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Monday, May 5, 2008


When I looked up the word "BAD" in the dictionary, this adjective is described as, "evil, wicked, defective, inadequate, decayed, rotten, unwelcome, distressed, ect..." It actually, says many things about this word, but in the interest of keeping us all on the same page, I decided to make it easy. Two songs come to my mind when I think about the contents of this part of my series. That would be Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun!", and George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone". Sort of like this guy standing here. He kind of looks "BAD TO THE BONE!"

I like to hear people talk about something they've seen that was very cool, and they refer to it as "BAD". I came across this very thing while we were watching the Burnout competition at the track. I overheard a couple guys talking and one of them said, "Watch this next dude, he does a "BAAAAAD Burnout!" Well, here again, I think to myself, bad must mean good. So I watched this biker do a BAAAAAD Burnout. Now, let me back up a minute and tell you this first. We just watched another dude do his burnout, which lasted about twenty or so seconds, and saw lots of smoke. Cool, right? Well, he got booed. So, here comes this other guy. I watched as he filled the surrounding air, thick with blueish tire smoke, part of what makes the burnout so cool. The revving motor was loud and the spinning tire was screaming in harmony. All of a sudden I heard a loud BOOM! Everyone started cheering wildly! He blew the tire! So that's what makes a "BAAAAAD Burnout, is to see how long you can go before you blow your rubber?! LOL! With boys like this around, maybe I'll think about getting some stock in Firestone!

I had the opportunity to meet a true "BAD ASS" biker. I saw this handsome little guy zipping around on his little chopper, and I must say, he handled himself very well. I hate that he wasn't wearing a helmet though, but if you looked around, practically no one was. I shouted out to him and I asked him if I could take his picture. He whipped that thing around and was all smiles. While we were talking, I told him how cute he was and how tough he looked riding his chopper. The folks he was with were standing right by us, and I could here them chuckling at how prideful he got all of a sudden while I was talking to him. I had to hid my own amusement at the humorous picture he made. It may not be real visible to you, but he had a biggest purple Kool-aid smile I'd ever seen! Man after my own heart! I hope he had fun, and didn't get too much premature education while there! He may have been a cutie, but I don't think this was the kind of an event for youngsters.

I know many of us think Naughty is Nice so, in that context, we could conclude that "BAD is Good". Sometimes, the naughty comes out in people when they come to a Rally. Unfortunately, not all naughty girls look this nice! LOL!

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, the place takes on a different persona, so to speak. The music cranks up, the spirits flow freely, and the neighborhood comes to life. All through out the campsite are several tryout spots for employment opportunities at some fine upscale dance studios. (wink!) You would be surprised how many nice young ladies have a real zest for a dancing lifestyle, or else it was a "BAD" case of beer bravery!

To be continued...

Stay tuned for the third and final post of the Bike Fest series, "THE UGLY". I am keeping my ass home for awhile, so I might be able to get caught up on the posts I've started. Below is another slide show of what I thought were more "BAD" pics. Lady R


"Joker" said...

Looks like an awesome time Di! That kid on the chopper was too cool. I'd love to know where he got that thing - I've never seen anything like it.

As much as I liked that, my fave was the last pic. In this shaky economy, we need to be careful what we do with our money don't you know!

Ann said...

Great post, as usual, LadyR.

They just auctioned off a chopper just like that kids' at an event we were at recently...very cool! Love the Kool-aid smile!

-Connie said...

Great post LadyR!! That kid is too cute! I'm looking forward to the "The Ugly" post!

FLHX_Dave said...

Your making me anxious. I would say you had a good time. Work hard and play hard! Thanks for the picts and the story. You made my day! Looking forward to the rest of it. I'm jones'n to get stupid!...oh...wait, nevermind, thats a daily deal with me.

Anonymous said...

lady r.... anytime a guy blows his rubber is a bad bad not a good bad!on that note were you dancing beer bravely??? you kinda side stepped that one

Lady R (Di) said...

Joker... it was an awesome time! There was always something going on somewhere. But, it's all in fun.

Ann...hope you win! His smile was priceless. It's good to know I can still woo the boys. LOL!

Thanks Connie... stay tuned.

Dave...LOL! Your getting to be about as funny as Joker! I do like to balance my play time with work time. One just sucks and the other just doesn't!

Ultra 242...I'm proud to say I passed up the "Beer Bravery" test. I'd be lying though, if I said I didn't look at any opportunities! LOL! I think it's up to the younger generation now, to carry on the torch of foolishness!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed the ride. I'm getting a little scared of what may come out in "The Ugly" segment though. I've been to parties like this and I know what "ugly" can look like. Whew!