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Friday, July 31, 2009


Add this one to your bucket list my friends. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum is an awesome place! Five large floors of eye candy that will have you slobbering like a drunken fool as soon as you walk in the door. You'll be so mezmerised by the uniqueness and beauty of these fine machines that it just leaves you with a feeling of... Wow!

It is said that this museum has one of every motorcycle ever made. When I asked at the admissions desk about a book, the nice girl revealed that a book of the entire collection will be published when the rest of the collection is displayed. They only have 2/3 of the inventory out on display, while other 1/3 is still in the basement being made ready for their rightful place in the collection.

Of course I have my favorites, but I decided to prepare a slide show for you to sit back, relax, turn your speakers on and enjoy a stroll through this wonderful collection of vintage bikes.

I was very pleased we decided to come up and see this place, not to mention the awesome ride we had coming up Hwy. 25 to get here. I plan to devote an entire post to Hwy. 25 at a later date, as I like to consider it our little Alabama version of the Dragon's Tail. Woo Hoo! I want to bring my friends here so I'm glad I'll get to go back and visit this very nice museum again. It's like biker heaven... only right here in Alabama. Sweet!

Have a nice weekend!

Lady R


GYMONR said...

Love the slide show…great job!!!
Big Al

Baron's Life said...

Thanks for sharing this...great work...!

KT Did said...

Now that is a place to visit. What a little goldmine, this seems like it is at least a days work of just awwing and wowwwwing! Glad you showed this to us. I enjoyed watching the slideshow and loved the pic of tunes too!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I put a spell on you.... I bet that's how you felt walking in there! All I can say is WOW! I'm really impressed with the collection. How long did it take you to get out once you were hypnotized in there?

chessie said...

I'm very intrested in the museum...thanks for letting me know about it. I'll have to now put that on my "must do" list

Willy D said...

The hardest part about going to a place like that is the “look but don’t touch, and definitely no damn rides” policy. Like taking a junkie on a tour of a pill factory and not giving out any free samples! I’m going into withdrawals!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Al... Glad you liked! Definitely a must see place. Your not THAT far away. Let us know if you get over this way sometime.

Baron... Thanks! It was fun!

KT... the only problem with the slide show is... you can't really gaze at a pic and admire the detail. There were so many to choose from and I couldn't decide. So I showed 'em all!

Mr. M... I was thinking of that song while I was still in the museum looking at all those bikes. (...drooling)I just knew that would be my song of choice for my slide show.

Chessie... You could spend all day in there. Wonderful place.

Willy D... It would have been awesome if I could sat on a couple of them. I think they'd have frowned on that... just a little.

Webster World said...

Loved it Lady R. Bet it was a blast. It looks as it would take a while for the tour. How long? I'd have to drug my pretty little wife so she would not become aggatated. And I really like seeing the first bike I had. Toward the end was a 125 or 165 Harley. I bought a 1953 165 Harley Hummer in 1965. Damn I wish I had it today. I sold it for $35 made a $10 profit. On E-Bay $5000 for one that needs work. Thanks for memory lane.

WooleyBugger said...

Wow, now that does look interesting. I should get back down Ally Bammy way. Not many relatives still alive there so haven't been in many years.
Who are the tunes by? I was diggin on that as well.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I didn't come check my comments here yesterday. Sorry about that guys!

Webster... Just tell you sweet wife... it's like shopping for shoes! I don't know if she'll buy it, but it'll get you in the door. LOL!

Are you talking about the yellow one or orange? I wasn't sure which pic you were referring to. I wish I had taken pics of all the plaques too, that way I would also have all the important info. Oh well, glad you enjoy the show. You must come see it in person sometime.

WooleyBugger... Ally Bammy is still here! Not much has changed. Still slow and hot!

The tunes where "I Put A Spell On You" in the style of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and "Pride & Joy", one of my Stevie Ray Vaughn favorites done by The Derringers. Thanks and glad you liked!

Anonymous said...

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