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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Everyone knows what the Kentucky Derby is, right? Just the most exciting two minutes in sports! I know this is supposed to be a motorcycle blog, but today, it's about the anticipation of winning and losing, and a funny little group of women who formed a sisterhood of tradition involving this grand event.

Horse lovers every where will be glued to the TV for this most important race, hoping to see their favorite horse and jockey come in first place, while we girls, will be trying our darnedest to win our own, coveted prize of notoriety. You've never seen a more competitive group of sweet charming ladies, than this bunch. Hence, the nickname, the "Derby Challenge"! The nice thing about the Kentucky Derby, is that it always falls on the same weekend that Panama City holds the Spring Thunder Beach Rally. The first Saturday in May. Woo Hoo! I'm always there!

The rules for this ladies only "Club" for the lack of a better word, are posted on a board, that follows the party every year along with other boards bursting with pictures of past Derby parties. The hostess of the year can change or add any part of the rules, with the exception of a few. We all chip in together and we hire a Butler (usually a handsome one) to spoil us and take care of all our beverage needs for the afternoon. This year we had Thomas and he did an outstanding job. Husbands, Brothers, and teenage sons are lined up ahead of time to be ready for Cab duty. This is one of those annual, without fail, probably gonna get drunk kinda of parties... so my friends and I, and every one else plays it smart and prepares for such matters.

To be included in this Ladies Annual Kentucky Derby Party, you have to be invited in. I was fortunate enough to have been invited in by my good friend, Earth Mother. She would always say, that girlfriends are a very important part of life. She is a great person, and I enjoy being around her. I'm just glad that, because of her, I get to come to this party every year. These girls are a fun bunch to share an afternoon with!

Once invited in, your party attire can be whatever you want it to be but, it MUST include a hat AND gloves. Also, you are responsible for knowing where and when the parties will take place without the help of an invitation.

The party guest that wins the "Best Hat" prize, will be the hostess for the next years Party. This year, Red Light Roxanne was the winner for having the "Best Hat". She really went all out, in dressing true to her name, and was just a delightful character. Her winning the "Best Hat" prize, means next year, about three hours before the race starts, twenty or so women will show up at her house, dressed in Derby attire, ready to party and, you guessed it, watch the most exciting two minutes in sports! Woo Hoo!

A prize is given to the guest who comes best dressed with the "Overall Kentucky Derby Look". This prize has been won on a regular basis by Crazy Chick and I challenged her to step up her game. I told her I'm coming after the "Best Overall" prize this year! She playfully accepted that challenge and gave me a fair warning in return. Well, I didn't win and yes, you guessed it, Crazy Chic took the "Best Overall" trophy once again! The queen continues to reign "Overall"!

We also fill our time with contests of "Best Shoes" and "Best Gloves" too. What better pastime for a bunch of ladies than comparing shoes and accessories! A lot of fun is had, by looking around at everyone's well put together outfits, and voting on who we think should be chosen to win the playfully sought after prizes.

There's always a betting pool, and everyone gets a chance to draw for horses. It makes the race even more fun for some lucky someone. Whoever draws the winning horse, goes home with $100.00. Miss P, the Lady in Black was our lucky winner that day, when she drew Big Brown. Good for her! Way to go P! Also, I want to express much thanks to Lil' Mama (far left in white dress) for having us all at her place this year. It's hard work getting a party ready for a bunch of wild booze drinking women, who like to play dress up once a year! She was an exceptional hostess and we all had a wonderful time. Thanks B!


We may have started out like sweet, genteel ladies, but somehow evolve into wild party girls! Some of these women, I'll see often and some I will not see again until next time. I look forward to this event every year. The bonds of sisterhood will not be broken and the "Derby Challenge" will live on forever. Lady R


Dean "D-Day" said...

I go to a similar party for the Kentucky Derby. Getting into the derby spirit is a blast!

B.B. said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Unknown said...

Now those are my kind of women! :)

"Joker" said...

Now that is just the coolest thing - good for you - all of you! You know from my posts that I'm a throwback to the older, more romantic type stuff. Ladies dressed in their best, hats, gloves, high-heels, cleavage, cigarette holders.

Damn girl, I volunteer to be your butler anytime. I'll cook, serve your drinks, light your smokes, rub your feet, anything you want. Just fly my ass down there!

I'm going back to the gym tomorrow!

Lady R (Di) said...

Dean...Having a good excuse to throw a party is okay by me. LOL!

B.B...This is one of the funnest parties I go to all year. It's like Derby wrapped up with a little Halloween and bachelorette mixed in.

Rick...Southern Ladies at their finest! ;)

Joker...I could see you being our Butler! You would be perfect. I think you would enjoy yourself as much as we do. It would be the toughest four hours you ever worked! LOL!

Ronman said...

Miss LadyR,

You ladies are simply adorable. I think this is the best post you've ever done ma'am. Personally I can't wait until next year to see who wins what. In fact I'll be willing to send or bring you a bottle of Gentleman Jack especially for this event ma'am. As for my friend the Joker, well if he can get to Tennessee I'll bring him the rest of the way to LA (that's lower Alabama for those of you who don't know). Bravo Ladyr bravo. What a beautiful group of ladies.


Lady R (Di) said...

Thanks Ronman. I look forward to this every year. We always have a blast! That Tennessee Whiskey would definitely get passed around, with this group! LOL!

FLHX_Dave said...

Now that was fun! Wow, thanks for the post. It's nice to see you ladies having such a great time all gussied up. I can imagine what went on. I have found that a group of women having a good time can put to shame anything a bunch of guys can come up with to have a good time.

Thanks, I'm with Joker. Maybe next year!

Lady R (Di) said...

Dave...I learned a long time ago, that a bunch of women together will show out their party side a whole lot easier when the men aren't around. Woo Hoo! Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun! Where I come from, its all about the "Run for the Black-Eyed-Susans". Somehow I feel like a bad Bal'moron for having never been to the Preakness infield party :-(

TS said...

You guys look like some of our family photos from way back. Your slide show rocks!