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Monday, August 1, 2011


Harley and I went 'sploring again Saturday and took the Jeep up across Flagg Mountain in Coosa County. I know you western folks don't consider our little foothills mountains, but they're still fun to ride on and the views aren't too bad either.

Taking to the woods and driving on these dirt and gravel roads have been opening new doors of adventure for us and I can't say I haven't been having a good time doing it! Maybe it's just me, but even with 4 wheels under me, I'm still drawn to great road shots! Allow me...

We found a couple new shortcuts, or longcuts... depending on who you ask, and I look forward to the changing seasons from my new viewpoint up on Flagg Mountain. The peace and quiet will be compromised during hunting season, however, when the occasional gun shot pierces the air, and yet another Bambi bites the dust.

Hope you all had a great weekend and here's to an even better week!

Ride free, ride safe... and ride on!! (or just drive if you have to) Just get out... and live!

Lady R


Webster World said...

Great pictures again. Now the folks out west have to realize the little hills to the east are far older then the weastern ones and a bit worn. Lookin forward to the changing colors.

Raftnn said...

Yes I have to agree, nice pics, and good too see youstill getting out there and enjoying some roads. When is HArley expected to be back riding?

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... Thanks! Majestic mountains are beautiful, but the south's Smokey Mountains can hold their own as far as beautiful places. I'm looking forward to going back there during the fall sometime. I want to go leaf peeping!

Raftnn... I'm an adventurous spirit and love exploring. I'm tickled we found this road!
As far as riding... I've only been out on the Glide a couple times since Harley's wreck. Once for my birthday last week, and I'm riding to work some. Harley is finally getting over the vertigo problems, but his left shoulder and hip is still giving him quite a bit of trouble. He may be facing additional surgery. :(
I'd have to say his summer is shot. He was very anxious to get back on the bike while he was still in Rehab enjoying a heavy pain medication high. Now that his head is out of the clouds, he's not been in as big of hurry. Time will tell us many things I guess. :(

Arizona Harley Dude said...

That Jeep will allow for seeing Bama from a different perspective for sure. Looking forward to tagging along and seeing some "inside" shots off the blacktop.

bobskoot said...

Lady R:

now you've got it, Jeep Porn. we used to go off the beaten path but not so much now we don't have the Jeep. Most of our mountain backroads are loose gravel, you need to put into 4x4 mode to go up the switchbacks.

next thing you will want a small dual-sport to take you to the same places on 2 wheels.

Riding the Wet Coast

Lady Ridesalot said...

AZD... This new mode of travel has definitely helped us enjoy some new roads we would never have tried otherwise. I can't wait to take it up to Mt. Cheaha. There's a fire road that goes across the top of the mountain that has ruts as deep as the length of my leg! We took Big Blue up there last year, but it was so rough to ride across, I was afraid we were going to break an axle! I'll feel a lot better in the Jeep. Roads like that is what this baby was built for. I'll be sure an share with you when we go. :)

Bobskoot... Our mountainous roads are making me hungry for some bigger game, so to speak. I think we should take it out west and climb around the Big Horns or go down to Jenny Lake and the Tetons. That would be the ultimate place to play!
Dual sport, heh? Trouble maker! ;D