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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I find myself spinning like a dog chasing it's tail... and it's making me dizzy!  I could bore you with life's woes, but the bottom line is... I'm taking a break until after the New Year.  My life has enough going on in it right now, that "just one more thing" could break the camels back.

We've been painfully watching my MIL slip away from us while she is in the end stages of COPD, and we are at a point that Hospice is with her round the clock. Without going into the whole story, I'm sure you understand what Hospice means, and it's just not a pleasant thing.

The current news of the precious Angels from Sandy Hook presses down on the heart and keeps you reeling, along with your own sadness. The days on the calendar continue to tick away, even though I feel like my world is on hold for some reason. That happens to you when someone very dear to you is dying and everything else in life fades to the background.  Why won't things just stop for a moment so I can take care of everything? 

Take time to be with your families and enjoy them while you can.  This is the season of CHRISTmas and I hope you all have a very Merry one!

Until next year...

Lady R (Di)


Webster World said...

Merry Christmas Dianna, This with the MIL is as we know a revolving door. But everythime we get caught in it it does hurt so much. And this time of year just effects us all more so. I lost my mother(#1)hero of my life in 97. It hurts yes BUT too this time of year beings the joy of all those memories we so cherrish. I see her BIG smile on Christmas day all during the season. I feel her looking down on all of us and saying you did a fine job with the boys. It's those memories of her and others this time of year that makes them all so heart felt the rest of the year. May God Bless you and all your family and friends this wonderful time of year.

Trobairitz said...

Take care of yourself and just hold your loved ones little tighter.

I lost my MIL on December 1st this year. It is hard, but when they slip away their suffering is done.

RichardM said...

Merry CHRISTmas! Take care and I'm sure that you and your family will weather this sad time with your MIL.

Unknown said...

Lady Di:

do take care, enjoy your family time during the CHRISTmas season, and treasure the moments while you can . . .

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Learning to Golf said...

Sorry to hear about Harley's mother. May the end of her journey be peacful and y'all remember all of the good and funny things that were shared over the years.

Prayers are sent to you, Harley, and the family.

Lady R (Di) said...

Thank you all for your condolences. They are greatly appreciated. It's just a really tough time of year to grieve.

Enjoy your loved ones... the only thing guaranteed in this life... is death.