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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hold on to your pants, boys and girls, I have some good news and bad news! I usually prefer to hear bad news first, so here goes.

Something I have been considering for a while has just been realized. Regretfully, it may cost me the spare time I usually have to put into my blogging and other writing projects. We've all said before, that it's so hard to keep up with all our favorite blogs and I'm finding myself moving in fast forward to time crunch chaos. Even though I still plan to post as much as possible and keep up with all my blogging friends, I may seem a little scarce once in a while, which brings me to my good news.

Some of you may remember me mentioning, my beloved mechanic "JB" at the H-D shop, is a three time champion drag racer. Well, the opportunity has presented itself for Harley and I to be able to buy our own drag bike and start racing. Woo Hoo! What do you think of that Fasthair! This is right up your alley! Oh by the way, Harley is not going to be the one running this demon down the track. It will be me! I'm going to start Drag Racing!

Yes, you heard it right here! I am going to pursue another ambition I have, and that is to race! You all know I love racing and anything to do with speed. I'm just a girl that likes to go fast! I know this new endeavor doesn't come without plenty of obstacles and hurdles, all of which I hope I'm ready for. I understand very little about the mechanics of the engine, but I do understand an S & S 113 Big Twin Evo with 150 hp.!! Oh.. Oh... Ohhhh!

I'm the type of person, that when I am interested in something passionately, I will become a sponge for information. I'll be running in the Super Gas Class and this bike makes consistent passes in the low 9.90's, but getting used to running with an air shifter will be interesting! Putting together a team that can take care of the mechanical aspects of running a drag bike will be quite a challenge too, but we're very blessed with great pals and generous offers, so I'm sure we will be able to persevere. I just want to concentrate on the runs! I think this has to be the most awesome thing we've ever done. I may be fooling myself, but I plan to give it my best effort and go for it.

Shirley Muldowney, the first lady of drag racing, is an inspiration for any woman to confront adversity and pursue their dream. I fell in love with her years ago when I watched the movie about her racing career, "Heart Like A Wheel". Karen Stoffer was also inspired by Shirley Muldowney's story and she's now become a Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racer. I've always wanted to be a race car driver, but I never imagined I would actually become a Drag Racer!

When we go to Holt at the end of the month, I will be looking at that drag strip in a whole new light. Next year, I'll be racing. I'm so excited, I could just pee myself! Someone asked me why I think I can do this and all I could say was, "Cause I want it!" The most important thing is, I have a few folks around here who think I can do it, and their encouragement is all it took for me to take that first step. My number one supporter is Harley and even though he thinks I'm crazy, after 28 years of being married to me... not much surprises him anymore!

See ya at the strip!

Lady R


Oh, I almost forgot... APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!

Yeah, this is my bike alright. In my dreams!!! Truth is... "JB" really is trying to sell his beautiful custom built drag bike and I thought it would be fun to come up with a clever way to help him get the word out. So all of you out there that felt that little pang of jealously, that you didn't have your own drag bike to race, here's your chance!

Check out the link here to see everything you'd want to know about this beauty. I really wish it were mine. It could have some serious fun on it!

Have fun today and don't be fooled! LOL!

Lady R


Ann said...

LMFAO!!! You TOTALLY got me!!! That would be awesome though! My, what a story-teller you are!

I had the chance to drag race in Epping, NH in a 1987 IROC-Z. (It was bring your car to the track day.) I ran a 13.30. What a ride! It was a total blast! I can't imagine it on a bike!

Willy D said...

What a tease! Mama always said to watch for those “fast women”. Now I know why ;)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

You had me fooled!

Learning to Golf said...

DAMN IT!!! I am disappointed that it isn't true. But, you got me also and I knew it was April Fools Day. Oh well, I admit to being a fool almost every day of the year.

Great writing!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Joker" said...

Awwww...what a drag you're not gonna be draggin'! I'm shocked, shocked, to learn that bullshitting is going on in here!

Webster World said...

You b you got me. You know I love drag raceing. That was a good one.

fasthair said...

WOW Lady R you and I both got dream jobs today! I just posted on my blog about my new ride. We'll see you at the track!!! :)


PS I posted before I got here to read you great news so I hope I didn't steal your thunder :)

FLHX_Dave said...

Well...you caught me with my mouth open. I was expecting some of this today but you are the first to actually pull it off.

You let me suck on it and made me swallow...pfffftttt. (sorry, sometimes I say things that are less than socially acceptable.)

Baron's Life said...

You had me wrapped all around your little finger...LMAO...Good write up...Hahahaha...good one..you certainly have the gift of gab...Cheers and keep writing...maybe, just maybe you will be a published writer one day..

Dean "D-Day" said...

Aww. You actually had me hoping that it was true.

Bucky said...

