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Saturday, March 28, 2009


April is just around the corner and with it, comes a plethora of happenings. We are blessed to be in the full swing of Spring and an increase of riders on the road bears proof of that! I've been riding to work just about everyday for the last couple weeks, and I'm likely to get "Biker's Elbow" from waving at all of them. Don't worry about me though, it's a good thing!

The first weekend in April will find Harley and a couple of our buddies enjoying a little "boys trip" out to the Texas Motor Speedway for the Samsung 500. They plan to ride their bikes over to Houston to meet up with the Lone Ranger, and then they will all ride up to Forth Worth to the track. It'll be a nice little ride for them, but they're looking forward to it. This is nothing compared to some of their previous "boys trips", and don't worry about me, I've got the gurlz coming to my house for our own weekend of revelry!

On April 16th - 18th, the 2009 Alabama State HOG Rally, "Riding the River Region" will be right here in Montgomery this year. They have several guided rides planned throughout the weekend to places like the Blue Bell Ice Creamery in Sylacauga, and the Confederate Memorial Park up near Marbury. Friday afternoon, there will be an Alabama State Highway Patrol demonstration (I wonder what they demonstrate?) and some bike games at the Montgomery Motor Sports Park. An escorted parade through the Historic District of downtown Montgomery will bring you to the host Hotel, the Renaissance. There, you can to up to the roof top to "Party at the Cabana" with 2Daze Gone provided as entertainment. Harley and I may try to go to the Motor Sports Park Friday afternoon to check out the games and maybe ride the parade, but that may be all. Why? I'll tell you.

This same weekend is also the date for the Faunsdale Biker Rally over near Demopolis. This always promises to be a great rally with lots of activity. In fact, their slogan is: "Come on over and be a part of the best Bike Rally in Alabama. It's the most fun you can have without going to jail!" I know some folks who will be there, so Harley and I are definitely planning to make a day of it on Saturday and ride over and check things out. They will have a Poker Run Saturday that we may get in on, or we may just ride around on our own with our friends. The Motor Club they are members of will be there to provide security for the wet t-shirt contest. Sounds like a really tough job, heh? I'm sure there are a few "perks" that go along with it. Woo Hoo!

Our first full weekend to rally will be April 24th - 26th at the Emerald Coast BikeFest which takes place in Holt, Florida, near Crestview. We have a good group of friends that make this an annual trip and we all certainly look forward to seeing each other. The really cool thing about this, is that I just found out the other day, that my beloved mechanic "JB", is a champion drag racer! Duh! How come I didn't realize this before! I will find out in the next few days if "JB" is going to be there, so I can be sure to watch him run. I knew there was a good reason my Glide rides so swiftly and sweetly. She's been handled by a Champion!

Just about the time we think we can't do it anymore, on May 1st - 3rd, we turn right around and go to Panama City for Thunder Beach and the Derby Challenge. I probably will have a limited amount of time for motorcycle activity that weekend, because I will be partying with my Derby Girls! (That's okay, my biker girlfriends will prime me proper during the weekend before!) Harley will keep Big Ed company at the beach with some of our other riding pals, while Red Light Roxanne hosts the Derby Challenge at their place this year. For those of you who don't remember my post from last year, you can review it here, and I can assure you, there promises to be another successful Kentucky Derby in Panama City!

That just about takes care of April and the first week in May. Whew! I'm already tired and we haven't even started yet! If I'm a little thin on the postings during the next 6 weeks, you'll know why. I'm out collecting more post material! I hope to bring you some exciting pics and stories to share and have fun while doing it. I just hope I can keep up with the schedule! So many events... so little time!

Ride on!

Lady R


Learning to Golf said...

It sounds like a great six weeks. Have fun, ride safe, and post when you can.

Ann said...

Sounds like you're going to have a blast! I can't wait to read all about it! Have a great time, and take lots of pics!

FLHX_Dave said...

This is why you work your ass off. "So many events...so little 'cha'ching' in my case."

My nipples got hard so you better not hold back on the details or I'm going to dub thee "Lady-Tease-Alot" Nobody likes a road tease.

Good for you. Now go out there and take care of business!

mrs rc said...

When Boozer, Bull-Slap, Tombstone, and I took over our HOG chapter a few months ago our first priority was filling up the activity calendar. Riding season has barely started and now we're looking at so many events that there is no possible way we could attend them all...and we still have lots of ideas for things we want to do but can't figure out when in the schedule to put them!

I feel your pain...but such a delightful pain it is!!! ;-)

IHG said...

Wow Momma...you have one busy month ahead! Can't wait to hear about all the happenings. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Lady R (Di) said...

AZ Dude... It will be fun, but when activities get stacked up like this, (happens for us a couple times a year) I start to feel like I'm riding on the tail of a tiger and holding on for dear life! That's okay... I can catch my breath in May. Maybe.

Ann... I plan to bring home some goodies!

