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Saturday, June 2, 2012


 Many of my readers know, that I gave up riding last summer after my husband had an unfortunate incident with a car and the highway.  It's been very difficult adjusting to my decision, but out of my love and support for him, it seemed the best thing to do at the time. Other than a couple of small rides after the accident, I sold my 'ol girl right after my birthday, last July. The memory of that last ride has been very bittersweet and precious and has never left the forefront of my mind.  It's been a really strange year, but I believe that all things happen for a reason, we just may not always understand why.

May 7th, marked the one year anniversary of Harley's wreck, and he has not been on a motorcycle since... until yesterday.

It's amazing what a year can do for someone's psyche and spirit, but it's taken most of that time for his broken ribs to quit being such a bother.  We thought we could get interested in camping or boating, but the fact that we both really miss the joy that riding gave us, had more to do with our choice than anything. For the last several weeks, we've started conversing and pondering over our desire to get back on the road with just two wheels under us. It's been days and days of looking, shopping, dreaming, and planning. 

Well, I'm pleased to announce, that yesterday he rode his (new to us) '08 Ultra Classic Electra Glide straight from the bank and right to the Harley Davidson shop so he could get a back rest mounted and talk about future motor work. Yes, boys and girls... we're baaaaacckk!

What about me, you ask?  Well, I've got my next one all picked out also.  After my little test ride last Tuesday, I'm just waiting for the dude to get his replacement title in the mail so we can conclude our transaction.  What am I getting, you ask?  Well... I've settled my sites on a beautiful blue '04 Fat Boy.  I really couldn't tell ya if the plastered grin on my face was from my excitement, or the test ride.

You see, I've always ridden with a windshield and fairing.  This Fat Boy had neither.  The night I went over to try it on for size, I had grabbed my half helmet instead of my three quarter helmet with the face shield. I should have know better, but I didn't think it would matter much. After all, it was just going to be a quick little ride.

I decided I needed to feel how smooth this bad boy Fat Boy felt at high speeds, so I took it up I-65 and rode the 10 miles it took to get to Prattville, before turning around.  Looking down at the speedometer and realizing how smooth and steady it felt, I cranked it up to 90 m.p.h. (and prayed no po-po was around!).  I was so excited at how solid it felt, I noticed myself laughing and giggling.  When you laugh and giggle at 90 m.p.h. with no filter between your face and the wind, it can get pretty weird!  Even though I was wearing glasses, I could feel watery tears streaming out of my eyes making a mad dash into my ear holes. The high speed wind in my face felt like a G-force of 10, causing me to have a plastered grimace that did everything but let my facial skin fly off my cheek bones. What a rush!! While blinking and laughing, I could feel my nose watering and spit flying out of the corners of my mouth. Holy cow... I'm sure those poor people driving behind me wondered where all the rain was coming from.  If you ever notice a cage running windshield wipers on a clear sunny day... chances are, they are following a motorcyclist without a windshield. Buwahahahahahaha... slurp!

These next couple weeks will seem like an eternity, while I wait for all the i's to be dotted, and the t's to get crossed. But one thing is for certain...

Lady Ridesalot rides again!

Stay tuned... it's gonna get good!

Lady R


Webster World said...

Badabing! Bet you do feel great.

mq01 said...

yuppers, i can see and feel that wide grin all the way over here! YAY!

ok gotta ask ladyR, is it going to be a windshield or faceshield?

SonjaM said...

Congrats for both being back on 2 wheels. Good for you!

For a glear view windshield, faceshield or googles come to mind ;-)

Ride safe!

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Lady "R" (Diana):

If you recall, one year ago I told you, "Never say 'Never.'" Congratulations on the new bike. I hope you and your husband have a million care-free miles on the new rigs.

Now for my usual wet sack presentation from the BMW crowd. "Get yourself a flip-face helmet." That's it. Is only half, or 3/4s of your head filled with anything? (If so, run for Congress. It's an easy gig.)

It is my turn to start a year of no riding. In fact, I have been on my back for the last month. But my next rig is going to be a screamer... Or as much as a German bike can scream.

I look forward to the pictures of you and your husband on the new machines.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

biker baby said...

Can't wait to see pix of the new bike. Mine is not feeling well. I started a ride out to Savanna last weekend and had to leave it at a freinds in Byron. I know you know where that is. Anyway, it was stalling out on me every few miles. We doubled up on Rich's (it's been along time since I've been on the back)and countinues to Poopys and spent the night in Savannah. The next day when we got home, we got the trailer and recovered my baby. Rich took it down a country road and it was fine for the first 5 miles and then it kept dieing on him. He took it out today and it was good. He is going to try it out tommorrow and see if it will act up. He thought it was a gas problem but ruled that out.

biker baby said...

Look at all my typos, guess I had one too many beers!

Unknown said...

Lady Di:

glad to see you both back to riding. It's addictive . . .

and happy premature Anniversary.

