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Monday, August 17, 2009


This double arch bridge was actually the project of some engineer students, and spans across Birdsong Hollow on TN-96. We are about three miles from the entrance to the north end of the Natchez Trace Parkway and thought we'd stop and get this picture.

You cross this bridge within three miles of getting on the Trace and for me, it set the stage as to the beauty I was about to encounter on the rest of this trip. I crossed it once, turned around and crossed it again so Harley could get a shot of me riding across this beautiful bridge. You have to look real close, but I'm there! The view from there was awesome of the hollow below.
We got home yesterday afternoon and had a wonderful trip! The weather was great the whole time and I have soooo much to share. I definitely recommend the Trace for anyone who wants to experience some great riding.

Have a nice Monday everyone!

Lady R


Mr. Motorcycle said...

I love riding over big bridges. There is a Bridge at Minnesota, Wisconsin border that has grid iron so you can see the water below as you ride across it.

Nice pictures. Beautiful.

Bucky said...

I See You!! I See You!! Looks like a pretty cool place. Also looks like you made it home just before the big storm. Getting lots of rain now I bet.

mq01 said...

i love bridges, and riding over water, i dance all over the place... woohoo!!!!!!!! thats a beauty shot ladyR :) cant wait to hear more.

Mastercheif said...

That's a nice looking bridge. Very smooth and curvacious.

mrs rc said...

way cool!!!

WooleyBugger said...

That is interesting history on the bridge. I see you right above one of the pillars. How was the wind up there?

irondad said...

You really don't appreciate the scale until the second photo. What an amazing piece of engineering!

I guess that's another advantage to our blogosphere. We get to experience things we probably wouldn't actually see in person.

Road Captain said...

Great picture, I hope to ride the Trace someday. It's on the list!

IHG said...

That bridge is a work of art! Great photos. Can't wait to hear about your adventures. The south has such beauty. I hope to get there someday!

Ann said...

Glad you had a great trip. That bridge is gorgeous! But I'd rather see it from solid ground, not actually on it. :)

Willy D said...

That bridge looks like it would make one hell of a drag strip. The loser? Well, the loser don’t come back.

Lady R (Di) said...

mr. m... me too! I think they're way cool, but my biggest challenge is keeping my eyes on the road... and not over the side!

Bucky... It's about the only picture I look small in! LOL! The weather was great! We got a few little sprinkles on us within 5 miles from home on Sunday, but that didn't even get us very wet. We had an awesome ride! :)

mq01... thank you! Dancing over the bridges... awesome biker experiences for sure!!

masterchief... glad you like. Picture doesn't do it justice.

Mrs. RC... ditto!

Wooley... the nice man at our hotel told me about the engineer students designing the bridge. I couldn't find anything about that on Wikipedia, but it's beautiful none the less. The wind wasn't bad at all. It was fun!!

Irondad... I agree. I've enjoyed many adventures through my blogging pals. I'm happy to share.

RC... you won't be disappointed! Very nice riding. Great place for groups too, traffic is not very busy.

IHG... I hope you can come south too! I would love to show you around our beautiful state. Yes, the bridge is beautiful. I have more pics of it that I will share in my next post.

ann... say it ain't so! I can't believe my tough biker chick friend does not like bridges! LOL! No worries friend, I understand. Me on the other hand... I love em!! The longer the better! Woo Hoo!

Willy D... We pic of me riding in front of Harley across the bridge, but he was too far back... or should I say I was going too fast for him to snap a good shot! LOL! I must have been having them same thoughts! Woo Hoo!

Unknown said...

The Natchez Trace Parkway bridge over Birdsong Hollow and Highway 96 is spectacular. Probably the most photographed man-made object on the entire 444 mile Trace. If you want more information including a map, more pictures and YouTube videos go to: NatchezTraceTravel.com

B.B. said...

Glad you made it home safely and had a good trip. Love the bridge!

FLHX_Dave said...

Glad your back. Sheeeezzzzz...that's just another place I gotta' hit now, thanks alot!

Students? you could've left that little fact out...but I guess that will enhance thrill when I finally cross it. Hmmm...I guess none of use are really sure as to what the hell we are doing so...

Baron's Life said...

I am truly amazed at the quality of the design that the students came up with...it is gorgeous...!
I like the pictures with your two bikes together...glad you had a great ride...

Lady R (Di) said...

randy... welcome to my blog and thank you for the info. I can understand it's popularity... we probably took about 8 pics ourselves!

B.B... safe and sound... and tired! We had a great few days! I hated for it to end.

Dave... see my note to Wooley. I wonder if the nice hotel man was pulling my leg. He explained that a requirement for engineer students to graduate is to design a project that will actually be built. That's where the bridge was born... in the heads of a group of graduating students. I think it's awesome.

Can't wait to show you and BB around!

Baron... It's a grand site as you ride up to it... and even more impressive when you ride across it and look down over Birdsong Hollow.

I like our two bikes together too. They make such a lovely couple ;)