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Thursday, October 2, 2008


As I was saying... we were enjoying the Georgia country side, while the weather provided a perfect day to ride.

We found a great little fish camp called Big Jim's about 23 miles away from the rally grounds into the country. This biker friendly restaurant and bar had the best fried shrimp, and even though I don't eat raw oysters, those with me who did, said they were great! The beer was cold and the music was good. We were enjoying ourselves and just having a nice time being with one another.

A picnic table full of riders from Pensascola, FL positioned right in front of us, was seemingly having a good time as well. Suddenly, one of the fellas turned around and pointed at me and asked, "Who sings this song?" The band was in the middle of their rendition of "Smoke On The Water" by Deep Purple. When I told him Deep Purple, his face fell and every one else around his table started laughing. It seems that he had to buy everyone around his table a beer, because he bet them, that it was Foghat. I said, "You have to buy everyone a beer because I said it was Deep Purple?" He answered, "Yeah!" I said, "Cool", sweeping my hand across my table, "We all drink Bud Light." That got a big laugh out of everybody then! Well, a few minutes past, and not thinking any more about it, we got a second good laugh when this nice fella returned with a nice cold Bud Light, with 5 straws! Oh well... cheers!
Peek a Boo's friend has never been to a bike rally before and she was having great time. She shared with me the fact that she has two grandchildren, and all I could say was "Wow! She was the sexiest grandma I ever saw!" I think I'll just call her "Sexy Granny"! Well, everyone had told her about my blog and how I liked to write about riding motorcycles and going to rallies, like this one. I wanted to make sure she wouldn't mind, or be offended if I included her in any of the pics I use, or stories I share. I guess she wanted to do her best to assure me, because all of a sudden, she grabbed Peek a Boo, and planted a big fat one! She then turned to me and said, "Blog that Mother F*'er!" Woo Hoo!
Told ya... Double Trouble!

We all decided we had enough fun around the fish camp and we were ready to ride again. But before I continue my story, I need to reintroduce one of my pals and explain the quickest name change ever. I previously referred to one of our friends as Hippie. Harley and I both liked it and thought it would stick. When I mentioned this to our friend, we were taken to task like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Hippie said, "What? Those yellow bellied, loser, no good trash that spit on me, and protested my cause while I was in Vietnam? Don't call me a f*'ing hippie!" Geeze, sorry dude! Don't worry, he's really a great guy and had us laughing within minutes with a story on how he got a nickname we will use.
Friends, meet Balls O'Roonie Filthy McNasty!
He had a very interesting tale on how he came up with his name, which will have to wait for another post. I think I'll just call him McNasty for short. He's riding a really bitchin' '76 Shovel Head, but she was showing her ass that day. (Sorry, I really shouldn't talk about this aging beauty like that) When we got ready to leave Big Jim's, she wouldn't turn over. McNasty knows how to wrench on these old girls, but what he discovered was not going to be an easy fix. A battery wire was burned. Fried. No life. That sucked. We decided to go on ahead and bring a trailer back, so we could bring her back to camp. The Beav stayed behind and waited with McNasty until we returned. Did I mention the beer was cold?

When we got back to camp, we explained to G-man what happened and it was just a matter of minutes and he was in the truck on his way to save the day. Hooray for G-man! He was also responsible for seeing to it that one of the golf carts got to the rally. Hooray for G-man! He also is one of the finest people we know and would help you out in heart beat. Hooray for G-man! Woo Hoo! Thanks G-man.

Some of my friends had a great time throughout the weekend coming up with several alias' for me. They enjoyed teasing me about my blog, and how I try to come up with unique nicknames for everyone. I do this for the sake of privacy, you'd think they might just appreciate it a little. LOL! It's only because I have a good sense of humor and don't mind taking my turn on the roasting table, that I feel comfortable sharing them with you. Let's see, the ones used most often were Lady Talksalot and Lady Blogsalot. But, as we got more into the weekend, I became Lady Drinksalot and sometimes, Lady Fallsalot, which of course lead to... Lady Pukesalsot.

We were all very responsible campers while we were rallying it up! We each made sure that we kept our garbage neat and clean and organized. See... here is my pile.

This was the first time I got to enjoy the Bainbridge Bike Fest. I enjoyed the company, I enjoyed the riding, and I enjoyed meeting some new friends. We all had a damn good time and we even got to enjoy a little Shakespeare. I have lots of pics to share, so I plan to create a slide show to summarize the great weekend I had. In the mean time... ride safe and ride on!


Big Daddy said...

You sure you and Ann aren't related?
Glad you had a blast.
Lady Gabsalot.

