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Monday, October 3, 2011


Autumn is my favorite time to ride. The air feels cooler and the leaves start falling, coloring the ground with red and yellow confetti. Laying calm and still along the highway, they swirl to life when a gusty breeze from passing travelers pick them up, allowing them to flutter around before floating to a new resting spot.

While following Harley on the Glide, I could watch the leaves twirl into a frenzy around him as he passed by. I used to laugh and tell him it looked like he was dancing with leaves!

Come on... follow me down this little country road and enjoy the Fall!


There... wasn't that nice?

Have a great week everybody!

Lady R


Unknown said...


I love riding in the fall, as well. Fall in Minnesota always brought on feelings of unrest - returning to school and the long, slow trudge through winter.

In Virginia it was a cool respite from the cruel days of summer - and a beautiful time to ride. You're on to something I think most motorcyclists understand.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Webster World said...

Over 100 geese in my west field this morning. A sure sign it's here. Headed to Bamaland for sure.

Unknown said...

Lady R:

I wished we had roads like those in your photos. they look so enticing . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Willy D said...

One would almost expect to run into Hansel and Gretel somewhere along that road.

JMGant said...

Beautiful pictures of an awesome road! Those type of roads during any season are incredible, but especially during the fall. Just keep an eye out for wet leaves!


Canajun said...

Autumn confetti - what a great term for the flying leaves this time of year. Nice pictures.

mq01 said...

ahhhh...thank you may i have another :) hey, wheres the jeep pic? ;)


I'm just following you, my friend! ;-)... really nice pics.

Un saludo.

Lady R (Di) said...

Brady... While growing up in Iowa... Fall meant the coming of snow. Which I still love! But, I've felt very fortunate to be able to ride all year long because we don't get the white stuff down here in Alabama. Riding through the crisp cool air is great for clearing out the cobwebs in your mind.

Webster... let me know when your coming through. Be careful! Quack!!
(or should that be a... Honk!)

Bobskoot... You make me appreciate where I live even more because... we have roads like this everywhere! You just have to ride around to see them.

Lady R (Di) said...

Willy D... didn't see any children, but we did see some turkeys and a fox! Maybe we should have dropped some crumbs along the way.

Jared... Wet leaves... oh no! Been there, done that... only takes once!!

Canajun... It was really cool to watch the leaves swirl up around Harley, like a twister of leaves. Sometimes, a few would take more time to float down and I would come along and provide them another windy boost. It felt like riding through confetti... like a parade!! lol!

Lady R (Di) said...

mq01... last pic... just a peek of the roll bar. Sorry... I felt like this road needed to be presented alone... in all her beauty. ;)

Freebird... Glad you followed along. It's more fun to ride with friends. :D

Unknown said...

Lady R,

I love the snow, too, but there was just too damned much of it in MN. It was just too thick and too long... and now I live in Germany! What am I thinking?

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Lady R:

I am amazerd at how gree the trees stil are, and yet there are scads of dry leaves on the pavement. I would have expected to see a bit more color on the branches for that amount of confetti on the ground.

I mailed yor package on Saturday, and I will be very much surprised if you do not have it tomorrow.

Fondest regards,

Lady R (Di) said...

Brady... It's only a year. Take advantage and enjoy the culture for the next several months. It's an experience many people dream of and you can collect wonderful memories in the process.

Then you can move back to the states... where all your "shit" is. lol!

Lady R (Di) said...

Dear Mr. Riepe,

Very observant. Truth is, the leaves started falling very early (for the south!) because of our lack of rain. As much as I would like to think that some of these orange and red jewels were engaged in the Autumn tradition of "fall"... piles of shriveled up dry leaves that fell before their time, was all I got.

Either way... they made great playmates as we wooshed our Glides through their peaceful piles, causing a frenzy of activity for us to enjoy.

On another note... Your package arrived yesterday as you predicted. After reading the dedication, I realize I'm going to be for a delightful treat. Hubby laughed as well, and we both are looking forward to the read. Thank you very much!

BTW... Perhaps I should wear my helmet. You don't think I could get hurt when I throw myself to the floor in a fit of laughter, do you??

Your PC non-compliant friend,
Lady R

Kathleen Jennette said...

Thanks for the fix. I expected more fall colors out of Yosemite, but not yet. Snowed the day we came back though. Missed the colors, so thanks for these! Ditto... Fall is my favorite too!

Lady R (Di) said...

Saw the snow pic. Good thing you were gone by then. Mt. Cheaha is a great place for leaf peeping around here. We may take the Jeep up in a weekend or so.

Glad you ladies had a great ride!