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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dear Diary... a glimpse into the pages of a journal written by a woman rider.

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Dear Diary,

I'm in love... still. H and I just celebrated another year together, making the grand total 29 years now. Some would say that's a long time, but surprisingly enough, it doesn't always seem that way. After this many years, he still puts a smile on my face keeps me laughing. He knows how to make me happy and today especially, he went out of his way to show me.

It's been about two weeks since I've been able to ride my Glide and I was craving some road therapy. After our road trip to Iowa, we turned around two days later and went to Panama City for the weekend . H rode his Street Glide down after work Friday, but since we had to take the pups, I loaded us all up in the Mazda and went down early. I like to get there in the afternoon so I can go and have Happy Hour with my gal pals.

A ride that was planned for that Saturday pizzled out due to various reasons, so I was a little disappointed about that. Our buddy had a Shovel Head all ready for me to borrow, but since the ride didn't pan out, I hung out with my girlfriends, doing lunch and lazying around.

When we got ready to leave and come home Sunday, H came to me and said, "You better go put your boots on." Not understanding what was up, I asked why and he responded, "If your gonna ride my motorcycle home today... you better put your boots on."

Woo Hoo! He didn't have to tell me twice! We loaded everything up and headed for home... him squished up in my little Mazda with two dogs and a bunch of crap, while I glided home on his beautiful blue Street Glide. With the sun in my face and wind on my knees,
I was feeling that old feeling that's been missing the last couple weeks. Finding that feeling on a sweet ride like H's was even better.

I know it was a big deal for H to let me ride his baby. Some would wonder why, but other riders would know. It's a very personal thing. Your motorcycle is not something some can easily share. The fact that he was confident enough in my ability makes me feel very proud, and I love him for showing me that.

I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary present than getting to spend a nice afternoon, rumbling down the highway, rejuvenating the soul.

Thank you for the ride honey... I love you!



Rob said...

Really cool personal story. Wow your husband is really cool letting you ride his cycle. I break out in a cold nervous sweat if some one even looks at my ride. I think you just may have re-defined Love.
1- A strong positive emotion of; affection or pleasure;
2- An emotion so intense it severs reality causing one motorcyclist to let another ride their cycle.

Thanks for sharing!

Ann said...

I like the wording of Rob's re-definition. :)

I totally get this, and I'm glad he let you ride his baby.

Happy Anniversary!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Nobody rides my Dixie but me. I've had people ask and I just turn it around and ask them if I can f#ck their wife. That's about the same in my book.

You are indeed a very lucky lady. It shows a huge amount of love and trust. Happy Anniversary!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Aaaww, how sweet. So which is better, riding an Electra Glide, or a Street Glide?

"Joker" said...

I'm wondering what it'll be like to someday actually have that choice to make. Some folks are luckier than they realize, although I know that you totally know and appreciate what you have.

Jocelyn said...

AWWW!!! That is sweet and a TRUE show of love.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Great post!!! Congratulations on the 29 years!!!!!

Webster World said...

Lucky Lady R. you are. H sounds like a good man. I'll bet H is going to collect on what Dean said about riding ones motorcycle:) Or has he already?

mq01 said...

ladyR, :) !!! thank you for sharing this. i feel the love. what an incredible bond and relationship you have-mmmm just fabulous!! happy anniversary to you and your great guy!!

a local riding sister's hubby always rolls her bike out of the garage, inspects it, and warms it up for her. men like this, like yours ladyR (in my book) simply ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Willy D said...

Happy Anniversary! Twenty-nine looong years. Well I guess that the family that rides together…We’re coming up on 21 here.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Congrats on 29 years! I love your Dear Diary posts. Thanks for sharing another with us!

B.B. said...

Congrats on the anniversary! How exciting for you to ride Harley's bike! That is true love, and a sign of respect as far as I'm concerned!

Bitchy said...

