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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween is the kind of holiday where grown ups can be kids... and kids can be grown ups! I grew up loving Halloween. We could be as wild as we wanted to be with our imaginations for this one night and throw yourself into a world of strangeness! A few of my Panama City friends were here for our annual Pike Road Arts and Crafts Fair, which is always on the first Saturday of November. We were lucky that Halloween fell on Friday this year, and they would be here, so... we decided to vamp it up and go out on the town with altered identities. Woo Hoo!
My friend Red Light Roxanne made a great "Sharon Osborne", while Earth Mother turned naughty as the "Bad Angel". Marvelous Ms. M (taking pic) was "Gypsy Woman" and I had spiders all over me, so I was just a "Creepy ol' Cobweb". LOL!

We had an interesting time passing out candy while we readied ourselves for our own night of spooky terror. We saw several great costumes on some little people, and some of the looks we got from the kids were certainly worth it. Having fun at Halloween is something I always strive to do and will continue to look forward to it. So, fair warning to all you scaredy cats out there. If your found skulking around my place on this hallowed eve, be afraid... be very afraid!

Lady R


Ann said...

Great pics! Halloween is fun, but I didn't have such a great time this year.

November 1st is our wedding anniversary! :)

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

I beat the four of you had a grand time. Y'all look so darn sassy!

Funny story - when I was a kid my mom made me a Snoopy costume for Halloween. Now I work for Metlife...LOL! It was a sign!!

Rick said...

I love women in Halloween costumes. WOW!

fasthair said...

Mrs. R,

Aren't you just too cute?! I dressed up as a biker. It was a stretch but I managed to pull it off :)


Allen Madding said...

Ozzy would be proud! :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Halloween Rocks! Looks like you gals had a good time!

Lady Ridesalot said...

ann... There's always next year! Happy Anniversary to both of you!

steph... We were pretty sassy that night! LOL

rick... thanks!

fasthair... LOL!

allen... "Sharon" was the best one of us all!

mr. m... Yes, it rocks indeed, and yes, we had a great time!

Darlin' said...

I'll have to shoot you some photos from Friday night, Flame was our heavenly angel,with dirty knees which seems appropriate!!! Tazer bait, was St. Peter, which is how Flame got her dirty knees... Shooter was the devil and her hubby was bus driver for Hell Bus Line, which we all know, goin' to hell and we know the bus driver atleast all my friends will be there. As Shooter says, we're going to the good hell, Club 54 not the bad hell where it's all hot and yucky!!! Looks like you had a hoot too, we just love Halloween. Hope to see you soon!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

darlin... sounds like you had a great night! The costumes must have been a hoot! I can't wait to see some pics. Be sure to email them to me! Tell everyone I said hi! See ya soon!

"Joker" said...

Now there's a little Halloween Party I wish I hadn't of missed! Trick or Treat!!

"Come into my web, said the Spider to the Fly..."