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Monday, January 4, 2010


On New Year's day, my brother Bucky and I rode around and took some interesting pictures of things we miss about our old home town of Dubuque, Iowa. It was the last day of our vacation for both of us and I think we both were feeling a little melancholy.

This bridge signifies many wonderful things. Not only does it connect Iowa to Illinois and provide you safe passage across the Mississippi River... it was the path to later curfews and a wild night life. Back in the day, all our favorite hot spots in Dubuque would close down at 2:00 AM. But, across the river in East Dubuque, IL, last call wasn't until 3:00 AM, so... you guessed it! Cars would load up and carry as many party goers that would fit, and cruise across the river to finish our night of merriment. After that, we would then cruise back to downtown Dubuque and stop at this little "open all night" restaurant called the Monte Carlo to eat our alcohol buzz into submission.

The funny thing about rehashing these old memories with your family... we found out the ol' Monte Carlo Restaurant was a fixture back when my Dad and his pals were following the same youthful routine. Maybe that's why Dubuque seems so historic... nothing really changes!

Our Christmas surprise went great, and I plan to share it with you as soon as I can sort through my pictures and regroup. I've got to get back into my routine... and that's going to be a challenge!

Have a great week everybody!

Lady R


Webster World said...

It is great to hear you all had a wonderful time. We too had an eatery like that it was Walli's or Angalo's. Ahhh the memory's. The court house looks to have it's own history. Here we had been a GM powerhouse(all but gone now). What is Duduque's main industry? History nut don't ya know:)

"Joker" said...

I'm finally checking in...wasn't around much prior to and during the holidays.

I think it's really great you and your brother went back "home" for Christmas. Your parents must've been thrilled! If anyone snapped the "look" on their faces I hope you put it up for us to see. You're really lucky. I have no siblings, my father's been gone 10 years, and my mother lives in a sr. citizen's apt. building and at 85, no longer "goes out" for the holidays.

So my home is always wherever I hang my hat, and there are times I'd give just about anything at all to have both my folks alive and together again in their old house where I grew up. But that's all long gone now, and when it's gone, it's gone. Too many of us don't realize that until it's too late, so good for you making the trip.

My best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy 2010!

Bucky said...

I sure did have a blast, and we both know how blessed we are to be able to go home once in a while. Spending time with family is the most treasured thing we have. I would love to do it all again. Just not sure my liver could take it... LOL I did sleep about 8-9 hours last night... LOL

Dean "D-Day" said...

Glad you folks had a great holiday!

Boy does the pic ever bring back some memories for me! I spent a lot of blurry nights in East Dubuque in my younger years.

fasthair said...

Ms. Lady R: I was looking at the photo of you on the hill and I thought... oh she has one of those sexy Marilyn Monroe moles on her left cheek. Then I scrolled down and realized it was just a dirt spec on my netbook screen :)

I've been across that bridge a few times over the years. The last time I went back and forth I won 40 bucks at the dog track. Came back to Iowa and eat and drank it all then some! Must be the town that causes it :)


Lady R (Di) said...

While I was growing up, the three big indians in town were... John Deere, Dubuque Packing Co. and A. Y. McDonald. Very much a blue collar industrial haven. Now, John Deere is the only big industry still there, and Dubuque has had to resort to tourism attractions to stay alive. The Dog Track, Diamond Jim Riverboat Casino, and several of the oldest homes in the downtown area turned into antique shops and special boutiques. Alot of changes but nothing really new. That's why it still feels really "old" to me when I go back.

Joker... I'm very blessed to still have both my parents and that my siblings and I still love each other. LOL! I understand, not all families have a close relationship, but we've always been a tight knit group. We can thank our parents for that.
Happy New Year to you too!

Bucky... I'm so glad we had our time together. I will treasure this visit for many years to come. Getting back to normal... may take a few more days. LOL!
Why are we so crazy? I know... we bring out the best in each other! LOL!

Dean... I thought of you when we went across to Wisconsin to eat dinner. This time we hit some place called The Red Top Supper Club. The Prime Rib was excellent and of course, can't forget one of the best reason for going back there... hash browns with cheese and onions! Yum yum!!

Fasthair... Dubuque smiles on folks like you. Come on down... eat, drink and be merry... and they take American Express! LOL!
BTW... thanks for the Marilyn Monroe reference... I think. LOL!

Lady R (Di) said...

Webster... that first comment above was for you... but I'm sure you figured that out! LOL! :}

IHG said...

I love DBQ! It's such a fun town to meet new peeps! I'll be seeing you there this summer!!! :) Glad you had such a wonderful trip!!!!!!!

Willy D said...

Are you saying that your dad partied back in the day? Everyone knows that their parents “never” did any of that fun stuff. At least that’s what they tell us kids:)

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Thanks for the ride down memory lane. Dubuque, home of my first concert and contact buzz. Funny, that was was on the same night? Whod'a thought?

I drove across that bridge once in 1993 in the middle of a midwest blizzard. Visibility was only about 40 feet and there was no one else there. Very spooky-cool memory. Thanks again!

Lady R (Di) said...

Steph... I'm amazed at how much of it stays the same and, I got my fun with the cold and snow. So much so... that the cold air followed me home. Everybody around here is getting ready as if a hurricane is coming. Why you ask? Well, because our high for Friday is supposed to only be 25 degrees! Pffffttt! We southerners... just don't realize! LOL!

Willy D... We like to tell stories in our family... and it doesn't curtail anyone just cause your kids are listening. LOL!
I have pretty cool parents and once they realized they're job was done... they became pretty cool friends too.

Razor... I was drifting up and down memory lane for the whole week! Glad you could join me! That bridge has left me with a few spooky, but no so cool memories too.
Ever heard of fish flies? I remember one time they were so bad, the bridge had to close because it was too slippery. They had to clean off layers of dead bugs so the cars could drive across it safely. I got stuck in East Dubuque (across the river) and couldn't get back home. Problem was... I was supposed to be grounded and didn't make it back in before the folks. I've cursed those damn things ever since! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey friend-hope all is getting back to normal. Josh said they were supposed to go riding today & I told him he's crazy and he replied "we were supposed to but no". I said "even you who would rather ride than do just about anything else would not be crazy enough to do that today!" I didn't move 1500 miles away from my family for this ****! Poor dogs don't really want to stay out in this. Keep warm & hope to talk to you soon. EM

irondad said...

So, have you and Bucky gotten to the point where you're finally telling the parents the old secrets about mischief you were up to?

I'm pretty sure the parental statute of limitations has passed by now!

Motor-head Lady said...

Hi Lady RAL~ It sounds like you had a great visit. You are so fortunate that your family is close enough that you can all get together and it is actually enjoyable!

I hope 2010 is a great year for you. Thanks for the wonderful posts in 2009!