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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sometimes blogging is just fun! Like today!

Brandy over at Trobiaritz' Tablet started a fun little viral game called... "Patiently Waiting For Spring" Contest.  All you have to do is take a self portrait with your webcam or face app, and post it! Add some unique effects to reflect your style and, there you have it!  You can check out her blog to follow some of the other happy, animated contestants.

Here's mine. I decided to go Warhol on ya...
Me, myself and I's
 Even though my temps are averaging 75 degrees now, I still thought it would be fun to participate.

BTW... check out my post from yesterday.  Another contest!! lol!!

Have a great day everybody! 

Lady R (Di)


BeemerGirl said...

Great shot! I was looking at one similar to this, but mine didn't turn out nearly as nice! You should print and put up on the wall.

Trobairitz said...

Good choice. You look great in pop art.

I too tried that one, and instantly trashed it, lol.

Technically even though you are seeing great weather Spring is still 5 days away. That can be considered waiting for Spring - just the calendar Spring. :-)

Thanks for participating.

bobskoot said...

Lady Di:

the more of you, the better.

Winter doesn't want to give up. More storms hitting the coast the next few days. We can hardly reach 75°f during the heat of summer.

Riding the Wet Coast

Raftnn said...

Cool...looks great!

Circle Blue said...

Great choice!

Here it has been very warm as well, still could let Brandy down.

Glad you played along.

Dar said...

I love the Warhol effect. Nice picture. Can you send some of your nice weather out West?

Lady R (Di) said...


Put myself on the wall! You're way too kind, but I thank you anyway! I can see what my friends and family would say... it would too funny.

Thanks for coming by and visiting Southern Comfort!

Lady R (Di)

Lady R (Di) said...


Thank you! I've always been drawn to the strange and unusual. Not sure if that's good or bad, but it is what it is!

Great idea to stir up some interesting posts! You're a fabulous hostess!

Looking POPular,
Lady R (Di)

Lady R (Di) said...

Dear Bobskoot,

You're might kind! But I think those close to me are glad they only have one to deal with! lol!

I very reluctantly had to turn our AC on already. Ugg... and it's just March! I usually try to wait at least till April before we flip the switch, but not this year.
I think we're in for a nice long hot one. (summer that is!)

See ya, ta ta, bye, later,
Me, myself, I and I

Lady R (Di) said...


Thank you Roger! I think these Contest ideas for posting are a great way to keep our blogs fun. I wonder... what's next?

Lady R (Di)

Lady R (Di) said...

Circle Blue,

Welcome to Southern Comfort! I loved the fact that you can ride all year long in Alabama. It's just a real killer during the hottest part of the summer.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lady R (Di)

Lady R (Di) said...

Dear Princess,

I would love to send you some hot and sunny if you could send me some cold and snowy!

Sigh... no such luck. My magic weather dust got wet, it doesn't work anymore. :(

Thanks for reading Southern Comfort! Have a nice day,

Lady R (Di)

SonjaM said...

Great one, love the feature and have used it on occasion. Does go well with a scooter as motive , too ;-)

Lady R (Di) said...


Thank you. I like it too, for all the times when one just isn't good enough! lol!