Dave... The upswing here is, some gas and grub coin is all that's needed to go off and enjoy a long day of riding and fun when the events are right here, or really close by.
But, sshhhh! Don't tell "them". If "they" knew I had some change tucked away, "they" may want my cash stash for more useful purposes, like... shoving it up a hog's ass!
Don't worry Dave, no teasing here. I promise to bring it too you, the best way I know how... to live it!

Mrs. RC... Yes! It is delightful agony! We don't get this stacked up all the time, just in the Spring and the Fall. It seems like the work week just gets in the way of all the weekend rides and events on our "to do" list.

I'm looking forward to reading about your rides in the First State area. You always bring us some great pics and fun stories too! Ride on!

Stephanie... I just have to hone my planning and organizing skills during the next few weeks, or I will find myself drowning in a sea of household chaos! But, you know what I say to that... screw it, let's ride! LOL!

"Joker" said...

Since Spring takes a little longer to "take hold" up this way, our April is much subdued compared to yours! Your post sounds like the way I'd be talking in July. Too bad that another rally is conflicting with the HOG State Rally. I'm going to miss ours here in August because I'm going to Sturgis. I'll suffer through it!

Hey, I know you and Harley will have an awesome time. I remember well your posts about Holt and your Derby party from last year. I have no doubt that you'll have an even wilder time this year! Enjoy, ride safe, and I'm lookin' forward to hearing all about it.

Word ver: "houpremo"

Sound like a prediction to me!

Baron's Life said...

Six weeks of open road ...sounds like it's going to be dynamite...Have a Blast..!
I'm jealous.

Kathleen Jennette said...

I see Spring has arrived! Yayayyy. Have a blast with the gurlz and talk about FLHX nipples getting hard over some beer and popcorn. Good gurl conversation:)

Lady R (Di) said...

Joker... There's no doubt that we usually have a great time. I guess every it happens this way every Spring. All the clubs and sponsors of events are so glad to get things rolling for the season, that we inundated with choices!

Not complaining mind you, just means there's going to be something for everyone!

Baron... YOU make it sound so much better! "Six weeks on the open road" to me means the greatest vacation ever! Pure heaven! It doesn't even matter where to! Unfortunately, MY next 6 weeks will still have to include my j-o-b during the week! But, I certainly can't complain about that or I wouldn't be able to go to these events I've got lined up in my queue!
None the less, I'm looking forward to my busy start to a great riding season.

KT... Hmmmm. Sounds like a plan! I'm sure B.B. won't mind. (Or will she?) >:(
What'cha say Dave? I need something for the gurlz this weekend! Don't blush! Just send us some candy, heh? LOL!

B.B... No worries friend. We're just kidding and Dave's probably too chicken anyway! LOL!

Darlin' said...

Glad to hear we'll be seeing you soon. got together with Shooter this weekend, got big plans for Holt, which include Handgrenades from N.O., and lots of bloody mary's for Saturday. Trouble will be up from W Palm that week, so it shld be a great weekend, as usual. Details is working Thunderbeach, we will be able to get out some Saturday afternoon and night, but that's it. Which coming off of Holt I'll need that long to get my blood alcohol level back in line. See ya soon!!!

B.B. said...

Hmm....I dunno, don't dare the man who knows where we could end up! LOL
Sounds like you are going to be one busy girl, I can't wait to follow along!

Lady R (Di) said...

Darlin... Hey girl! Can't wait to see all ya'll too. Since Harley and I are riding the bikes down, can you see if Shooter will pack a few extra for us? I just LOVE Shooter's shooters! We'll throw some cash into the pot when we get there. I've never had a Handgrenade, but I'll try anything once. BM's for the mornings sound great too. Hell, nothing like a good BM in the morning! LOL! Can't wait! Woo Hoo!

As far as being on the rebound for Thunder Beach, I hear ya! You've got 4 days to get yourself re-hydrated and ready to go! I may not see you that weekend then, because once I start downing the Crown at the Derby Party (which is Saturday afternoon), there will no riding for me! You'll see Harley though, he'll be out at the beach keeping Big Ed company.

No worries friend, I'm sure we will have plenty of fun at Holt. See ya soon!

B.B... Yeah, something tells me, Dave is not someone you want to dare to do something... cause he probably will!

We need a bartender for the Derby Challenge! Must be able to handle 20 plus crazy ladies and make good drinks. Clothes optional... (Oops, I wasn't supposed to include that). Any volunteers?

Dean "D-Day" said...

A clothing optional bartender, huh?

Word Ver: hotte

B.B. said...

If Dean's your bartender can I crash the party!?

Lady R (Di) said...

Dean... Hmmmmm. Hotte indeed! Be warned! Women in packs are merciless! LOL! ;)

B.B... You bet'cha! This annual Derby Challenge I've become a part of is usually a "memorable" event. You'd have a blast!