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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Four years ago, I started this blog because I wanted a creative outlet for sharing my thoughts and experiences as a woman rider.  It's been a hell of a ride since, and actually, I'm surprised I'm still here.  In the beginning, I was advised by many to keep my privacy in check and write under a pen name or other fictitious alter ego. I realize that keeping ourselves protected from the evildoers of the net, needs to be on the forefront of all our minds, so there I was, trying figure out what I was going to call myself.  After much thoughtful consideration, it dawned on me, that when I moved from the pillion position to riding my own, I couldn't get enough road time, hence the birth of my blog name... Lady Ridesalot. 

I enjoyed being Lady R and it was fun creating nicknames for the all characters in my life while sharing my stories and adventures.  If you're a regular reader to my blog, you also know that I have been going through many changes lately.  While some doors are closing, there are new ones opening up, and for the sake of credibility, it's time for the cloak of secrecy to come off.

In the interest of reality and real life, I would like to introduce myself...  
"Hi! My name is Dianna. It's nice to officially meet you." 

I'm sure I'll still post some stuff as Lady R, but I wanted to quit hiding behind her, and join the party as me for a while.  I know... kind of scary, huh?

Now... moving on...
As I posted Sunday, I entered in a fiction Writer's Contest through Indies Unlimited.  It was a fun little exercise and I hope I can learn from it.  My goal is to hone and perfect my writing skills so it can escort me down this new path I have chosen for myself.

There are several really good entries in this contest, and I invite you to go and take a look for yourself.  I'm sure the other authors are like myself, and just want to see their words enjoyed by others. So... if you would be so kind to follow the link below and vote for the one you feel is the best, it would be greatly appreciated.  Sorry for the late posting, but the poll closes today (Thursday) at 5:00 MST. 

Writing Exercise Competition Week 5 Voting: The Rendezvous

Thanks for your support and I look forward to bringing you more!

Dianna aka Lady R


Webster World said...

I read a few. Hey! I did like yours. Like the name of your character.

mq01 said...

sorry if i outed you, i didnt even think twice of saying "ladyR" on FB. i thought it was well known...
:( shit im sorry.

Unknown said...

Lady Dianna:

I only found out through your writing competition. I like the name Lady Di, sort of has an international ring to it.

I see you have a Gas Stove. We purchased our NEW GAS stove recently and I just love it. And you look like you know how to use it

Riding the Wet Coast

Roger said...

Hello Dianne.....meet Roger!

Trobairitz said...

Nice to meet you Dianna. Cute picture of you too.

I enjoy reading your blog whether it is signed LadyR or Dianna.

I hide behind my pseudonym but at the same time I think people probably know my name.


Lady R (Di) said...

Webster... I wonder why... ;) Thanks for taking a look!

Mq01... absolutely no worries my friend. My fb IS my family and friends who already knew Lady R and the real me... at least I hope so! It was only on this blog, I kept it (Dianna) a secret. You didn't blow anything. :)

Bobskoot... As soon as Princess Di became known, I had several friends who referred to me in that same fashion. It does sound kind of regal, doesn't it? I love my gas stove too, wouldn't want to cook without one!!

Raftnn... Hello Roger! lol!

Trobairitz... Nice to meet you too Brandy. Isn't it funny... the games we play? Thanks for reading!

RichardM said...

When my last name is the domain name, I didn't even bother attempting to come up a pseudonym. You should read Jeff Jarvis' book "Public Parts" about why you should live your life in public. It's pretty interesting and entertaining.

fasthair said...

Dang I could have sworn I made a comment here... grrr.. anyways...

Hello Dianna! I'm Tom. It's always been a pleasure knowing you as Lady R too.

Nice story. Best of luck on the compitition!


Kathleen Jennette said...

Hey its me...Kathy aka KT DId spelled a couple of different ways. Luckily I was named with them. LOL! Nice to meet you! Love the apron and look forward to all future writings of yours.

Lady R (Di) said...

Every time I came across a blog like yours, (not masked) I felt like a lurker. Even though I was there... was it really me? lol!

Thanks for the lead on Mr. Jarvis's book. I'm definitely going to pursue it. I just read somewhere else yesterday that... the successful blog is the blogger who puts their life out there for us all to peek in. It's a risky venture, but pays off big.

Now I'm wondering if the excerpt I read was from his book. Two of my favorite blogs are 'Eject' and 'Blogging Dangerously'. Both are in my blog roll and both do exactly that... lets you peek into their lives, while making you laugh.

Thanks for reading!

Lady R (see? Old habits are just hard to break!) Di

Lady R (Di) said...

My dear friend Fasthair,

Your funny! Nice to meet you too, Tom...again!

For those who do not know, my dear Mr. Fasthair was the first rider to present me with a Friendship Bell (Spririt Bell, Gremlin Bell, whatever you like to call them) via a long distance gift exchange. (I guess I can't really call it an exchange, because I was the only one who received a gift) Shame on me!

Thank you again, Tom. It kept the gremlins from ever getting me again and I enjoyed miles of riding... with my friends blessing.

Your home state pal,

fasthair said...

Aw shucks /me bows his head and kicks at the dirt/

Some friend I just realized I never even updated my blog roll to reflect the name change of your blog. Geesh. Get with it boy!



Word verify basys... some how I think that fits you :)

SonjaM said...

I was never creative enough to invent a screen name for me, and anonymity is relative, eh.

Nice meeting you Dianna.

By the way, your blog header is beautiful. I love those covered bridges.

Lady R (Di) said...

KT... I just found your comment. For some reason it got hung up in SPAM. How dare they! ;}

Thanks for the inspiration! Watching what you do with your photography keeps me motivated. I keep thinking... great pictures to go with great words. That's my new goal in life.

Lady R (Di) said...

SonjaM... Thanks! This bridge is close to where my hubby grew up. He remembers playing on it and around the surrounding grounds during picnics and other family outings.

WooleyBugger said...

WEll howdy Lady, err, Dianna. Actually we already met because of Flat Wooley, but I was keeping your secret.
By the by, what cha cooking?

Lady R (Di) said...

Hi Wooley!

I was cooking a big pork roast that day, and had a large crock pot of pinto beans simmering away. We like to have something called "poor boy platters".

Imagine this:
Large slab of cornbread on your plate, covered with a big spoonful of pinto beans, topped of with some pull pork roast. (maybe just a dab of BBQ sauce if you like) Yummm Yummmm!

That's our traditional New Year's day dinner. While everybody else eats black eyed peas, we feast on pinto beans instead.

BTW... where is that rascal Flat Wooley anyway?

Later gator,