This Fish bought it...Hook, Line and Sinker.

Good One. Thing is, knowing you,this is not too far of a stretch.


kernhardt3 said...

Great write Lady R, you had'em going on this one. I'm glad I could be a part of it.

The auction ended tonight with still no buyers. I'm getting several emails about the bike right now. I know God has a buyer already lined up. ( Always on his time) lol. My Lovely wife and I still have our dreams and they will be fullfilled. This bike sale will get that started.

Thank you for spreading the word further about my bike.

PS: This bike would fit you perfectly..lol

Thank you & God Bless!!
Jim Bob Kern

Kathleen Jennette said...

Damn! I was sooo proud of you too....for like 30 seconds! Chick, that was a good one! I will have to send Franky over from FB with some cement for ya if you do that again! LOL!

Lady R (Di) said...

Muwahahahahahahahahaha! Gotcha! Wasn't that sooo much fun? I love April Fool's Day!

ann... You go girl! I would do this so fast, it would make your head spin!

Willy D... It takes practice to get that teasing bit down just right! I've never really been called a "fast woman" before. Hmmmmm. Better listen to what your Mama says! ;)

MR. M... Glad you got back in time for all the fun!

AZDude... Your not as disappointed as I am! I had fun writing this one!

Joker... Bull sh*t?! On MY blog? LOL! It is a drag I'm not draggin! But, I'm still working on Harley. JB hasn't sold the bike yet, so there's still hope! Keep your fingers crossed!

Webster... Sorry, you got punked! Wink! ;)

Fasthair... No, you didn't steal any thunder! In fact, I'm jelly that my story is just that... a story! Your news was for real! Way to go!

Dave... LOL! YOU crack me up! It seems I've done my job well then! Oh BTW... I never expected you to be a swallower! ;)

Baron... Just enough facts mixed with a little bit of bullshit, can make for some great entertainment. The only problem with my little joke, is that I really DO want that bike! I'm still wishing!

Dean... No one wishes this were more true than me! While I was composing my little tale the other night, Harley asked me if I was really serious, about wanting to ride that drag bike. I said, "Are you kidding? YES!" He just looked at me and said, "I'm very glad we don't have the money for that bike!" LOL! He's not trying to be a stick in the mud, he just knows I'd do it and it scares the sh*t out of him!

Bucky... Good! Fish for supper! LOL! You know me better than anybody here!

Jim Bob... Yeah, it was a good one. I just wish it wasn't a joke. I'm sorry you didn't get any bids, but hopefully, someone is just around the corner. (Hey, I live just around the corner! LOL!) Thank you for letting me "play" with the idea of owning that beautiful bike, and don't worry, I'm still working on Harely! Your right, it would be a perfect fit! ;)

KT... Oh no! I guess I'll behave. I wouldn't want Franky and Fishpants to come and teach me a lesson!

Darlin' said...

Well, I was already trying to figure how Details and I were going to make it to see you run, that was a good one for sure, if it's fast we're in. Details has been wanting to put me on a drag bike for years but you know how all those grown up things are, responsibility, bills, bills, bills can't do it all but we sure try. Been going to some bog-ins lately which was our passion when we were dating and it's killin' us.but good thing we had the driving experience leaving Bama Bikefest last mo or we'd been stuck and had to be pulled out so the experience did come in handy. See ya at the track, wink, wink, Holt that is.......

Ronman said...

You had me for the first couple of paragraphs then I scrolled back to the top to see it was posted on April 1st......good job Lady R.


Anonymous said...

You had me so jealous and happy for you at the same time-but if you were a true bull-shitter you would have waited for all of us to stew and told us today. You really had me going-just remember I lived that life-tallll tales for many years!!!!!!!! EM SEE YOU Tomorrow

fasthair said...

Um Ms. Lady R you better go read my updated post doll.


IHG said...

I was like...You GO Girl! And then I was like...it was written yesterday...April Fool! Sure enough but you are very creative!! :)

Lady R (Di) said...

Darlin... Boggin sounds fun too! Harley and I used to take an old '74 Ford Courier out in the woods when we lived in Mississippi. Hell of a lot of fun! Your right... gotta know how to get out of the mud! Just three more weeks to Holt! Woo Hoo!

Ronman... just two paragraphs? I'll have to get a little quicker to fool the Ronman, heh? ;)

EM... looking forward to it! Gotta get the chocolates ready. LOL!

Fasthair... LOL! How funny!!

IHG... Sorry to sucker you in, but don't be surprised if I don't refresh this post someday! ;)

Unknown said...

DAMMIT!!! I was hoping to get to meet you at the drags in Rockingham this October!!

Good one!!

Lady R (Di) said...

Jocelyn... That would have been so cool! I think JB found a buyer for his bike. :(
I was still working on Harley! NO GO!