Ann said...

LMFAO!!! Before I saw Caveman's comment, I thought, "Hmmm, I wonder if she's a long-lost sister!" I have been called Lady Drinksalot, and some other names you mentioned on occasion.

Would love to go to a rally with you, LadyR...we'd have a great time!

Glad you had fun in Georgia. I love McNasty's name...can't wait to hear the story behind it. :)

One Harley Rider said...

HA HA "BLOG THAT MOTHER" I love it! The rally - looks like you guys had a blast. Big Jim's looks like my kind of place.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Looks like an awesome time. I always love reading about your parties and camping excursions. You always seem to have such a great time.

And as for Double Trouble...
Now you're playing my song.

fasthair said...

Ms. Lady R,

Lady Pukesalot...hahaha! Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the fun with us.


Anonymous said...

And you know, Lady who Crawls alot, after Drinking alot, don't have so far to fall when she Pukes alot.

Hate your girl show'd out before you could get home. Big Ed got see a photo of Saturday night, hate y'all missed it. See y'all Soon!!!!

B.B. said...

LMAO! Someday, I am going to come and buy you a beer! You make me laugh. It sounds like such a good time, I can't wait for the slideshow.
BTW, I don't blame McNasty for not wanting that name. Can't wait to hear how he got the new one.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Lady Drools Alot. Harley looks a little worse for the wear in that one photo as well. I loved the 1 beer and 5 straws. Boy I sure cant wait till Lee and I get to ride with you. I did get a new job, so once i leave Africa, I should be home for good, and the bigger salary will not hurt either.

Love YA,

"Joker" said...

Wow...looks very much like my crowd at the campground in Milwaukee, just with different faces.

Two hot lookin' women smooching? LOVE IT!!!!

I don't blame McNasty either on being called Hippie, especially if he's a Nam vet. Nah, you don't wanna go there!

I can't wait to hang with your crowd sometime, and rest assured it will happen eventually. Speaking of potential hooking up, are you and Harley going to Myrtle Beach next year? Hope so, because Blackstone will be in town, trying to out-do our Milwaukee trip. Won't that be a hoot!

Can't wait to see more pics!

Lady R (Di) said...

big d and ann... Hell, we may be related! We'll have to be sure and look for each other at the next family reunion! LOL!

one harley rider... She was a hoot. No offending that one! Big Jim's was one of the highlights of the weekend.

Dean... if only you could join us one day, you would have a great time. It's all about fun with this group! DT didn't stop here. They continued their shenanegans at Thunder Beach the very next weekend!

Fasthair... "a rose under another name, is still a rose". I may have had more fun than one girl is supposed to have in one weekend! LOL!

darlin'... "Lady Crawlsalot". I like that one too. Your right, it doesn't hurt as much when your closer to the ground!

I'm going to write a post about my gremlin woes later. Really sucked a big one though! Let's ride this afternoon!

b.b... someday, I'll just let you buy me that beer. And when I finish with that, I'll buy you one. Then we can do it all over again! Several times! LOL!

I'll have to clear it with Balls O'Roonie Filthy McNasty if I can share his tale about his nickname. We'll see.

bucky... Lady Droolsalot still doesn't hold a candle to Red! He's the Drool Master! I know the pic is not the most complimentary of myself either, but it is what it is! Can't tell you how many Bud Lights later that was, several I'm sure!

What's this about a new job? Do tell! Give me call. I'm in PC this weekend again picking up my bike. We had issues last week when we came for Thunder Beach. I'll tell about it later.

Joker... Double Trouble had no case of shyness that day! They were having fun and that's what it's all about.

McNasty is a great guy. He's pretty cool about shit and he knows about motors!
I had to braid his hair for him one of those days, that's why I thought about naming him "hippie", but, he told me quick what he thought about those "pansy pricks". LOL! No worries here, Filthy McNasty is a better name anyway!

We'll have to let you know about Myrtle Beach. It may conflict with some other stuff we do in the Spring. I'm sure if Blackstone is coming to town, it's sure to be good!

B.B. said...

Sounds like a plan!

Anonymous said...

Before making plans for Myrtle Beach better check last I read the City was not issuing any vendor permits during the month of May, advertising it as a family destination during May, the city had increased it's property taxes to offset the loss of revenue for the city. They don't want bike week. Latest I've heard anyway. That's what I read in easyrider's publications anyway.

Lady R (Di) said...

darlin...I've been hearing rumbles about that rally for awhile. We won't be able to go to that anyway. I hate it, cause if Joker and his Blackstone buddies go, they're liable to make their own rally! It'd be interesting to say the least!