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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Emerald Coast Bike Fest 2009 - All weekend long, during the rally, the drag strip stays busy with qualifying runs, eliminations, and stunt riders, all before the actual races on Sunday. We would ride the golf carts from the camp site to the track several times during the weekend to enjoy a little "high speed" entertainment. I love watching drag races. My problem is... I want to be on one of those bikes! Woo Hoo! (I snatched this photo from the Emerald Coast Bike Fest website. Pretty cool, heh?)

We were were watching some amazing tricks performed by the stunt riders, when these two caught my attention in particular.
While I was watching them, the announcer was telling us, that even though this young married couple just had their first baby about six months ago, they're at the track often, practicing their tricks. Congratulations! How cool is that? I imagine as soon as that little one is ready to roll, he or she will be at the track with Mom and Dad, learning the family skills.
I'm guessing they are getting ready for another stunt, but I swear the caption on this pic needs to be, "Will you get your head outta my ass and let me ride!" LOL!
I tried to get a close up, but if you look down the track, you can see that she's facing backwards in front of him while he controls the bike. Hmmm. He's probably thinking, " uh, honey... while your there..." LOL! They were really fun to watch.

I put together a little slide show, wrapping up my rally experience that's sure to satisfy the peeps with lots of motorcycle candy. Most of you know I'm a die hard rocker, but something about this catchy country song just struck my fancy. Besides, I tacked on a little treat for myself at the end... saving the best for last.

Woo Hoo! That was fun all over again! What a weekend! I know several of you are making plans to attend Sturgis this year. I just want to say... RIDE ON! Go and have lots of fun and get your fill. Then get your butt's (safely) back home and blog, blog, blog. Those of us who can't go will be waiting anxiously like chicks in a nest... come back with food!

Lady R


Dean "D-Day" said...

What an awesome bunch of pics! Looks like a great time and in your words, "Woo Hoo!"

Webster World said...

That sounds about right.

B.B. said...

Awesome! That's all I can say!

Baron's Life said...

You should try to sell some of these awesome pictures to a bike Magazine...Excellent story telling..very enjoyable

mq01 said...

wish i was there, what a blast!!!

Lady R (Di) said...

Dean... LOL! We did have a nice weekend. Wish you could've been there.
We are all talking about trying a different rally out next year. I think everyone's ready for a change up. I told them it matters not to me. I'll still ride to get there and have the same great people to party with. Where we go is just a small detail.

Webster... I'm still waiting to hear some stories from the "Webster Files". Come on... I'm sure you've got some candy to share with us. LOL! ;]

B.B... Ditto sista! :)

Baron... Thanks! I love taking pics and sometimes get an eye roll or two when I say, "Hold on! Let me get this shot." But hey, for every 10 pics I take, maybe 4 or 5 are worthy of sharing.
Thanks for the encouragement. I hope to share some good news one day.

mq01... you and Bob should come south sometime. We'd show ya some fun!

Darlin' said...

Great wrap up as usual. And I guess I must have been trying to re-pin some of those handgrenades 'cuz I don't think I saw any of that at the track. Thanks for sharing :-)it was as if I wasn't there :) Been whoring Details out this week, laid off for a cpl weeks, hate you aren't closer cld get a good deal on a detail. Got some of the crew lined up for today and Big Ed next week for a bar change. Gonna get a good ride in Sunday to St George Island think it'll be a big crew I'll try to get some photos to share with you, shld be a kaleidascope (? sp) of folks and bikes. Like I said, it's not what you ride it's if you ride, 'cuz we are the lucky few.

FLHX_Dave said...

God bless you LadyR. I'm saved! You had it all. Bikes, booze and boobs. I'm think I'm about to cry right now. Screw this state...I'm gonna burn this mutha F'in state to the ground. CA is so full of shitheads now you can't do nothing. I gave up rallies because they all suck monkey butt. The only reason I go now is to see some bikes and be around bikes, but even then, there usually aint shit there. No nothing. ARRRGGGGGG! Can't we just have fun without some asshole telling us what the hell to do? All I wanna do is have a good time without some jackass in my face or some LEO itching for a chance to pummel me or laughing too loud in public. I'm moving out there. I don't even know what a freak'in party is lately. I have forgotten. Sitting around listening to turds talk about retirement and property values and investments...even the bikers are doing it...wtf people? I don't wanna buy shit! It's all that shit is really pissing me off. I don't give a shit! I don't give a shit about hearing you impress me with all your worthless shit! I simply don't give a crap about that stuff! ARRRRRRGGGGGG....I'm spent.

