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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've been having a hard time getting back into the swing of things this week. I don't know if it's because I'm pushing my tired old self beyond my limits, or because I still have Georgia on my mind. Truth be told, it's probably a little bit of both! Harley and I went to the Bainbridge Bike Fest last Thursday for a big weekend of partying and biking with a bunch of good friends. As usual, our buddy Big Ed will have the light on for us at Hotel Raptor. He's so good to us, but don't tell him I said so. He don't like for me to mention him. Shhhh!

We enjoyed a nice afternoon ride as we made our way south to the Bike Fest. Once Harley and I got to the rally grounds and paid our way in, we found our party relatively easy. The Lone Ranger just happened to be coming back in at the same time from running an errand and spotted us, so we just played follow the leader. We pulled our bikes into the circle of RV's and didn't even get our kickstands down long before somebody held out a cold Bud Light and said, "Ready for one?" I just smiled and replied, "Let the games begin!"

Peek a Boo's BFF from south Florida was here for the rally, and they claimed to be "Double Trouble" and have been for many years! It looked like Kit was going to be in for an interesting weekend, and I don't think he was disappointed. The three of them kept us laughing with their antics, the whole time we were there, until we pulled out Sunday morning. They were a hoot! (Did someone say owls?)

The Lone Ranger wasn't alone, he brought Strawberry to play with this weekend! LOL! This was her first time to come to Bainbridge too. She was lots of fun and we all loved meeting her. The J's, G-man, Hippie, and the Beav were also already there and set up for the next three days.

Darlin' and Detail came over Friday afternoon. Detail can do magic with his hands that would make your motorcycle look like brand new. He explained the wet sanding technique and several other ways he can wake up the beauty in a bike. Sounds like a man after my own heart. I need to introduce him to my girl. Darlin' is as sassy as she is good looking. I get a kick out of watching her in action cause, if you step out of line, she will definitely tell you where the monkey put the peanut! I just sit back and take notes. You go girl!

Taser bait and Flame finally got there, better late than never. Right before they arrived, Darlin' just had us all in stitches talking about how gloriously perfect, our friend Flame is. She's every man's dream, at least according to all our men folk. She has never shown an unpleasant side of herself, ever! She's always smiling and happy, never has been overheard saying a cross word to anyone, thinks everybody is a great person, and to top all that off... she has great tits! LOL! Darlin' says that when Flame makes an entrance, the angels in heaven above sing... Hallelujah! When she wakes up in the morning, humming a happy tune, the little bluebirds fly in with her clothes and drop them on her, and happy little chipmunks scurry in with her slippers, all the while, the sun is shining and the birds are singing! (Cinderella doesn't have a thing on our Flame!) When they rode their bikes into the camp circle, we were standing around, waiting for them to settle in. As soon as she turned of her engine, several of us in various octaves all harmonized an angelic note... Hallelujah! We all busted out laughing and she thought we had lost our minds. We didn't really, we were just mesmerized!
Lady R with Taser bait and Flame. Yep! I'd say they seem pretty perfect to me!

I was missing my pal the Road Runner this weekend. He wasn't able to be here, so I happily agreed to "man" the grill. Actually, Flame, Strawberry and Darlin' did all the hard work by skewering the meat and veggies. I had the easy part!
Woo Hoo! Cruising the "hood" in golf carts, the transportation of choice, is the Lone Ranger, Strawberry, Detail, Flame and Taser bait. The rally campgrounds were set up like a small suburbia of RV's, campers and tents, displaying an interesting assortment of sizes and styles. Traffic was allowed to flow in a one way pattern throughout the "streets" which were laid out like spokes in a wheel that came out to a six point intersection at the center. This proved to be a more challenging adventure as the evening wore on. The "spirits" flowed freely, and the growing population of golf carts and motorcycles became like a rush hour madness... only fun!

During the day, we took advantage of the nice weather and went riding. The scenery along the way was a pleasure to take in, and it was a beautiful day. Slightly overcast skies kept us from getting too hot, which felt fantastic. The Lone Ranger had a '78 Shovel Head at the rally that was not very passenger friendly, so I was happy to let him and Strawberry enjoy my girl for the day so we could all go riding together. I hopped on the back of Harley's bike and just enjoyed the ride and took pictures.
Georgia is a big peanut growing state and we passed this peanut field being harvested.
Don't let your eyes deceive you, this isn't snow. We're just "way down south in the land of cotton."

To be continued... stay tuned for the next episode of GEORGIA ON MY MIND.
Still to come: G-man saves a Hippie, Sexy Granny, "Smoke on the water", and much, much, more!

Lady R


Mr. Motorcycle said...

What a fitting title. It's like getting a good song stuck in your head.

Great pics, and thanks for sharing the memories.

The cotton fields reminds me of hail. YUCK. I hate hail! Being in the insurance biz and all.

MARCIE said...

That was a great read. I felt like I was there almost. We won't be riding this weekend because of the gas shortage here. Is there one in Alabama? I think it is just in the metro area and the suburbs..

Allen Madding said...

You were down in my old stomping grounds. I grew up in Camilla (just 30 miles away).

Dean "D-Day" said...

Sounds and looks like it was a great time! Wish I'd have been there!

(And yes, I'd have been singing "Hallelujah" right along with you. Flame definitely lit my fire.)

Allen Madding said...

Y'all coming to AMS for the Pep Boys 500?

Buckyknows said...

Looks like a blast. I wish we could have been there. Maybe next year!! Lee and I will have to try to schedule one of these trips with you one day.

We will be going to Biketoberfest when I return from Africa, but we are only going for one day.



fasthair said...

Ms Lady,

Beads... I see beads?!?! Fun times thanks for sharing.

Ride safe and have fun,

B.B. said...

Well, no wonder you're having a hard time getting back into stuff at home. Sounds (and looks) like you had a blast!

Lady Ridesalot said...

mr. m... I have been singing that song in my head all week. I think I'm going crazy!
I hate hail too! Although, it helped us get a new roof! LOL!

marcie... We had problems finding Premium. We had to pull into several places before we got lucky, and then we paid $4.oo a gal. Geez!

allen... this was a nice area with good roads.
Yes, we'll be at AMS the end of Oct. in our usual spot, in the infield near turn two. We got snowed on last time, right before the tornado!

dean... she is most definitely hot!

bucky... have fun at Biketoberfest. Maybe you can do a guest post. Let us see what was up!

fasthair... yes beads. Can't slip nothing by you, heh? Flame never had a problem getting all the beads she wanted.

b.b... I did, I did. I'm getting my second wind just in time to head back south to PC for Thunder Beach. Just so much going on! Woo Hoo!

Dean "D-Day" said...


There's pics of beads but none of how she got the beads?!?!

Peek a Boo said...

It's always nice to know that when your friends run out of beads, you have the ability to recycle and bring them back more.

Lady Ridesalot said...

dean... hee, hee! She didn't have a problem getting all the beads she wanted.

Peek a boo... LOL! You don't have any problems with bead collection either girl! Had a great weekend. Miss ya!

Peek a Boo said...

My girl came back up from S. Fla and we were at Thunder Beach....missed ya'll Saturday night, or should I say, ya'll missed us Saturday night. She and I were slightly out of control and security at Newby's had their hands full. YIKES!!!! What a night!!!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Peek a boo...I heard! Sounds like ya'll had fun though! I guess we came back across the bridge too soon!

"Joker" said...

Sorry I'm so late....!!! I don't know how I missed this one!

Looks like a great time, and yes, she does have great tits! Flame is HOT! Really cool of you to let someone else ride your bike, that's not something a lot of people do. There's a lot of trust there!