Congrats to you both for 29 years. A man that shares his bike to make you happy is a rare and great man. Makes you wounder what he will do for your next anniversary.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Rob... Thank you and welcome! I agree that my hubby is very cool for this indeed. There's no doubt, he surprised me with his generosity that morning, or as you said in your definition... he was "severed from reality". LOL! His Glide is an '07 and I can say... I'm the first person other than him to ride it.

Ann... Thanks Ann! I get the feeling that you and Big D know what this true love thing is all about. Hope your having fun in Williams!

Dean... LOL! I've read that from you before and I totally understand and agree, as does my hubby. But, that's what makes this so totally cool. ;}
BTW...(Since I don't have a wife, and he is my husband, does this mean he has to go f*ck himself?) LOL!

Mr. M... Well, it's newer and shinier, Stevie Ray Vaughn blaring out of a CD player that I don't have was kind of fun, popping up through the gears of a six speed was really, really fun, and having a back rest gave me a new view of comfort on the road. Other than that... our bikes are very similar. I enjoyed riding the Street Glide, but I can't see a lot of difference between the two. The Electra Glide comes set up for two up riding with the tour pack and all, whereas the Street Glide is virtually the same bike, but set up with a more sporty look and gives you that sixth speed. But, you would have to add a few things (back rest, sissy bar or tour pack) to make it two up ready.
I don't think you would be unhappy with either choice. If you don't have to consider passenger comfort, I would definitely go with the Street Glide as first choice.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Thanks Lady R., Now I want one even more.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Joker... I'm assuming the "choice" your referring to is weather or not to let your wife ride your bike. All I can say is... he made some BIG brownie points with me that day. Being married is a lot of give and take. Give... and you'll be rewarded, Take... and you suffer the consequences. After 29 years, we've learned how much we can give and take from each other, and it works out pretty well.
All I can say is... Ride on!

Jocelyn and Arizona HD... Thank you both very much!

Webster... You don't think I'm gonna kiss and tell are you? Hmmmm, well I was VERY appreciative... and it WAS our anniversary... LOL!

mq01... Thank you! He does lots of nice things like that for me too, but I'm the kind of person, that I WANT to be able to do it myself. However, it's nice to know if I need some help, he's got my back.

Willy D... I love that saying! Why do you say "looooong" years. Are they better than just plain ol' "long" years? LOL!
Congratulations on your 21 years.

Lady Ridesalot said...

IHG.. Thanks Steph! I love writing my "Dear Diary" posts too. They are usually short and sweet and from the heart. Can't go wrong with that.

B.B... Thanks. Riding the Street Glide was a lot of fun, but after doing so, I have no problem keeping my love in tact for my own Glide. She's mine and I've got her just like I want her. Hope your having fun in Williams!

Bitchy... Our next anniversary needs to be one hell of a blowout. Our birthdays are about a month apart with our anniversary right in the middle. Next summer, we will both turn 50 AND celebrate being married for 30 years. I think a nice loooong motorcycle trip,with a big party at the end with friends and family is in order. We have a year to plan for it, so I hope it works out.

mrs rc said...

Congrat on your 29 years! RC and I are just coming up on 2...but they've been the happiest and most fulfilling years of my life! Somehow, I think that sharing the world of motorcycling with each other builds a stronger deeper relationship that will endure. (OK, it doesn't have to be motorcycling, but something that both of you can share your passion for). We have so many couples in our club that have been riding together for 20-25-30-or more years.

One day we hope to make it to 30 years (oh crap, I'm not really looking forward to being 70+ yrs old though!). Your big blowout next year sounds like an awesome idea!!!

Baron's Life said...

Congratulations on the 29 years anniversary...what a great way to celebrate this.
Many more years of bliss and happines to you both

Lady Ridesalot said...

Mrs. RC... I'm not looking forward to getting any older either! But, as long as I have someone to grow old with, I'm good with that.

I so agree with your comment about sharing a passion... it makes getting through life a little more fun.

Baron... Thank you! We had a great ride yesterday... just hot, hot, hot! Almost too hot to ride! Can you believe I'm saying that?

Ronman said...

Now that's True Love, confidence, and respect.