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Thursday, November 13, 2008


The Fall season brings cooling temperatures, and beautiful foliage, which is a perfect combination for a great ride. I've been noticing lately, while reading some of my favorite motorcycle blogs, there's a common dread being shared between riders, particularly those living in the North and Midwest. Riding days will be soon over until Spring! Since living in the South, I have become acclimated to the searing summer heat and humidity, so while everyone else is grumbling about putting their scoots up for the season, it's just getting good around here! Saturday brought us beautiful sunshine and blue skies with fall temperatures of about 70 degrees! A perfect day to ride to the country and go leaf peeping.
I reveled in the fresh crisp air on my face and wondered, why does the air seem fresher when it gets colder? Even the occasional road kill doesn't disburse the usual stench during this cooler time of year. Always a plus if you ask me. Instead, the aroma of burning leaves filled my senses and that is by far a better pleasure! I was thinking how nice it was to be riding in full leathers for a change and still be comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold, it was just right. Harley bought me some chaps this summer when we went to the Smokey Mountains, and this was the first time I needed to wear them.

We made a plan to go north on Hwy. 9 toward the Talladega National Forest. Even though we have traveled these familiar highways a thousand times before, I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty we saw. It was like Mother Nature was holding a Grand Ball, and all the trees and bushes came dressed in their finest fall attire! The gauntlet of brilliant red, yellow, orange and gold lay before us as we rode through, on the gray ribbon of asphalt. We were the guests of honor, as the trees lined the road and showered us with their colorful confetti of leaves. The fallen leaves, laying in wait on the road, sprang to life, swirling and twirling around us as we passed by. Riding behind Harley provided me a spectacular show of dancing leaves.
My spirit was feeling wonderful now and I was really enjoying the pleasant respite from our hot weather. It will get cold here as the winter sets in, and you have to be cautious about black ice, but the South will reward you periodically with beautiful days of spiked temperatures that invite you to get out and ride! I'm sorry for those of you that cannot ride year round, as I am very thankful that I can continue to enjoy my therapy sessions with the Road Dr. even during these dismal winter months.
My attention comes back to the fascinating way the leaves play with us as we press our way through their playground of color. My heart and soul are soaring as I take in the spirit lifting experience. If I were to give myself a road name to describe my ride today, I think it would be... Dances With Leaves.

Ride on!

Lady R


Ann said...

Your post gave me goosebumps! Dances with Leaves, indeed! Great post and great pics!

Glad you got some chaps! I love mine, and can't understand how I survived the winters without them.

Ride safe!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story and I love the descriptions. I can smell the burning leaves and it reminds me of my youth in Iowa during the fall. Unfortunately, here in FL, there is not much leaf changing going on. But the memories were cool.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Nice post and the pics were a plus. Enjoy the beautiful weather. I'm jealous as hell but happy for you. :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

As pretty as the scenery is, you have equally described the moment for us. You have such a way with words. It's like poetry.

Big Daddy said...

A song of the road:]

B.B. said...

I love the smell of burning leaves! Sounds like a beautiful day! Thanks for the pictures, we don't get many colors around here...usually green, then brown, then gone. :)

FLHX_Dave said...

Beautiful picts. I love that sweet leaf smell in fall and that crisp air. I was seeing a sea of auburn leaves parting and fluttering in the wake of your two wheeled asphalt ship as you cruised the blacktop. Isn't amazing how something so simple is so satisfying to the soul. Thanks for the moment soul sister.

"Joker" said...

Awesome...you sounded like a New Englander there! The reason for the crispness in the air is lower humidity. Up here, it's lip-chapping dry now. But, when you get those good days that are now getting fewer and farther between, it makes for the best riding of the year. That, and I love seeing Wendy in her chaps!

Allen Madding said...

Love the pics! My kind of riding. Ya know, you can actually wear those chaps year round :)


Lady R (Di) said...

ann... I would put long johns on under my jeans. Chaps are less bulky and easier to take off if you need to. They really cut the wind and cold. I love 'em.

bucky... I think of home too, when I smell the leaves. I remember when Papa J would burn leaves. Ditto on the cool memories!

dean... I wish I could share the warmth. Hopefully, my posts can bring a little joy till Spring.

mr. m... It's easy when you sit back, close your eyes and relive the moment you had. I'll do this, then put fingers to key board and... Viola!

big d... Thanks! Motorcycles and pretty days make great music together. I love it when a song comes together.

b.b... I miss the seasons we had in the Midwest. Here, we only have about 3 or 4 weeks of fall weather before it gets cold. But, as I said, we can have 60 and 70 degree day spikes, out of the blue, interrupting the normal temps of 40 to 45. Just hopefully, it lands on a weekend!

dave... the soul was sooo revitalized on this little ride. I think the crispness of the air was a refreshing change. and the colors are just beautiful right now. I never thought of myself as very complicated, so simple things can make me very happy. Just give me a pretty day, some open road and time to revel in it. Ahhhhh!

Joker... New Englander heh? I'll have to drop my ah's (r's for the rest of us) better. LOL! All this color does make me really wish I could make that ride up through the North Eastern States. I hope to do it one day.

allen... Thanks for the reminder friend. :]

Anonymous said...

Thank God I live in AZ where we can ride all year long!!

Truly - my sympathy for those who have to shelter up for the winter!

Incredible pics and nice write up.

I would love to ride through that part of the country sometime!!


Unknown said...

Yes autumn certainly is some of the best riding indeed. I live in the midwest and don't understand why most put there bikes away. With the proper gear riding it is possible to ride all year.

Lady R (Di) said...

bam... I think we share the same relief. I get pretty antsy for the road after only a couple weeks. If I couldn't ride all winter, I'd probably start bitching a lot! I hate to bring that side of me out! It's a good thing I live here. LOL!

Rick... That's what I say. If you can ride a snowmobile, why can't you wear snow gear to ride your motorcycle. Rain and snow with cold temps may not be a time to ride, but dry pavement? Bundle me up and let's go.