits. Oops. Fortunately, we did not have to deal with hard rain or lightening. The temperature was about 62 degrees, so even though we had to ride the rain train, it was not cold. Mother Nature kept us in a drizzle off and on with light rain until we were nearly to the Georgia and Tennessee State lines. When we stopped to eat lunch and dry out, Harley tried hiding his smirk as he kidded with me that, "I owe him".

We proceeded into Tennessee, and the rain let up as we started over Look Out Mountain, heading into Chattanooga. All of a sudden, we entered another time... another place... another dimension... we were in the Twilight Zone! The fog was so thick, I could only see three white stripes of the center lines on the road in front of me. We had to slow to 40 mph, which still felt fast, considering how little we could see. It's pretty bad when the mailboxes along the highway startle you because you can't see them until they are literally ten feet away from you. I considered trying to get a picture to demonstrate how foggy it was, but I knew anyone coming up the road would be on us before they could see us, which would not be smart. We stayed in the fog for about 30 miles before it thinned out enough not to be scary any more. It's a good thing, because right about then, we had to slow waaayyy down when we came up on two very large brown cows that were standing right there on the side of the highway. The first one was to the right of us just three feet off the shoulder. He just stood there and did nothing. The other one was on the left, and he started moving quickly. I was afraid at first, he was going to charge, but I think he just wanted to get away from us. Luckily, we passed by without incident. It was really kind of a rush, because as I passed him I looked over again, and we looked at each other, eye to eye! At that moment, it was all about me and that cow. All that came to mind was, "How now Brown Cow?"

Without any further complications, we arrived at the Shawnee Cabin on the Tennessee River, where we would be spending the weekend with Harley's family. We enjoyed visiting with the n & n's and their parents, while we celebrated my MIL's birthday. The kiddos fished in the river, and played with the resident cabin cat. We all had a great time. I have one small niece who has never caught a fish before, and she was quite funny when one got on her line. Throughout the weekend, I endured some light hearted teasing at how crazy we were for riding the Glides, but I know they love me, in spite of it. Sunday delivered the chilling temps as promised, and after we all said our goodbyes and shared some hugs, Harley and I prepared for our chilly ride home.

Even though it was a mere 32 degrees out, the sun was shining and the pavement was dry. I knew I was going to be cold so I started with tights, then jeans, my chaps and finally the rainsuit pants. I was in two shirts and my lined leather jacket. I think wearing the rain pants cut the wind enough to keep me comfortable. Harley was layered just as much, only he didn't wear his rain pants. I put a glove liner under my winter gloves, and decided I was ready.

We took off around 11:00 and it probably started warming up a little bit already, but as soon as I hit the road at speed, it hit me. Damn, it IS cold riding out here! I was getting cold and I decided I needed to do something to distract my thoughts from that fact. I found out, if you sing out loud, at the top of your lungs, especially songs about the sunshine, you can warm yourself up a bit. That and flap your arms around every now and then. Like this...
"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take, my sunshine, away!"
Oh, I came up with several more over the next few miles, and when I couldn't think of any more songs with sunshine in them, I decided to sing about fire.
"I fell in, to a burning ring of fire. I went down, down, down... and the flames went higher. And it burns, burns, burns. The ring of fire.. the ring of fire!" This would be a good time to flap.

I stopped singing at one point, because I saw Harley riding in front of me messing around with his zipper on his chaps. It seems the wind broke his zipper and every few miles or so, they would unzip themselves. I noticed that the leather looked like it was flapping around alot, and it was because they wouldn't stay closed. (Brrrrr!) During one of our rest stops to warm up, we tried to rig them so they would stay closed, but to no avail. Again, I got that mischieveous look from him as he reminded me... "I owe him." Did I mentioned earlier that he had wanted to take the truck?

