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Monday, December 1, 2008


My parents enjoy the most beautiful sunrises in Montana, I just had to share. This was taken from their patio.
This one was taken while we were up on the Rims. What looks like fire on the horizon, is the sun coming up. Enjoy! And have a nice Monday!

Lady R


Dean "D-Day" said...

Beautiful! Thanks.

Peek a Boo said...

Amazing pictures....there is nothing more beautiful to look at than an amazing sunrise and sunset!!! Of course being at the beach or in the mountains ALWAYS make it much nicer. :-)

I hope ya'll had a wonderful thanksgiving.

Looking forward to the new year and with all the upcoming bike rally's. We're thinking of trying out Milledgeville, Georgia in April...something different and they only allow 21 yrs. old and up. NO KIDS!!!! Thank God, cuz you know how I love to leave my inhibitions at the front gate. (hehe)

B.B. said...

Beautiful pics!

fasthair said...

Montana is a beautiful state. I’ve rode in it twice. First trip was to Yellowstone on the way to Glacier National Park. The second time was on the way back from the west coast on my highway 1/101 trip. I remember riding to Glacier on the first trip thinking, man this is “big sky country.” I mean it is really that very vast. A couple of time I thought to myself, what in the hell will I do if I have bike troubles out here? The people and places are few and far between in the state. I’ll have to write and post photos about it some day.


Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous!

FLHX_Dave said...

Montana! I heard the roads are awesome. Never been to that state.

Tell mom and pops I'll be showing up soon. Better warn them ahead of time.

Ann said...

That really is Big Sky country, isn't it? Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing.

Lady R (Di) said...

dean... your welcome! :)

peek a boo... I agree! the beach or the mountains, I'll take either one on any day! We had a nice Thanksgiving too, I hope you likewise. The rally sounds interesting, I'll pass on the info to Harley. We miss you too. Hope to see you soon!

b.b... these can't even begin to show how pretty this really was!

fasthair... I have been to Montana and Wyoming many times, just not on a bike. I would love to ride The Glacier National Park! One of my goals!

mrs. rc... ditto!

dave... you would not be disappointed. I saw several bikes on the road while I was there. Pappa J says if it gets anywhere around 45 degrees or better, they're out. If you ever get to Montana, we'll let them know. They would get a kick out of you.

ann... You can see for miles out there. The sky really does go on forever!

Anonymous said...

I AM JEALOUS!!! I bet there was a chill in the air, and you could smell the sage, the air was refreshing, the sky was awesome. The geese should be flying this time of year, the hint of winter nipping at your nose, the easy living lifestyle, the roar of a jet engine from the airport on top the rims...
I could go on for hours. I sure do miss living in Montana/ Wyoming. 15of the best years of my life.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Very pretty. I love me a good susnset picture!

IHG said...

Simply Beautiful!

Lady R (Di) said...

Bucky... It sounds like you were there with me! I have a couple shots with a passenger jet coming in for a landing. All you see is a bright light, too early for Rudolph, so I figured it was a plane. LOL! Wish you could have been there too. Can't wait till June. Then we will ALL be together. LOOK OUT! Trouble on the horizon!

Mr.M... it's like my friend Peek a boo said, sunrises and sunsets, on the beach or in the mountains, just can't be beat!

IHG... Thanks! I really enjoyed the beauty while I was there.

Darlin' said...

Glad to hear you had a great trip and good Turkey day.

Already making plans for next year's rallys something to look forward to after the stress of the holidays.

See ya soon!!!

irondad said...

Your post says to have a nice Monday. I didn't see it until today. Now I'm having a nice Wednesday!

Did some catching up on your posts. Really liked the story about your parents. Thanks for sharing. When you make new friends you enjoy finding out more about their background and what makes them what they are.

Mastercheif said...

Great pic's. Thanks for sharing

Lady R (Di) said...

darlin... hope your Turkey day was good also. Heard you had another Bday! Congrats! Wish we could have helped you celebrate! Looking forward to rally time! See ya soon! BTW... love the pic of you and Detail! :)

irondad... thanks! It's nice to have a good day every day! Glad you liked my story. My folks are pretty good people!

masterchief... your welcome!

Anonymous said...