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Friday, June 18, 2010


There are a lot of dudes out there who are fathers, but it takes a special guy to be a dad. This Sunday is Father's Day... a day set aside to pay tribute and celebrate our hard working dads... a day to honor and remember those dads who now can only live on in our hearts and memories.

I was one of the lucky ones who had a dad that cared about his kids and wanted to mold them into successful human beings. My brothers and I were loved and we knew it. I would be lying if I said I haven't been dreading this weekend for the last few days. I miss my dad very much and I feel a bit jilted to have to spend this first holiday without mine. I know I'm not the first, nor will I be the last child to grieve their parent, but while it's happening to you... it can be so unbearable at times.

I decided to share with you, the wonderful man who was my provider... my teacher... my hero... my dad. He was not a perfect man, but he always did his best. He was there for anyone who needed him, but his family always came first. He loved a good joke and was a friend to all. He will be missed by many.

I feel like I've been very blessed. So, if your a dad... love your kids. They have so much to gain from it... and so do you.

Have a nice weekend everyone and... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Lady R


Webster World said...

What a warm tribute. What you do have dear are all those memories of a loving dad that cared.

Willy D said...

In thirty years, if my daughter feels the same way you do, I’ll be happy.

Dean "D-Day" said...

What a nice tribute. This weekend, may you find solace in the warm memories of the man who helped to mold you.

IHG said...

Thank you for sharing Pappa J with us! Hugs to you!!!

Bucky said...

Dang it Lady R... you made me cry again...
Love you Lady R,
And Love you Papa J, Miss You soooo much!!

Anonymous said...

Take comfort Sunday with that wonderful Man you Married you are blessed to have had a wonderful dad and a great husband.Not all women get both.great seeing you
fri. night

Charlie said...

Lady R,
You are so correct that any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad. I have recently become a step-dad and can only hope that some day I will have impacted Casey in the way your Dad has you. Remember he is always with you in your memories.

Lady R (Di) said...

Webster... Thank you. I find myself wanting to look at these old pics quite often. I guess it's my way of reminding me of all the good times we had together.

Willy D... I'm sure she will. Daughters think their daddy's have hung the moon.

Dean... My dad wouldn't want me to waste the day away being sad, but it will definitely be a day that he is in the forefront of my mind.

Steph... Your welcome! We shared him our whole life. I'm glad to continue... he was awesome!

Bucky... sorry bro... but I cried all week getting this ready. I'll be glad when my eyes dry up. Love you too!

Pattee... thanks girl. It was good to see you too. Take care, and see you again on our next go round.

Charlie... being there, and loving them... usually brings big rewards! Congratulations on becoming a dad. Good luck!

B.B. said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad! Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us. I'm glad that you have these pictures, they are so beautiful!

Lady R (Di) said...

B.B... thank you very much. I think sharing him is part of the healing.

WooleyBugger said...

Sorry about your Dad. I know now what it's like to lose a parent so I can relate to some degree what your feeling. I just know your Dad was very proud of you and would be no matter what you did.

Very nice tribute and I salute your Dad.

Anonymous said...

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