Well, before long, and after I ran out of songs to sing, we made it home. The closer we got, the warmer we became, and we were rewarded with a balmy 56 degrees in Montgomery. We parked the Glides in the garage and made our way into the warmth of our home, a nice hot shower, and the promise of a big bowl of chili for supper. Later that evening, while we were reflecting on our trip and the weekend's events, Harley posed the question to me, "So, what do you think about riding in the cold now?" I thought for a minute and said, "I really think those other gloves I saw at Sports Authority last week would have been perfect, and I'm going to ask for some 'Under Armor' for Christmas and...." I stopped in mid sentence when I noticed my husbands look of dismay. I couldn't help but smile, "What? Was this supposed to be a lesson?" He responded, "Well, I guess I had hoped it would be," pause, "but I think it backfired!"

My husband loves me, and I know he endured this trip just for me. He has ridden long enough to have experienced, and handled all these kinds of elements, and really doesn't feel the need to prove he can. We could have easily taken the truck and have been much more comfortable. For this, I do owe him. This whole experience was a challenge to myself, to see if I had what it takes to be a true biker, whether the weather is fair or not. At least now he knows what to expect from me, when we plan our next trip. To ride... or not to ride? Is that even a question?

(For my HM - I Love You)
Lady R

Monday, November 17, 2008


Brrrrrrrr! We spent the weekend in a cabin on the Tennessee River and it was cold! This pic was taken Sunday morning before we left to come back home. It was a crispy 32 degrees. Post to follow. (If I get thawed out in time!) Happy Monday! Have a nice week!

Lady R

Friday, November 14, 2008


Harley and I are heading out this morning to Chattanooga, TN for a family weekend get together. We'll be staying in a cabin on the Tennessee River, so I hope to bring back some great pics. After I bragged about our great Fall weather here, looks like we'll be riding in 50 to 60 degree temps most of the time, and maybe a little rain. Yuck! I suppose I'll be putting my riding where my mouth, is heh?

Everyone have a great weekend and ride safe!

Lady R

Thursday, November 13, 2008


The Fall season brings cooling temperatures, and beautiful foliage, which is a perfect combination for a great ride. I've been noticing lately, while reading some of my favorite motorcycle blogs, there's a common dread being shared between riders, particularly those living in the North and Midwest. Riding days will be soon over until Spring! Since living in the South, I have become acclimated to the searing summer heat and humidity, so while everyone else is grumbling about putting their scoots up for the season, it's just getting good around here! Saturday brought us beautiful sunshine and blue skies with fall temperatures of about 70 degrees! A perfect day to ride to the country and go leaf peeping.
I reveled in the fresh crisp air on my face and wondered, why does the air seem fresher when it gets colder? Even the occasional road kill doesn't disburse the usual stench during this cooler time of year. Always a plus if you ask me. Instead, the aroma of burning leaves filled my senses and that is by far a better pleasure! I was thinking how nice it was to be riding in full leathers for a change and still be comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold, it was just right. Harley bought me some chaps this summer when we went to the Smokey Mountains, and this was the first time I needed to wear them.

We made a plan to go north on Hwy. 9 toward the Talladega National Forest. Even though we have traveled these familiar highways a thousand times before, I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty we saw. It was like Mother Nature was holding a Grand Ball, and all the trees and bushes came dressed in their finest fall attire! The gauntlet of brilliant red, yellow, orange and gold lay before us as we rode through, on the gray ribbon of asphalt. We were the guests of honor, as the trees lined the road and showered us with their colorful confetti of leaves. The fallen leaves, laying in wait on the road, sprang to life, swirling and twirling around us as we passed by. Riding behind Harley provided me a spectacular show of dancing leaves.
My spirit was feeling wonderful now and I was really enjoying the pleasant respite from our hot weather. It will get cold here as the winter sets in, and you have to be cautious about black ice, but the South will reward you periodically with beautiful days of spiked temperatures that invite you to get out and ride! I'm sorry for those of you that cannot ride year round, as I am very thankful that I can continue to enjoy my therapy sessions with the Road Dr. even during these dismal winter months.
My attention comes back to the fascinating way the leaves play with us as we press our way through their playground of color. My heart and soul are soaring as I take in the spirit lifting experience. If I were to give myself a road name to describe my ride today, I think it would be... Dances With Leaves.

Ride on!

Lady R

Monday, November 10, 2008


This beautiful little swamp is only about 8 miles from our house and it borders a residential neighborhood. We pass by it just about every time we go out for a ride. I've often wondered how many pets may have mysteriously disappeared as a result of walking a little too close to the water. Hmmm. It also reminds me of that old movie "Southern Comfort" when some Louisiana National Guard members got lost and had to survive in the middle of Cajun country!