Whew!....now I got that all out.

My faith has been restored. Bless you my child..sniff, bless you. My heart is full of love and faith once again.

Except for that new Victory I saw in there...what's up with that, not my cup of joe.

mq01 said...

ladyR, hmmm, im sure you would, i may take you up on that sometime. hey, btw, got any lumberjacks out there?!? >;-)

dave, wtf, bro, you gotta relax and put the lighter fluid down man...LOL (sorry couldnt resist...)... redwood? no? not Saddam and Gomorrah enough? im praying for dave to get a blazing party soon!!!... ;)

Lady R (Di) said...

Darlin'... Hi gurl! I wish I could get my Glide down to Details... this would be a perfect couple weeks to be without. We leave for Iowa Wed... come home the next Wed. No bikes. :( Not enough time and too many family commitments with the party and all. Would have been a nice loooong ride though. I'm pretty disappointed we're not bikin' it.

You didn't see all that fun at the track? You probably WERE messin' with those grenades! I got most of the cool pics of the stunt riders when Big Ed and Harley took off in the cart and left me! LOL! After a bit I started walking back, and here they come... "we were coming right back!" LOL! That was their story and they're stickin' to it.( we did have fun that weekend! Shew!)

Your Sunday ride to St. George sounds great! Write me an email about it and I put you up as a guest post. Especially with some good pics to share! ;)

Me and Harley are going to ride today (Saturday) cause it's just too pretty not to, but then I'll have to start packing (ugh).

See ya later, Be schweet!

Dave... I hate you live in the land of "fruits and nuts". Your state seems whacked, and I feel sorry for you regular folks. But come on dude... any time you want to come to the south, you let me know!
I think for now though... you better slide your ass right on down and over to AZ and take care of this condition your suffering from.
YOU NEED TO PARTY DOWN!!!! Tie on a good one! Lock yourself in and hold on for the ride! Woo Hoo! I think our pals Big D and Ann can help you with this.
I am seriously looking forward to hearing about this adventure, so I hope you can pull it off.

As far as the Victory in the Bike Show? In your words... pffft! The dude actually pulled his bike out and left in a pissy huff when he realized the judges didn't pick his bike to win. (My friend, Details, won that class). Hey, anybody can go plop down some money and take a factory made bike home. There was NOTHING else done to that bike. Pfffft. So why should he win? You can see the hard work and unique touches on those other bikes, which to me (and obviously the judges) earns you the prize for "customizing" your ride.

I'm glad I could bring you something good, (I didn't mean to bring you to tears though). Now go... ride... party... and rejuvenate your soul! That's an order!

mqo1... nope, no lumber jacks around here. We got some nice looking Bubbas though, if you don't care about how smart they are. LOL!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Dave & Ms. M -
I was gonna suggest Redwood. Dave, you need to get out and sniff around a little more.

mq01 said...

no lumberjacks :( but bubbas :) LOL!

d-day, redwood, have you been?

Ann said...

Sorry I'm late to the party. Looks like you had a kick ass time! Great pics, and great songs...both of them!

To Dave: You'll get your fill when you guys all come out next month! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady R (Di) said...

Dean... we may have to ride out to Cali and save Dave. The wackos have gotten to him! LOL!

mq01... yepper... the Bubbas will help you get in touch with your inner "redneck". You'll be dreamin' of big trucks and goofy hair dos before you know it.

Ann... we did have a kick ass time, and I hope you and Big D can have one with the three from Cali. I really hope they can go... I'm looking forward to reading Dave's rendition of this adventure. Woo Hoo!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Ms. M - Never been to Redwood. I've heard the stories and seen the pictures though. Looks like my kinda bash.

Dave - Hang on brother! Lady R and I are coming to save you!!

WooleyBugger said...

That is some amazing riding there. Don't think I'd want to try it but it'd be fun to watch.
I did not know you were in Alabama, I use to spend my summers there and my Grandmothers house on Shades Mountain and the family farm down in Alabaster when I was a kid. Good times down that-a-way for sure.
Thanks for the comment over my way, it's sure appreciated.

Lady R (Di) said...

Wooly... glad you could stop by. I have a friend that lives in Alabaster. Her hubby runs a pool company up in B'ham.

I agree with you... we'll leave the crazy stunt riding to the young. I like riding too much to be laid up with a cast on something. ;)