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Monday, April 15, 2013


Being on one of our favorite riding roads, Harley and I often stop at this little bridge to stretch our legs.  It's a nice quiet highway and I love to stand still for a moment and listen to the water, the birds, an occasional bee buzzing past.
County Road 4
For some reason, I'm drawn to water and love how it relaxes me.
Chubbahatchee Creek
 This past Saturday we stopped here, and when I walked across the road to look over the edge of the bridge embankment, I saw this really big weird looking plant.
It kind of looks like a giant Violet or Aloe.  I tried to zoom in on it and I don't think it's aloe... the leaves don't look plump enough for that.

I pose this question to my readers out there. 

Can you name that plant?
I hope you all had a great weekend!  After logging in 325 miles on Friday and another 200 for Saturday... I'd say my weekend was absolutely awesome!

Have a great week everybody!

Lady R


SonjaM said...

It's... green. Sorry I am not good at specifying plant life.

mq01 said...

its definitely not a sage or aloe. may be a violet, it has the right fuzzy leaves. hmmm...

Lady R (Di) said...


I agree! It is green! lol!

It kind of looks like those swamp flower Lily pad like thing... only it's not floating on the water. :/

Oh well... it remains a mystery!

Lady R

Lady R (Di) said...


The fuzzy leaves made me think Violet also. Hmmmmmmm...

Maybe if we get our Hmmmmm's right, we'll figure it out. lol!

Still pondering,
Lady R

Trobairitz said...

Never seen a plant like that out west so it might be regional specific. I concur with 'green'.

It sounds as though you had a lovely weekend of riding. I am glad your weather is cooperating.

Canajun said...

That looks like Mullein. We have it all over the place here; it's very aggressive and spreads easily. It supposedly has medicinal properties although we've never tried it.

Lady R (Di) said...


We did have a GREAT weekend of riding. I'm loving our weather right now and taking advantage of it all I can!

Lady R

Lady R (Di) said...


I just googled it, and it sure looks like that's what it is. I've never seen nor heard of it before.

Thanks for the clue!

Still learning,
Lady R