Have a nice Monday everybody!

Lady R

Sunday, November 9, 2008


The Gremlin Bell
Legend has it that a small bell attached to your motorcycle, close to the ground, catches the Evil Road Spirits. The Little Gremlins live on your motorcycle causing all kinds of mechanical problems. The cavity of the bell attracts these Evil Spirits, but the constant ringing drives them insane and they lose their grip and fall to the ground. (Have you ever wondered where pot holes come from?)

Several weeks ago, I posted a story titled "The Invasion of the Road Gremlins". My tale of woes attracted the sympathy of fellow blogger and rider named Fasthair, who thought a bell of my own was definitely in order. Fasthair blogs from my home state of Iowa and writes about great rides and cool roads with beautiful pictures to show it. You should go and check out his blog sometime, you won't be disappointed. Well, coming to my point, Fasthair graciously presented me with my first bell, via US mail! Thank you T! I most humbly accept the honor you have bestowed upon me.

Making sure to follow the Legend tradition, I attached my new "Biker Chick Gremlin Bell" to the lowest point of my newly rejuvenated sweet old girl. My thoughts were smug, as I figured those nasty little gremlins, out there in waiting, were in for a big surprise. Standing back, looking at my new farkle, my mind was happily dancing with the sound of Inoj (pronounced... I know J) singing her 1998 song, "Ring My Bell". It seemed like the perfect taunt to my evil friends.

I felt like I had the upper hand now. Nothing left to do but ride! And ride we did, through country curves and sun filled highways. Confidence soaring through my inner core, that my ride will not be interrupted today, by the tomfoolery of those mischievous munchkins! I, myself, was enjoying the familiar purring of my sweet old girl moving us smoothly on down the road, while knowing the Gremlins could heard my bell, loud and clear! Taking each new turn with vigorous anticipation and enjoying the freedom of the open road, I pressed my machine on, only to realize I was singing out loud... "You can ring by bell... el... el. Ring my bell!"

Ride on and ride safe!

Lady R

Monday, November 3, 2008


Today my dad turns 70! Even though, this pic was taken during the Thanksgiving Holidays a few years ago, it's a great way to honor him today! My dad had motorcycles as long as I could remember and would take me for rides often when I was a little girl. I was so excited and proud when that day came and I told him I was riding my own. Even though he doesn't ride any more, he still shares our enthusiasm for two wheels, and lives vicariously through his children. I love my dad very much, and to help him celebrate his 70th birthday, I will go visit him and mom during Thanksgiving this year. Woo Hoo! I can hardly wait. Happy Birthday Papa J!

Lady R

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween is the kind of holiday where grown ups can be kids... and kids can be grown ups! I grew up loving Halloween. We could be as wild as we wanted to be with our imaginations for this one night and throw yourself into a world of strangeness! A few of my Panama City friends were here for our annual Pike Road Arts and Crafts Fair, which is always on the first Saturday of November. We were lucky that Halloween fell on Friday this year, and they would be here, so... we decided to vamp it up and go out on the town with altered identities. Woo Hoo!
My friend Red Light Roxanne made a great "Sharon Osborne", while Earth Mother turned naughty as the "Bad Angel". Marvelous Ms. M (taking pic) was "Gypsy Woman" and I had spiders all over me, so I was just a "Creepy ol' Cobweb". LOL!

We had an interesting time passing out candy while we readied ourselves for our own night of spooky terror. We saw several great costumes on some little people, and some of the looks we got from the kids were certainly worth it. Having fun at Halloween is something I always strive to do and will continue to look forward to it. So, fair warning to all you scaredy cats out there. If your found skulking around my place on this hallowed eve, be afraid... be very afraid!

Lady R

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


When I started blogging, I didn't know really what to expect, other than having an outlet for my creative writing and sharing my love for riding motorcycles. Since I've started, I've become familiar via the web, with several other bloggers, whom I would now consider my friends. Well, I got to meet one of my new blogger pals this past weekend when we were at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the NASCAR race.

