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Monday, March 19, 2012


It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! Enjoy!


Spring is everywhere! Have great week everybody!

Lady R (Di)


Trobairitz said...

Nice to see the trees leafing out and blooming. Hooray for Spring.

Canajun said...

I love the spring, season of rebirth and new beginnings. Still a few weeks from blossoms here, but all the signs are there and your pics offer just a taste of what's coming.

bobskoot said...

Lady Di:

at least you have signs of Spring. This morning had to scrape ice off all the windows. Minus -1°c and had a few snow flakes yesterday. Freezing forecast for next few days.

Riding the Wet Coast

Richard Machida said...

Our spring doesn't look anything like that. In fact, our summer doesn't look anything like that. Still -27°C (-17°F) this morning around here but clear and sunny.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Lady R:

The signs of spring are a lot more subtle here in the north, but they are unmistakable. You can hear robins in the morning and Harleys in the afternoon.

Great pictures. And I bought a cake yesterday that had a roll of toilet paper in it.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Webster World said...

Love it. This is beautiful. We are getting a break here lately but we know it won't last. What you have is still weeks away here. Enjoy.

Willy D said...

It rained all weekend and there was snow on the hills this morning. I thought this was sunny California. Maybe we’re about to fall off into the ocean.

Motorcycle Brake Pads said...

Spring is the good season for travel. Riders can watch the real beauty of nature in this season. The above pictures are very beautiful, i really like it.

Lady R (Di) said...


I love this time of year too. It's certainly the most colorful. (At least until Fall. lol!)

Lady R (Di)

Lady R (Di) said...


"...your pics offer just a taste of what's coming."

Consider this your appetizer! :D

Lady R (Di)

Lady R (Di) said...


Pooh! That sounds like NO fun. I'm already glad I don't have to carry jackets and sweaters with me when I leave the house.

Hang in there my friend. Your Spring is on it's way, unless Mother Nature decides to play tricks on you. She's been know to do that, ya know!

Lady R (Di)

Lady R (Di) said...


I guess the silver lining for you is... you don't have to suffer through triple digit summers. As a rider, that sucks sometimes!

Lady R (Di)

Lady R (Di) said...

Dear Jack,

I love the sound of Harleys in the afternoon! (I'm closing my eyes and imagining that... right now)

As far as your cake... I hope it was delish! Don't worry about the roll, it's paper... it'll digest... eventually.

Not your Betty Crocker,
Lady R (Di)

Lady R (Di) said...


It may be weeks away yet, but I remember living in Iowa having more of a distinct Spring and Fall. Here the transition from cool to hot only lasts about 3 weeks. Ugh!

Lady R

Lady R (Di) said...

Willy D,

California has been falling off the United States my whole life.

Shit or get off the pot! lol!!

Come down south! Leave your land of fruits and nuts... here we love it hot and lazy!

Your Redneck friend,
Lady R (Di)

mq01 said...

lol, from the land of wet nuts and moldy fruit, im jealous! ;)

nancy said...

I really like your post. All the picture is looking good and your spring is on it's way. In this picture i marked one think totally green tree and road are very clear.

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