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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Harley Davidson has recently released the next generation of products in the FXRG MotorClothes line. I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in a product review, and I chose the woman's FXRG Textile Jacket. Let me begin by saying... I am VERY impressed! I received the jacket, back in the beginning of May, which allowed me the opportunity to wear it on numerous occasions before the sizzling summer heat set in.

When it arrived, I took it out of the box and started looking it over, and my initial impression was very favorable! It felt extremely lightweight while at the same time, sturdy and durable. I kept finding little surprises that made the jacket even more appealing than I had first realized.

The inside pocket system has all the usual compartments for your iPods, cell phones and glasses, but it also has an attached lens wiping cloth, which is very important to someone like me. I'm constantly cleaning my glasses and sometimes I forget to have one of these handy cloths with me. But with it attached to the jacket, I won't have to worry about scratching my glasses on my t-shirts and such.

Upon further exploration of this fine garment, I discovered the removable liner was finished in a way that you could wear it alone, as another light jacket. It has it's own set of pockets, nice finished gathered sleeves, and also sports the H-D FXRG logo, so your liner doesn't look like a liner. It's like getting two jackets in one! The only thing that may give it away are the 10 little elastic loops that help hold your liner in place when nestled inside the Textile jacket. But those 10 little loops are also another reason why the quality of this jacket is quite superior.

Most other jacket liners attach with a zipper and have one loop at the end of each sleeve and one or two across the back area. This liner is secured with a zipper, and 10 strategically located loops and snaps to keep the liner as one with the jacket, eliminating any gathering or pulling of liner material that tends to occur in other less detailed designs. This feels very comfortable.

The material that's lining the small stand up collars of both, liner and jacket, feels like a soft suede, thus making the jacket feel very comfortable against your skin. Mmmm, this appeals to the girly side of me. LOL!

The multiple zipper system eliminates any seeping in of cold air or rain, which I think is an excellent feature. The liner obviously has it's own zipper to close off from cold, but the jacket also has a second inner zipper with a nylon flap to help with wind penetration. So far, it's not been cold enough, so I've worn the jacket without the liner. I closed the inner zipper once, when it was a bit more chilly, and left it unzipped as the temps warmed up and I wanted to stay cooler. With all the zippers this jacket has, you could have a variety of air flow or warmth protection. I guess it would be safe to say... the temperatures would dictate the zipperage. LOL!

When I put the jacket on, my hubby noticed instantly that it seemed less bulky on me than my other riding jacket. Even though there's a lot more substance to this garment than my other one, it just looked like a better fit. The body armor located in the back area, kidney belt and elbows, gave me the sense that I had the protection, but without feeling like I was wearing a set of football pads. It is very comfortable, and the curvature of the sleeves are more natural feeling and less binding.

Adjustable snaps at the waist of the garment allows the wearer to customize the fit. The jacket allows plenty of room in my hip area while allowing me to cinch up the waist a bit to tighten the garment around me. These adjustable snaps would allow women to make the jacket more form fitting for their individual shape and size. Thanks for keeping us "healthier" girls in mind on this one, H-D!

I rode to work several times when the temp would be around 65 degrees in the AM, but climbed up to 72 or 75 degrees by lunch. This jacket was perfect for the chilly morning, while at the same time, it was not too hot in the afternoon when it warmed up. On one Saturday ride, even though we were experiencing a nice 72 degree day, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not get too hot in this jacket. 75 degrees would probably be my limit though. It gets too hot for even the "coolest" of jackets around here when the true summer temps move in on us.

I really, really like this jacket. I can keep on and on about the different reasons why, but the bottom line is... this H-D FXRG Textile Jacket is of superior quality and is most definitely worth the dollar. It might take you a little while to save up for it, as it comes with a pretty price tag. A $500 dollar one to be exact, but If your looking for a good quality jacket that will last, this one is worth considering. They warranty this garment for 5 years, and unless you pack on the pounds and outgrow your clothes, you wouldn't ever have to buy another one.

Some of you may think the hot summer sun has sizzled my brain (and it may have!). I still love to bargain shop, and I will remain responsible with my spending, but my MIL taught me some valuable shopping advice over the years. Her philosophy was... "if you'll spend a little more money for a quality product, your saving in the fact that, your having to buy it fewer times." There's so much truth to that. Besides, look how good it looks!

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas. Maybe a little elf near you could drop Santa the hint. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Lady R


Ann said...

Great product review! The jacket looks great on you. I'd be hard pressed to spend $500 on a jacket, though.

BTW..."the temperatures would dictate the zipperage. LOL!" is the best line ever!!! LMFAO!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Great product review. And you look stylin'!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Very sporty. No pun intended.
You look good in it. I agree though. HD has lost their minds. I'd never spend that kind of money for a jacket.

mq01 said...

ladyR, thank you. great review, great info, great pics. gotta tell ya, i have a 2006 fxrg jacket and i hate it. its too heavy (like 25-30 lbs), too bulky, too stiff, the armor is way too uncomfy, and i cant make myself wear it which sucks cause it cost a bundle.

it looks as though they have made an entirely new jacket. the fabric and flexibility shows like it wears very well. hmmm...

and ps, you look great in it!!

fasthair said...

