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Friday, February 10, 2012


Being a child of the mid-west, we ate lots of vegetables while growing up, but one of them has never been okra.  Now that I live in the south, and have been for the last 28 years or so, I eat okra often and have become quite good at cooking this southern green staple.

Last night, my brother (who lives in Iowa) sent me a text... well, let me just show you. The conversation went something like this...

Bro:  What the f*#k do you do with okra?

Me:   Boil it, fry it, put it in soups and stews. 

Me:   Hell, you can pickle the damn things n stick 'em in your BM's. Okra is good for you!

Bro:  What's it taste like?

Me:   okra

Bro:   funny

Me:   It's slimy when boiled

Me:   and crunchy when fried

Bro:  What's not crunchy when fried?

Me:   me lol!

Bro:  funny.  We've been eating a lot of greens lately and we were just wondering.

Me:   It has a taste all it's own, nothing to compare it to.

Me:   Come visit, I'll cook you some okra n send you home with a pocket full of recipes.

Bro:   Does your pool turn red if I pee in it?

Me:   Green... like okra

I know this may be funnier to me than anybody else, but I still felt compared to share. Have a great weekend everybody!

Lady R (Di)


Trobairitz said...

That is a funny text exchange.

I never had okra living in BC but have acquired a taste for it since moving home to Oregon.

I have a few recipes that take it. One is an indian recipe and then I'm always adding it to soups and tomato dishes.

I think you need to blog an okra recipe for us.

mq01 said...

OMG! ok i confess, my mom was born in AL and raised in GA, so ;) i know okra..and i know i dont like it boiled/slimey!!! :) BUT, i had it fried and spiced indian style for the 1st time just this week and i LOVED it! lol.....

Unknown said...

Lady R:

I don't think I've had Okra either, but maybe I have. If I don't know what it is I don't touch it, but Mrs Skoot has a way of fooling me

Riding the Wet Coast

Billy Jones said...

Being born and raised in the Southland I've enjoyed okra my entire life, even grow my own to can, freeze and eat fresh.

I'll eat it any way it's fixed. The biggest mistake in preparing okra is to over cook it.

I often can okra with tomatoes. Come time to eat it's simply a matter of getting it hot. Add corn if you like or serve it over rice.

Lady R (Di) said...

Trobairitz... A good okra recipe would make a great blog post. I may have to share the one we like to call... "suffering succotash". Stay tuned.

Mq01... Girl! You're southern by default then! lol! Your version sounds very delicious! Yummm... I'm getting hungry and it's only 7 am. ugh.

Bobskoot... try it... you'll like it. ;}

Billy Jones... my hubby LOVES okra, corn and tomatoes together. Some folks put lima beans in it to officially call it succotash, but I think you can adapt anything to your liking.

Bitchy said...

Never been big on okra unless it was in gumbo... That is the only way to eat it...;D

Learning to Golf said...

Okra is good no matter how it is fixed, even boiled.

Sent from a southern Brother.

Lady R (Di) said...

Bitchy... Gumbo is definitely not gumbo without a little okra floating in it! Thanks for chiming in. Hope your staying warm over there!

AZD... About the only way I don't like it, is boiled by itself. Even a little salt and beef broth can't mask the slime. (ack) But, I will put some in with other southern vegatables, like black eyed peas... yummy!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I love fried Okra. And I thought the texts were funny.

Webster World said...

Fried for sure. NOT boiled. But I do like it in a dish if put in at last minute so it is NOT slimy.

irondad said...

Okra has a taste of its own, eh? You mean there's finally something that doesn't taste like chicken?

Lady R (Di) said...

Mr. M... Fried is the best, I think. Thanks for coming by!

Webster... Hubby likes be to put some in with the black eyed peas. They get slimy but at least there's more substance with the peas, than without.

Irondad... Chicken? Hmmmm... You know that slippery piece of cooked chicken skin (that's not as browned as some of the other parts) with a big chunk of slimy fat between the skin and the meat, and feels gross in your mouth??? That's kinda like okra... boiled. So... I guess we CAN say... okra has the possibility of tasting like chicken. lol!

Kathleen Jennette said...

I love Okra and haven't had it in years. Now I am craving it.