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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Author's note: To all the Derby girls... sorry this is so late, but here it is. Finally. Enjoy!

What does a biker chick do when she's not riding her bike? Why, frolic with the fillies, of course! Some of you may remember the annual Kentucky Derby party I attended and posted about last Spring called The Derby Challenge. To my delight, the Spring Thunder Beach Rally is also held during the first weekend in May, at Panama City, Florida... my second home, away from home.

Following the annual rally at Holt (shew!), this second of a back to back weekend of high energy fun is a challenge in itself. But hey, I have four days to get my sh*t together and put my party hat back on and dive in for round two! A Friday night of "Happy Hour" that usually carries on long past an hour, followed by a big day of fashion competition, mint juleps (or beer!) and oh... a little friendly "pay and play" of the horses too!

Playing dress up is usually a little girls favorite thing to do, and I guess we never really grow out of it. We just manage to keep it in check some how. Or do we? That must be another reason I like riding motorcycles so much... I can dress up in leather, and no one is the wiser! One of the rules of the party is... dress as you like, but your attire must include a hat and gloves. We have fun with this and hold contests for who has "The Best of..." Hat, Gloves, and Shoes. We give a special award for the "Best Overall", and we always end up passing out a "Horse's Ass" award too. You just never know what a little friendly competition brings, when your dealing with a bunch of sweet southern ladies!

Red Light Roxanne won "The Best Hat" last year so she was the hostess with the mostess for our Derby Challenge of 2009. She goes all out when preparing for an event, and this party was no exception. We laughed at her rendition of what the Derby hostess should look like, in her "Maid to Derby" ensemble. You can always count on Red Light Roxanne to take it to the extreme, but a good time was guaranteed to be had! Woo Hoo!

We rolled out the "Red Carpet" for our competition platform, and everyone took their turn strutting their stuff. You can just imagine how fun and funny a bunch of ladies can be, when we decide to get our "freak" on. Especially when we don't have any reason to be shy here! As I've stated before, this is a ladies only event (with the exception of the bartender, Mr. Ed, who's harmless!), so there's no reason to hold back. And some didn't! Woo Hoo... oops! (Sorry folks, private joke here) Let's just say that the moon comes out at funny times... even daytime!

Without further ado, take a gander at this years winners.

Best Hat
(The Marvelous Ms. M)

Best Gloves (Dancing Queen)

Best Shoes (Sweet As Honey)

Best Overall (Crazy Chick)

Our Beloved Horse's Ass
Due to the sensitive nature of our Horse's Ass Award, the recipient wishes to remain anonymous. Truth be known... if it were'nt for her, we wouldn't even have this category! LOL! We Love you!! ;)

By time the horses are in the gate and the race actually starts, we've been in full swing for a couple hours, so we are primed and ready for action. I mentioned at the beginning of this post, that we "pay and play" for the winning horse. In order of fairness, we draw the horse numbers out of a hat, so it's really just a game of chance. Red Light Roxanne's sister was another first timer at our little party, and lucky for her... she had drawn the winning horse!

Congratulations to the Elder YaYa! She looks pretty happy!

Here's a little something I put together I like to call... DOWN AND DERBY!

I just love these ladies and my time with them is such a treat! I look forward to my Derby Challenge each year, and I am always trying to come up with a great "outfit" for the occasion. Maybe next year, I'll have to go as the Lady in Black... Black Leather that is!

Until next year... party on sistas!

Lady R


Ann said...

LadyR: Where is your hat???

Looks like you ladies all had a great time. I would love to go to the Derby...one of these years, I'm going.

BTW...great slideshow. I once won $100 in a karaoke contest singing that song! :)

Dean "D-Day" said...

Looks like you had a great turn-out this year.

Crazy women drinking mint juleps?!...Throw me in the middle!!

Mastercheif said...

You so crazy!!! Looks like fun! Maybe next year you all would want a Sasquatch to come entertin you. Looks live heaven for the hairy one!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

And where is Harley when you ladies are all having a ball?

Baron's Life said...

looks like you beautiful ladies had a ball and a grand time...
I have a female foot fetish...so guess who wins in my books...lol

mq01 said...

my kinda ladies!!!!!!!!!! dress up, and/or down, or (lol)..., we do it all ;) FUN!!!

B.B. said...

What a fun tradition! You all looked beautiful! Somehow I think I would win the "horse's ass" award. Don't know, I just think I'm really good at that sometimes. LOL
Thanks for sharing!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Ann... If you'll click your cursor over the first pic of me and my friend in red, you'll be able to see a close up of my hat. I chose poorly this year, because even though I was sporting that "Jackie O" look (LOL) it was too small to really stand out.
I love being freaky... keeps everybody wondering about'cha! ;}

Dean... Hope you like Johnny Cash... cause if you ever find yourself in the middle of all us gals DURING the derby party, you'll be singing...
"I fell in to a burning ring of fire. I went down, down, down, as the flames went higher! And it burns, burns, burns, that ring of fire... that ring of fire!" LOL! yeow!

Masterchief... see my note to Dean. You just may find out what it means to be tame. growwwl.

Mr. M... He was hang'in with the boys. We usually shoo them away and tell 'em they can't come home till it's over. LOL!

Baron... OMG! This would have been sexy foot overload for you! Knowing we have a "Best Shoes" competition, everyone has their toes looking their best! (easy boy) LOL!

mq01... we have such a diversity of women in this group, it would make your head spin. But playing "dress up" is something we all have in common.

B.B... I think you would have a ball. We don't care if your a horse's ass or not. We'll just throw that ass in the pool... that usually straightens ya out! LOL!

chessie said...

There's no doubt you and the ladies had quite the fun at this celebration of Dixie Belles...the Run for the Roses is an excellent chance for gals every where to play dress up...and revive the Dixie Belle tradition.

I know I'm missing something when I see how gals can really get together and enjoy themselves like this...

FLHX_Dave said...

This is awesome. I still wanna be the cabana boy at this deal just once. You ladies and put a bridle on me!

I really love reading about this stuff. This is just real people getting together and doing their own thing. awesome! The whole dress up thing is great.

Thanks for the ray of sunshine!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Chessie... I think every woman needs her support group of girl friends. They can fill a void like no other. As much as I like hangin' with the boys and riding bikes... these chicks rock!

Dave... your sooo right brother. Keeping it real is what it's all about. Besides... these ladies would see right through ya!

Cabana boy??? Come on down!! (just bring B.B. with ya!)

Webster World said...

It is nice that you have all those fine lady's to interact with. To have a fun loving an enjoyable relationship. And yea don't have to get 1/2 drunk to enjoy one's self. Bet you did have a great day.

"Joker" said...

Once again it's great to see you and your "posse" together again raising some hell along with a few hemlines. Sorry I've been AWOL for a bit, but I know you know what's been going on and I'm sure you understand how crazy things have been for me the last several weeks.

I'm really glad you and the girls enjoyed yourself, but next year I better see YOU win one of those "best of's!"

Lady Ridesalot said...

Webster... Your right about us ladies not needing to get 1/2 drunk to have fun... but some of us still strive for 100% inebriation! LOL!

Joker... No explanations needed bro. I hope things are going all right for ya.
I did win Best Shoes at the party about three years ago. I had some sassy foot wear going on that day. Don't worry about me... I plan to really WOW 'em next year. I'm gonna go for the "Best Overall"!

BTW... you enjoy the slide show? There were a couple in there just for you! LOL!

linda said...

Love your blog..looks like you had a fab day out :)

Lady Ridesalot said...

linda... welcome! Thanks for your comment, and come by anytime!