Oh oh, I just looked at the calendar. ours is next Tuesday, hard to believe it's been 43 years

Riding the Wet Coast

Jim P said...

Glad to see you both back in the saddle again! Injuries are always painful in more ways than one. My wife and I celebrated our 44th anniversary on May 31. I still ride my '02 Lorider often, usually keep it under 80mph. Got the other stuff MOSTLY out of my system years ago!

Canajun said...

Awesome! Welcome back. And that whole windshield/no windshield thing? Get a detachable screen so you have something for those buggy night rides or distance runs where any kind of weather might hit you, Pop it off for all those other times when the wind in your face is what you crave.

Eve said...

I'm excited for you both LR!! I'm not out there nearly enough lately. I can't wait to see that Fat Boy!!!

Trobairitz said...


I am so happy that Harley has healed well enough that you two can get back on two wheels.

I love the picture of you with the big grin. It just sums it all up. Me thinks Harley was sporting a big grin too.

IHG said...

I'm so happy...so happy...so happy for you my friend! I know how much it pained you to take this year off. You are soooooooo freaking cool for doing that for Harley! That is pure LOVE I tell ya!

Aren't ya glad I didn't take that coat? :) I'm soooooooooo freaking happy for you and Harley! Ride on Sister...I had a feeling you'd both be back on two wheels someday!!

Kathleen Jennette said...

ooohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa babeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Allen Madding said...

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for both of you! Congrats and Enjoy!


Lady R (Di) said...

Webster... James Brown keeps dancing and singing in my head... "I feel good! Na na na na na na na! Just like I should! Na na na na na na na!"

Mq01... The Fat Boy has a windshield for it, I just didn't take the time to put it on that night. Also... I have a 3/4 helmet with a visor, so either way, I'm covered. It just took me by surprise a little bit! :)

SonjaM... Thank you. I'm glad I didn't get rid of anything!

Lady R (Di) said...

Dear Jack,

I'm already looking at new helmets. I'm also considering some radio units to install in them. I understand your meaning all too well, and yes, we have been talking about changing to safer more complete coverage.

I'm sorry to hear your down with your back. Sounds like no fun at all!! Hopefully, I can brighten your day with stories of my reunion with the road. Take care my friend.

Lady R

Lady R (Di) said...

Biker Baby... Hopefully, you'll have her running good as new again. Weather is getting good for you up there and I'd hate to see you missing out. Thanks for stopping by!

Bobskoot... Congratulations too! I will post something next week to commemorate. Woo Hoo!

Jim P... Thank you! I'm hoping I'll be on mine within a couple weeks. This is worse than waiting for Christmas! lol!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I KNEW it! I figured it would just be a matter of time. I never changed the name of you blog either. With the passion the two of you had for riding, I was certain it was only a break. Anyway, i'm glad you are happy!

Lady R (Di) said...

Canajun... as I previous wrote to Mq01, I have the windshield already,(and it does detach), but I didn't take the time to put it on. It will go on when it becomes mine though, I can assure you!

Eve... I can't wait to show it to you, too!! :)

Trobairitz... that was actually an old picture from last year, but it made the impression I was after! Yes, his grin is equal in size, especially since he rode his Ultlra for the first time yesterday... over 100 miles. When he got back, he said... we need to get back in shape! lol!

Lady R (Di) said...

IHG... I couldn't wait to share this news with you. I thought about that jacket too, and I'm so glad I don't have to be an Indian Giver! lol! Although, I never would have done that, I'm certainly glad I DO still have it. I can't wait to share pictures. Soon!!

KT... Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Allen... Thank you my friend. God is Good. Life is good.

Lady R (Di) said...

Mr. Motorcycle,

I won't be riding a Glide any more, so I'm probably keeping the "Southern Comfort" title. I'm kinda fond of it now anyway.
I'm getting a FAT BOY!!! Now to come up with a catchy name... or not. :)

I'm just glad to be riding!

Lady R

Bitchy said...

So glad I finally had some me time to set down and read and yes you are a blog I read. CONGRATS! to you and yours. Glad to see you two going back to the wind theropy. I would so go crazy if I did not have my wind time but for me it is a short drive...;D
Now as far as the bike I personally love opitions... Guess that is why Wooly and I have so many. I love my old low rider but for those cross country week plus trips yep I want my tour bike. Love the old 47 but not like I am going cross country on that thing. Not going far on that thing... Hard tails are hard and make me ache like a much older women,lol.
Ride safe, feel the wind. and congrats once again.

Roger said...

Hell not sure how i missed this one...I did tell you though a year ago,once abiker always a biker!! Well done and looking forward to some two wheel adventures!!

WooleyBugger said...

Great to have you both back. Loved the writing and I do believe I got a splash of spit&slobber grin on me all the way in North Carolina, I knew it couldn't be rain.

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