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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Life is usually pretty good to me and I usually don't have too much to complain about. I'm lucky enough to be in love, I have work that keeps me comfortable, and my health is very good. I love to ride my motorcycle and I find happiness by the mile. I'm nestled in a cozy basket full of family and friends, simple things make me laugh, and I am very easy to please. Life is good... until it gets unplugged!

Last Friday, I sat down to check comments on my most recent post and to surf a few other blogs to see what's new. I got an annoying message, "cannot connect to the web page..." ect. I rebooted the computer, hoping it would reset whatever got turned around in there. I tried two more times, and nothing. I was definitely having some connectivity issues. I'm convinced that technology today is the root of most stress. I decided to call Charter Tech Support. They have helped me in the past, and I had faith they would be able to help this time too. Two hours later, we came to the conclusion my browser got corrupt, copped an attitude and took a walk. Just gone! Bye, bye! How could that be? I didn't give him permission to leave!

I made another call to a friend, Mr. Computer, who does this sort of thing for a living. He has his own tech support for many business here in town, and he assured me, blah blah blah reconfigure the browser blah blah blah save all your documents, blah blah blah, clean up and blah blah have me running like new in no time. (I understood all that!) Great! How much time did you say? My heart sank when he promised to have it back to me by the first of next week. Oh my! This is only Friday, and the first of next week probably means Tuesday or Wednesday. (Don't forget, Monday is a holiday!) Why, that's 4 or 5 days from now! So much can happen in that length of time! Oh no, my Information Super Highway has been temporarily disconnected! What will I do? I'M UNPLUGGED!

I hate to admit this, but I must be addicted to the net! I felt woozy as the walls started to close in on me. I started to think of all my blogging pals, emails to read, lotteries to check, and how life was going to just pass me by! I was bummed! You really don't realize just how many times you actually get on your computer until it's gone. I like to read blogs in the early morning while I drink coffee, and I check it periodically during the day. Like many of you who read blogs and write blogs, I have made some great friends, and I already feel so disconnected from everyone! (Funny, that's cause I am!) By Saturday, my friend Big Ed noticed my Technical Difficulties post and called to tease me. He knew my panties would be in a wad! Harley agreed with him and said I was already experiencing withdrawls. I tried to get him to read me some blogs over the phone, but, no go. They were definitely humored at my expense!

Okay, enough of this crap. There's only one thing to do when life gets unplugged. Ride! So ride we did! This was a holiday weekend after all. We went up toward Lake Martin and enjoyed some nice country roads and stopped in at Niffer's Bar and Grill for lunch. Great place! They have a band on Friday and Saturday nights and a really good menu to boot! After we filled up on delicious Onion Rings and Ruebens, we continued our little jaunt and had a really nice ride and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. It was certainly good medicine for my lost and disconnected feeling.

There is one other good thing about being unplugged for awhile. It gave me an inexcusable opportunity to get reacquainted with some other fine machines in my life, namely the vacuum cleaner, and the washer and dryer. Their usage seems to be getting overlooked more frequently of late. For some reason, these other toys lose their luster and desirability when there's blogging to do!

Well, it's Thursday and Mr. Computer completed my browser configuration, so my internet timeout is over! I'm back surfing the net and catching up on the latest. Thank goodness I did not have to resort to drastic measures like this fella here! Hmmm. Computer bird houses. I wonder if there's a market for this!
BTW... I'm able to post this so quickly because I've been preparing in advance, using some antique tools I found. They're called pens and paper. Cool! (Yes, it has been a long 6 days!) I've come to realize that life will have ups and downs and this I can handle, as long as I can still ride my motorcycle and don't have to go through life unplugged!

Glad to be back! Lady R


Mr. Motorcycle said...

I was wonderin when you were coming back to us!

Reading this post, it made me laugh at each and every paragraph.

You are too funny. You know the best comedians are the ones who tell jokes and stories we can all relate to. I guess that is why I found this post so humorous. Like the reading of blogs early in the morning, the checking back periodically during the day, the total adiction and withdrawl when unplugged, etc. LOL! I can totally see myself here, and have had other people make fun of me for the very same things.

I'm just glad your back!

Ann said...

SO glad you're back!!! Yes, it does suck to be unplugged! I also get a sick, dizzy feeling when we don't have the net. I wish I could've called you, because I would've read blogs to you over the phone, however, we didn't have a phone all weekend...it was just turned on yesterday!

At least you got to ride...I couldn't even do that!

B.B. said...

Glad you're back. Sounds like you had a good ride at least.
Yeah, the vacuum and washer and dryer are no longer fun toys. But that happened long before I got my bike. LOL

Big Daddy said...

Welcome Back!!
Sorry you got Unplugged.
I always thought those were battery operated...OHH! I just reread your post. wrong equipment....:]

Dean "D-Day" said...

I know what you mean. I go through withdrawals myself if I'm not surfin' at least a few times a week. Missed ya!
BTW...Did you get the picture of the rivet I sent?

Big D-

irondad said...

I'm always worried about becoming too addicted to technology. On the computer I let myself go wild. For other things, I try to stay more old school. For example, while a lot of people use a PDA, I use a PAD ( personal analog device you write on ).

Appreciated the humor!

FLHX_Dave said...

Glider Rider, live and unplugged. Pleased you are back and up. I have some things for you that might help this from happening again. All free stuff.

Awesome story. I have been really busy lately and I am having withdrawls. Funny story and enjoyed the read. "blah, blah, blah" is what most people hear when tech support is talking. "I'll fix it." is all I want to hear.

Road captain said...

Awesome post Lady R! I was laughing at every paragraph and I don't do that too often.
I'm sure everyone is glad you are back. We all get sick and dizzy if we don't get your comments.
You need to get Harley his own computer for Christmas... as your backup!

Lady Ridesalot said...

mr. m.... thank you for the wonderful compliment! I have always aspired to be a comedian in spite of my parents and teachers constant attempts to squelch my enthusiasm! LOL! Your right about connecting to people through experiences, you've got to be willing to put yourself out there, and hopefully, everyone will laugh WITH you, not at you!

ann...you don't know how many times that exact thought crossed my mind. By the second day I was wishing I could pick up the phone and chat with some of you! You have become my friends and I missed you!

b.b...some toys just aren't fun to play with anymore!

big d... WOW! An electric one with no batteries? Hmmmmm. That sounds like infinite happiness! :}~~

dean... yes I got the pic. I sent you an email. Thanks so much again friend! The guys really appreciate it.

irondad... sometimes those old antiquated tools are more valuable then our high dollar techno toys. Old school ways will never die... there has to be a foundation for everything.

dave... I'm always up for free stuff. I have thought about getting a lap top for a back up, but I really can't justify it. Besides, until I could figure out how to attach it to my dash... hmmm.

rc... glad I could make you laugh. I had to laugh at myself too. I was pitiful. See my comment to ann. You don't know how often I had the thought... "Gee, it would be nice if I could call somebody at talk awhile. I need a fix!"

Thanks everyone for your understanding and supportive comments. I am very glad to be back!

"Joker" said...

Oh I know how you feel, though thankfully for me I was only down for about 2 days, and was able to fix the problem myself.

I too feel very disconnected without my computer. The 9 days I was on my Milwaukee trip are the longest I've gone without tapping the keys in about 10 years!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Joker.... ya think we could come up with a way to mount a lap top onto our dash? That would be some real time reporting, heh? LOL! I'm glad you were able to handle your dilemma. I felt like a lost child.