Ms. Lady R: Why in the world I be dropping hints for this coat 'cause it's a chick coat! Which happens to look outstanding on you by the way. Not to mention just who would I drop these hints to anyway?

What I want to know is who do I drop hints to so I can get some swag to review? I've got a 20 year old First Gear that I just love. It's been rebuilt once in all that time. (zippers, it's got lots of them) I would really dig having a new one... hint hint First Gear. Or maybe the MoCo would see fit to let me try one of those kick ass FXRG leather coats for guys that would go perfect with my FXRG leather pants? They are seven years old now and just had the first zipper replaced.

Yes the MIL is right. Buy quality and live with it for a long time.


mrs rc said...

How can you NOT love a $500 jacket? Sounds great!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Ann... LOL! It's pretty steep by my standards too, but I can't deny the fact this jacket is put together very nicely. After spending $150.00 on the one I have, I saw first hand, that this one is no doubt superior to that.

Dean... thanks friend. I think it looks kinda nice myself. ;}

Mr. M... LOL! I'm hoping they come down on the price a bit, but as I said to Ann, I can see the superior quality in how it's put together. My hubby is even MORE frugal than I am, and he said the same thing... until he looked at the jacket. His quote was, "you can definitely see how much better it is, but that don't mean we could afford it". I don't think it would be a WASTE of money, just another high dollar accessory to go with a high dollar motorcycle.

mq01... I'm sorry to hear about your jacket, and yes... that sucks! I work hard for my money and I hate spending it on something and then not be able to get the use out of it.
I PROMISE YOU... this jacket really DOES feel very comfortable. After reading your comment, I figured, they must have realized their mistakes and went back to the drawing board.
Maybe this is why they needed some reviews on it, so they can get the word out that they've improved the design for rider comfort.

Fasthair... DO YOU HEAR THAT FIRST GEAR?? Give the man some new pants! LOL!
I'm impressed with the fact that your getting good long wear out of your FXRG pants. It's hard to put out so much money on one item, but sometimes you'll end up spending more on cheaper motorclothes, cause you have to replace them more often.
Thanks for the comment and your testimony. I'm glad to know someone out there invested in a good product and is still getting great use out of it.

Mrs. RC... well, I hate to say it but... very easily! I wasn't sold on this jacket until I got to see it first hand. THEN I agreed that it is worth the price, but I cannot lie and say it would come easily at my house. I would have to save up for a while to buy this, BUT... I would. It's great!

B.B. said...

That jacket looks fantastic on you! Thanks for the review!

Willy D said...

I’m with Fasthair on the 20 yr old First Gear. Best jacket I ever got. Wasn’t cheap then, aint cheap now,but cheap falls apart. Nothing wrong with spending money if you want it to last.

Lady Ridesalot said...

B.B... Thanks! It's very comfy. :)

Willy D... Thanks for the comment. I agree wholeheartedly, and sometimes it's extremely challenging to the budget to purchase the best products all the time.
But if there's something I really want and need, I will save my $$$ to get it.

Darlin' said...

Details has tried that jacket on the last few time we've been at a dealership, not that that happens very often these days, and loves it but I've got a fabulous Joe Rocket leather jacket, got it off e-bay most fabulous jacket ever and it's cut for a woman, but it was such a good jacket Joe Rocket quite making it according to the dealer, but I got mine for a song $400 on e-bay for $149, it's got the armore and zippers and all that, best riding jacket ever so I better take care of it since they don't make it any more. Love the review and you do get what you pay for. and.... you do look MARVELOUS DARLIN'

Lady Ridesalot said...

Hi Darlin'... woo hoo! You did get that jacket for a song! Way to go!

Good to hear from you. We are coming down next weekend for the 4th and I WILL have my bike, so maybe I'll see you out and about Saturday. Hopefully, we can get together for a "refreshment" somewhere.

BTW... never did get a pic of your new apes! What gives? How you like em? Hope to see you this weekend! Later friend.

Baron's Life said...

Did the puppies fit in there confortably?

WooleyBugger said...

Nice revue. A bit steep on the price but as already noted, if you buy cheap quality you'll wind up spending more in replacement costs in the long run. You can spend $500 for longevity or $200 on cheap each year and spend double.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Baron... Very comfy! Unfortunately, we have a leash law here, so they had to stay in. ;}

Wooly... that's the point I was trying to make. It's a lot of money, but the quality is there. I think this jacket will hold up very nicely for a long time. Thanks for stopping by.

Jovi said...

Thanks for the review... I've had my eye on this jacket but my husband would freak if he knew the price. Maybe one day! ;) It looks wonderful on you.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Thanks! My hubby is MORE frugal than I am, and even he said it's WAY better than the one I spent almost $200.00 for. When we compared the two jackets side by side, we could see without a doubt why the price was so much more. There IS so much more to this jacket!

Tell him it can be your reward for being a very good girl! ;}