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Sunday, October 9, 2011


One of my favorite character's is Maxine.  She's refreshingly honest, quick witted, and sassy as hell.  I've always said that I want to be just like her when I grow up.  I guess I've done just that. 

When we bought our Jeep, we were told by many, that it was just like owning a motorcycle.  The vehicle was just the beginning... accessories an add-ons to break the bank, will soon follow.   They were not kidding!  We already bought a soft top for it (ordered that the day we drove it off the lot... cha-ching!) and my eyes continue to dance with excitement as I skim through the pages of Mopar's Jeep candy catalog.  I didn't realize how much cool stuff there was to buy for a Jeep!

Never having owned convertible before, I'm all about riding around with the top down and taking off to the woods.  I just have to be very careful with sun exposure. I have a skin condition called Rosacea, so with that in mind, my first piece of Jeep gear was a hat.  Not just any hat mind you, but a really cool "outdoorsy" kind of hat.  Something that said... adventure!  I had ball caps galore, and fancy dress up Derby hats, but I needed something that would not only keep the sun off my face, but could also withstand the attacks of dropping do do, and the ability to stay on my head during extreme wind conditions.  I thought I had the perfect solution.  I told Harley I wanted a fishing hat.

So, on our first topless outing, we stopped in at Camo Country in Wetumpka, a great little camping supply store stocked with everything from boots to hats and lots in between.  I walked in... shopped...  paid for my purchase and walked out smiling... in less than 2.5 minutes.  How many women do you know can do that??

Back in the Jeep, I plopped my new hat on my head and asked Harley how I looked.  He studied me for a moment, stifled a good laugh and said...  "What took you so long?"

Well, for the rest of the day, my hat served it's purpose.  We had a great time riding around the countryside in our topless Jeep, and I avoided sunburn while snapping pictures of our favorite roads.  I was very pleased with my new prize.

That following Monday, while talking with my co-workers about how we spent our weekends, I made a comment about getting my hat for the topless Jeep rides. They all froze at the same time and gave me this look.  You know... the kind of look that made me wonder if I had broccoli in my teeth.  Or worse yet, a booger hangin' off my nose!  I'm the oldest of my co-workers and the only one without teenagers at home to supervise my sense of fashion.  I'm also the only one who doesn't really give two shits about all that anyway, but that's beside the point.  I like to be different, and as long as I'm not taken for a total freak, I'll continue to march to the beat of my own drummer.  With that said, I looked at their bemused faces and told them... "I'll show you.  Before the day is over, you'll all want one!!"

So I did... and they laughed! They took one look at me and my hat and said... "You look just like Maxine!"


Maxine... my heroine!!  To be able to go through life, doing what pleases you, without the shackles of worrying what others think sounds mighty nice. I've discovered that the older I get, the easier that becomes.

So... thank you ladies!  You've made my day.  And in the words of my role model and favorite lady, Maxine...
Lady R


Donna aka Froggi said...

Love the jeep, love the hat and LOVE the Maxine cartoons. LOL!

Now if you want to see another Maxine, check out some of the back blogs at http://dennisdonna.blogspot.com [she even entered a contest at one time].

mq01 said...

hey, LOL i have that hat :D

and i need that 1st maxine funny, but for oh so different reasons, lol!

ride on topless ladyR! woohoo! :)

Rhonda said...

Um, ya, you do look like Maxine ;) I have a hat similar to that. I bought it for our African Safari, and got teased endlessly about...a fishing hat for safari? I didn't care I liked it!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Donna... Thank you! Maxine is my favorite flavor of sass! I'll be sure and check that out.

mq01... had the top down all week last week. I'm loving it!

Rhonda... LOL! We're too sexy for our hats! That's our story and we're sticking to it!! :D

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Lady R:

Neat hat... If you are into that style, however, what you want is a Tilley Endurable... And they are about $100. I hve had two in the last 30 years... They are worth the money. Each hat has more options than your jeep. All standard.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Lady Ridesalot said...

My Dear Informative Friend,

I went over and checked out that web site before I answered your comment. Thank you!! I think I may have to get me one of these! The hat I'm wearing in these pics make my head sweat, and it's not the most flattering. I like the different styles, and reading about the "wick away" feature and mesh panels... well, I think it's going to be far better than the one that makes my head sweat now!

I'll be sure and let you know how my shopping spree comes out. Thanks again for the info.

Your "soon to be stylin'" friend,
Lady R