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Monday, May 26, 2008


I hope I haven't over loaded any of you too much with my red, white and blue rhetoric. I just can't help my self sometimes, and I realize that I get carried away. It's Monday morning and I just thought I would reflect on my weekend a little. I hope all of you had a good and safe Holiday as well.

Harley and I had a very lazy Memorial Day Weekend this year. Truth be told, H. is probably glad I didn't try do drag him downtown for the big Jubilee CityFest, we have every Memorial Day Weekend. It's fun and all, but it's best if you wait and go down at night and listen to the bands at the amphitheater. We rode the motorcycles Saturday, pretty much all day. I laughed to myself as we headed out thinking, Harley and I will be our own parade! We took off and headed north and played around in Talladega County most of the day. One of my favorite roads we take when we head in this direction, has a big wide bridge that crosses over a small river. We usually stop here for moment just to look at the water and stretch our legs. If you look close, you can see a small row boat with two people fishing. It was so peaceful and quiet here, that I almost hated to start my motorcycle and break the tranquility of the moment. But I did!

Sunday did not bring us anything more than catching up on honey-do's and playing in the pool all day. We'd do a little something, then jump in the pool. Do a little something more and jump in the pool again. I don't mind doing a little yard work, as long as I can take a quick dip to cool off. I cooked us up some Ribs, corn and cucumber salad, and we watched a little bit of the Indy Race before settling down to watch the Coca Cola 600 later that night. Told ya. Very Lazy!

So, this brings us to today. Our Memorial Day Holiday. I'm sitting here reflecting how glad I am that I have one more day to play, before our work week starts. Today is going to be another beautiful day so, Harley and I will probably continue on our mission of laziness, and ride the Glides again to a destination yet to be determined. We'll come home, take a cool down dip in the pool and eat leftovers. Sounds good to me!

Memorial Day is a day for remembrance and thanks. The sacrifices that have been made, so I can enjoy riding my motorcycle in this free country we call home, will not go unappreciated. To all of our Military Armed Forces, Veterans, and families of POW's and MIA's. This day is for you.


Ronman said...

Sounds as if you've got it made pretty lady. I'm glad you and H are having such a wonderful weekend. I know what you mean about not wanting to crank the bike. I think that's one of the main reasons I put my stock mufflers back on Doll Baby. I don't want to disturb the folks out in the places I ride any more than I have to as I ride on through.


"Joker" said...

Wow. I see what you meant about putting up enough coverage for both of us! Well, thank you ma'am, I appreciate you covering for me in my absense!

You put up some great posts here and did the weekend proud.

FLHX_Dave said...

Never too much Red, White and Blue. Too many people are embarrassed to appear patriotic...Just as in life, a few paid the price for many. A few crazed flag wavers make up for the masses that don't.

I was getting excited about the "do a little something, then jump in the pool" until I realized your little something was yard work. lol

Glad you had a good weekend. Thanks for the posts and I dig that pict of you on your glide.

Lady R (Di) said...

Ronman...I do have it made, don't I. I guess the next time I start complaining about something, ya'll just give me a little rap on the head. I'll come around.

Joker...I started to wonder if something happened to you. Your blog was so quiet this weekend. I'm glad you were just out having fun. No apologies needed for that, my friend.

Dave...Thanks for your support. I just can't help myself sometimes. Sorry about the "little something" being yard work, but you don't really think I would kiss and tell, do you? Hmmmmmm? And thanks again for the compliment. A lady never get tired of hearing them.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anything more appropriate for Memorial Day weekend (particularly here in Delaware) than this song by a local guy about what happens all too frequently these days at Dove Air Force Base http://www.river929.com/pages/morningshow.html?feed=107171&article=3150152&_show Give it a listen, it'll bring a tear to your eye

-Connie said...

Glad you had a good long weekend! Love the picture of that river! And I agree with Dave, you can never have enough red, white, and blue!

Anonymous said...