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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This picture was taken at Thanksgiving about 5 years ago. We had just put our "cement pond" in, and always in for a laugh, my Mom and Dad clowned around for this shot. (something weird happen when I scanned this and it made their legs look stretched out. Oops!)

I'm in Montana for a week, seeing Papa J and the Bear for Thanksgiving. Papa J turned 70 a couple weeks ago, and I decided to present myself as his present. Being the only daughter of four children, I can get away with that! It's been too long since our last visit and he was quite happy to find out I was coming. I found out recently, that they will be moving back to our home state of Iowa this summer as well. They have been living in Montana for the last 8 years, and Papa J says it's time go home.

I put this post together before I left, so I could have something to publish while I was gone. I know it's not about motorcycles or a great ride, but I thought I would share the story of how Bear got her name.

Papa J has always been a strong figure in my life, and I am just like him in many ways. Stubborn, always right and able to take charge if need be. Fortunately, my Mom balances me out by blessing me with some of her most endearing traits. From her I learned worry, humor, duty to family and most of all, a serious addiction to the java bean. We both love our coffee. If fact, I would say this is the key most important factor to the Bear's morning waking up process, as was discovered one day, by Papa J, while on a camping trip with some friends.

Once upon a time... there were three or four other couples, that decided to join them for a weekend of canoeing and camping. My folks got into canoeing after I left home, but their stories assured me, they loved this new activity very much. One morning, Papa J, being the early bird he always was, already had coffee perked over the fire, and was passing some out to all the staggered risers. He heard some noise coming from his tent, and decided to take, his sleepy wife (my mom) some coffee, knowing she really liked her coffee very first thing. Because he had made the rounds, he only had about a half a cup of coffee when he entered their tent to present his morning gift. She took the cup in her hands only to discover the half full cup of coffee and rumbled in a low and booming voice, "What the hell is this! You think I'm going to spill it?"
"Jeepers Creepers!" Papa J was always known to say, and skeedaddled right on out of that tent! The other couples with them, heard this exchange and gave Papa J some lighthearted teasing about a bear in his tent. Within a few minutes, another pot had perked, so he was able to fill a cup up to the brim. He cautiously approached the tent with a plan to make sure he was spared the wrath of that terrifying bear for a second time that morning. He placed the full cup of coffee on the end of a canoe paddle and held it out at arm's length, enabling him to stay clear of the tent by a good 3 feet, as he presented this offering of peace. When mom stuck her head out of the tent and saw what her hijinxing husband did to pay her back, all she could do was laugh. As did everyone else!

From that moment on, my mom has been affectionately known as... "Bear".

Thank you to my parents, for making me part of who I am.

Lady R


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Aaaw, Sweet story about Papa and Bear!

I though you came from some "really tall" parents! LOL!

Webster World said...

Loved it. The paddle part made me laugh.

Mastercheif said...

Wow, what a beautiful story!! You are very fortunate to have such fond memories of your mom and pop. Thanks for the, "warm fuzzies" this morning!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post as usual. Hope your time with Papa & Bear are some more great memories. The slide show of the in-law trip were beautiful-makes me really miss my family and the landscape. Happy Turkey Day-sorry they'll be no ass served this year!!!HA HA

B.B. said...

Thanks for sharing that story, it made me smile.

Big Daddy said...

Great story.
I thought for a moment you were 'strech' the story:]

fasthair said...

Ms. Lady R: "What do you think I'll spil it!?"

Now that made me laugh!

Great story thanks for sharing.


Ann said...

What a great story! And thanks for telling us the first picture was f'ed up. I thought they were circus clowns! LOL! ;)

Lady Ridesalot said...

mr. m... my parents aren't tall at all! I just screwed up the scanning process, and did not notice before I ran out of time. My brothers called us on Thanksgiving laughing their heads off at the pic. Oh well, what can I say.

webster... my dad usually takes it all in stride, but he'll get you back given the opportunity!

masterchief... my mom and pop provided us with a lifetime of great stories. I'm very fortunate!

anonymous... thanks for stopping by. Do I know ya? Do tell! The mystery is killing me! LOL!

b.b... glad to put a smile on your face!

big d and ann... my brothers laughed about it too. They said Pop's looks like he's on stilts, and Mom's legs haven't been that skinny for years! LOL! I promise, they didn't run off to the circus.

fasthair... my Mom has a really great sense of humor... just not early in the morning NOR without her coffee! See just laughed when I told her I was posting this story. LOL!

Bucky said...

I still remember that trip where Bear got her name. Pop's legs are not too far off on the picture though. I have kids and nephews who call him Chicken Legs...and for a good reason...LOL

I sure do miss those camping trips. That is why I take my family camping so much. Now my kids are talking about that one time when......

Lady Ridesalot said...

Bucky... we did a lot of reminiscing while I was there. I think it's cool, that you bros of mine are taking up where Mom and Dad left off, with your own kids. Family is what it's all about. Memories we make while growing up stay with us for our lifetime. I'm glad I have mine!