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Friday, February 8, 2008


I know this expression has been used and reused for a wide variety of purposes. For me, it can only mean one thing. My jeans are shrinking! It is almost impossible to get those darn things to recoup their original dimensions without going to great lengths to stretch them out, hang them up wet, and pray that they did not have another reduction attack. It becomes inevitable to me that it's time to TRIM THE FAT!

I know this happens to other people too, but I feel like I have lost over 750 lbs. over my lifetime. No, I am not as big as a house, it's just that those pesky lost pounds seem to find their way back to me. If indulgence were an Olympic event, I would have a room full of Gold Medals! I have a love for Chocolate! I have a love for Bread! I have a love for Rich Cheesy Cassaroles! Need I say more?

So, I got together with some other Tooth Fairies (that's my day job), and we decided to form our own private little weight watcher support group. Hopefully, we'll do more than watch our weight go up! We made each other swear to secrecy, like we were members of the Ya Ya Sisterhood of the Traveling Pounds. Bravely, and somewhat hesitantly, we noted our starting weight on the "CHART OF PROGRESS". Each Monday we will return to this ominous "CHART OF PROGRESS" to notate how well we did for that week. Now, we will have someone to answer to for our weekly indiscretions at the Donut Hut. Talk about being in a lose, loser situation.

My willpower is going to be at the mercy of those sweet little diet crashers called the "Girl Scouts". They post themselves outside every grocery store there is during cookie season peddling their irresistable treats. Being a good foot or so taller than most of them, hopefully I can avoid looking into their pleading eyes as I pass through the gauntlet of Thin Mints, Lemon Cremes and my favorites, the Do Si Do's. Show no fear! United we will hold firm to our menu plans and aim steady to be the biggest loser! Just look kindly into their awaiting gaze and say, "Sorry Dear, I can only get two boxes this year instead of my usual four. You see, it's time to TRIM THE FAT!" Lady R;)


TS said...

Very nice! I love the Ya Ya Sisterhood of the Traveling Pounds!

DND said...

Good luck...I know you can do it. I too have been cursed with the shrinking clothes. Stupid dryer.