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Friday, March 28, 2008


For a die hard Rocker, I seem to have a lot of trivia in my head about country music. OLD country music. I guess I have Papa J and the Bear (my parents) to thank for that. I grew up in a household that the music of choice was Hank Williams, Kitty Wells, Jim Reeves, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, ect, ect..., need I say more? I could recite with ease many of Hee Haw's one liners, and could always tell you what Grandpa had for supper that night. I must have had an underlying desire make a statement to my folks, because the first concert I ever went to at the age of 16 was Alice Cooper! SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!

Montgomery has a lot of Hank Williams history attached to it. The Hank Williams Memorial "Lost Highway" is a 55 mile stretch of I65 between Montgomery and Greenville, dedicated to him. His grave site and museum located here, also attracts tourists year round.

One of our favorite places to ride is Lake Martin, which is about an hour northeast of Montgomery. Hank stayed in a cabin up in this area during the summer of '52, and it was then, he wrote "Kawliga" and "Your Cheatin' Heart". This is Kawliga Bridge. It crosses over a southern part of the lake. Back in the late 90's, Harley and I had a pontoon boat for three years. We spent a tremendous amount of time up here on the water. We camped, fished and enjoyed being able to get into some cool water anytime things got a little hot. We called it our "Party Barge". Woo Hoo!!

There is a really great little restaurant right on the lake called Sinclair's. In addition to vehicle parking from Hwy. 63, they have several boat slips out front, so you can pull up and enjoy some great food, while your boating on the lake.
The entrance to the restaurant is where their version of Kawliga , the Indian Chief is located. I remember, as little girl, feeling really bad for this poor guy when his black haired Indian Maiden was taken away to a far away place. What a heartbreaking story for an impressionable young girl. (Sniff!) Getting back to the food, they have great hamburgers, steaks, and their salads are meals in themselves! If your ever in this area, you won't be disappointed. Give them a try. We still come up this way often, only these days we're getting here on two wheels instead of on pontoons. This makes a great place to stop and have a stretch, eat lunch or just get something to drink, and move on. I just wanted to share some of our beautiful Alabama with you, and also to reiterate to anyone who cares, ROCK AND ROLL LIVES FOREVER!! Lady R


Ronman said...

Great to hear you "appreciate" historical facts of country music. I love the old country, guess it's from growing up in good ole Hillbilly Hollywood aka Nashville. Sometime I'll see if you know the connection between Kitty Wells and Patsy Cline. I always enjoy your post pretty lady and you certainly didn't disappoint this time either.


FLHX_Dave said...

Awesome! Awesome! Wow, loved the picts. It's my turn to be jealous. That's what I want to see, screw the coast. heh. I guess we all have some enviro-gold close by don't we.

Lady R (Di) said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

When you try to look at things with a new eye, you start to realize how many things you've been taking for granted. That's why I enjoy sharing my little corner of the country with ya!

Ride on! Lady R :)

-Connie said...

I just have to say I love all the pictures you post when you go riding! Josh and I are riding through AL when we go to SC, and I've already talked with him about taking a detour on one of these routes!

irondad said...

I'm in exactly the same boat with country and rock. The country songs I grew up on are now considered old classics. They say that Grandpa on Hee Haw improvised the menu every time and never repeated one. See, I told you!

Lake Martin Voice said...

Nice! My office is 1/4 mile from the cabin where Hank wrote those songs - "downtown" Kowaliga, Lake Martin.

I also have a blog that covers Lake Martin real estate and area info. Feel free to drop by.

Next time you ride through, stop by and say hi!

John C

Lady R (Di) said...

John - Thanks for stopping by. It's always to know where I can find another reference to our beautiful Lake Martin. Lady R

ultra242 said...

Hey Glider
I plan on mosying down that way this fall any chance you & Harley could show me this place & do a lunch at Sinclairs? Isnt that a gas station also...sinclair? Just jerkin youre chain.Cant wait to see what kind of skills you have on the road my Ultra Classic will be on youre heels!No not really I just like to cruse & see the sights

Lady R (Di) said...

Ultra 242,Hmmm. Sounds like a challenge. Well, ya gotta be here to find out! Come on and ride with us, we'll show you a thing or two! LOL! Ride safe. Lady R