Allen over at Allen Madding's Musings is also a big race fan, and was going to be at the AMS on Sunday. He and his lovely wife Alison (sorry if I misspelled it, there must be a dozen versions of your name! LOL!) were fortunate enough to land some pit passes. Harley and I are always camping in the infield, so Allen and I figured it would be a good chance to meet each other. After communicating via email and cell phone, we had no problem spotting each other on Sunday for our face to face visit.
It was like we already knew each other, as our conversation just flowed from one thing to the next. You really need to check out his post about Bikers for Babies. He was able to participate in a ride that allowed them to take their motorcycles on the Atlanta Motor Speedway. How cool is that! I could tell, as he told me about this experience in person, what a rush that must have been! The track officials put a pace car out front, and your not to go faster than him. But, as Allen explained, if you let them get waaaaay ahead of you, you'll be able to click around there with a little more speed. I would love to do that some day. Actually, I would like to get my motorcycle on the Talladega Super Speedway! Woo Hoo!

While we were talking, I confessed that I haven't taken one pic yet all weekend. I've posted about our race weekends before, and I just figured it would be too much of a repeat. But, he chastised me for not even getting pictures of the food! I was telling him about our deer shoulder we did on the grill and a couple boston butts. Mmmm, good. Yes, I should have gotten pics of our wonderful smorgasbord of protein! Sorry all!

I really enjoyed my short little visit with the Maddings. Allen and his wife were a pleasure to talk to and I hope to see them again some day. Since we're race fans, and it appears that we both come to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for these race weekends, we probably will.

Lady R

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My 1998 Electra Glide Classic, has a little over 65,000 miles on her, so things are bound to wear out. After the gremlins plucked the life out of her in Panama City a few weeks ago, her immediate injuries were taken care of by a trusted local mechanic, who was really more, than just the nice voice on the telephone. The nice voice explained, that although I still had some timing issues, she's all ready to go. After getting the old girl out of the "hospital" so to speak with all her broken parts replaced with new, I decided she needed a "Rehab and Spa" treatment at the Harley Shop.

You know how it goes when you have a case of the "while you got it here..." syndrome. Well, after the Harley Shop addressed her timing issues and gave her an overall check, she got new front and rear tires, repacked bearings, front brakes, a general service, and time on the dyno machine with a brand new Power Commander! Oh... oh... ohhhh!

It's been almost two weeks since I relinquished my Glide to the "mechanical higher ups", so they could work their magic. I was soooooo ready to get back in the saddle again, that I only called to check on their progress about a half a dozen times during my forced sabbatical from riding. That wasn't too many, was it? It's pretty bad when you have your service department on speed dial! Finally, I got the old girl back around lunch time on Saturday, just in time to take her on a nice long Saturday afternoon reunion ride!

Harley and I took off and headed north toward Sylacauga, figuring we would just wander around in our old familiar territory. I was having fun, experimenting with my throttle, playing with the new brakes and just checking out things in general. My brakes felt tighter, my throttle response was quicker, and it felt over all smoother and faster. This bike already had a Stage one kit, and a Two-in-one Vance and Hines exhaust, so choosing the Mackie 500 cams and adding the Power Commander, just makes this bike sound and run like a dream!

I was happy that I could enjoy my newly adjusted sports seat too! We've had it as long as we've had the motorcycle, but it bowed my legs out so, that it put me on my tip toes. I wasn't comfortable with that, so I never used it. Well, I found an upholsterer who peeled back the leather, shaved down the foam on the side areas to reduce bulk and placed a softer foam there instead. He then just reattached the leather back to the seat frame. This alone gave me about two more inches, which was all I needed. The first few times I had to place my feet, I was securely down. Woo Hoo! No more bubble butt! Now my sexy girl has a newly trimmed rear end!

I've talked about enjoyable rides before, and shared pretty pictures of places we've been. But nothing gives a rider more enjoyment to being one with the road, than being one with your machine. Winding through the country roads enjoying my old girl's new spunkiness and hearing the purr of her newly rejuvenated soul, was music to my ears. I hate that we had to go through the gremlin woes, but now we're reunited... and it feels so good!

Lady R