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Friday, February 12, 2010


The sweetheart holiday is upon us and I don't know about you, but I plan to have a nice quiet weekend with my Valentine of 30 years. Harley and I have shared some cool experiences and enjoyed many common interests throughout our years together, and I look forward to more of that to come.

The holidays usually make me generous, so I thought I'd share a little snipet of how we've managed to keep the zing in our zang. Check this out...

Red Hot Tango!

I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day and enjoy the weekend spending it with the sweetheart of your dreams. If not, maybe that little fat guy wielding a sharp weapon will find you and shoot your ass with his love arrow. Yikes!


Lady R


James @ Open Road Biker said...

Those big heads on the bodies freak me out! lol

Willy D said...

If you see a cupid like that flying at you; Run! Run like hell! And cover your ass.

Anonymous said...

True Love you can see it in your eyes Happy V day
Ms JR ewing

MeanDonnaJean said...

"If not, maybe that little fat guy wielding a sharp weapon will find you and shoot your ass with his love arrow."

Grrrrreat, just what I friggin' need...ANOTHER pain in my ass!

B.B. said...

Wow! You two look fantastic! :)

Motor-head Lady said...

lol...that was really cute!

Lady R (Di) said...

James... Dancing heads... should freak you out. LOL!

Willy... he's a handsome one, ain't he??

Mrs. JR Ewing... I hope you and your sweetie had a nice Valentine's Day too. See ya.

Mean DJ... Just remember to duck!!

BB and MHL... thanks ladies, it was fun putting it together. It was pretty funny to our pals who REALLY know Harley. I understand it caused a couple of accidents (the wetting of the pants kind)... so it was worth it.

Hope everyone had a great sweethearts weekend!

Anonymous said...

You are crazy-great bodies-but you need to lose weight in the head. Thanks for the card-it did make me laugh. Heard from the X that you might be coming to return the trailer you borrowed last time when you had to haul your cycle home. Hope you might have a few minutes for a little lunch or something. Hopefully, we'll talk this afternoon if you have time. Your freind, EM

Mr. Motorcycle said...

That's awesome that you two have been together that long. Hope you had a great day together!