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Monday, September 15, 2008


Harley captured this shot while he and his buddies were on their "boys trip" to the Grand Canyon a couple years ago. He was lagging back to take pics and got this beautiful shot of Big Ed waiting on the side of the road for him. LOL! Have a great Monday everybody!


Ann said...

One of the reasons I love this great state! How beautiful!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Very cool.
Reminds me of the Badlands.

Big Daddy said...

Kinda expalains why I got inspired to write when I moved out here.
Can't help but be creative surrounded by that kind of beauty.;]

FLHX_Dave said...

This is my next big adventure. I dream about it all the time. I have been so close so many times but just wasn't able to get there. The dream lives on!!!

ultra242 said...

looks like a place i wanna live at IOWA sucks

KT Did said...

So beautiful. This is why we love to ride!

B.B. said...

That is beautiful. Dave and I are planning a Grand Canyon trip, hopefully soon.

Lady Ridesalot said...

ann and big d... your state is very beautiful! I can certainly see why you love it and what an inspiring place it can be.

mr. m... I think it's funny how one state will remind you of another state (as far as scenery goes). My friend likes a shortcut road we travel often, when we leave Montgomery to go to Florida. She says that road reminds her of home in Mass.

dave and bb... you would love that ride. I had to enjoy it through Harley's pics too, but we will be going there again, one day. From the stories I've been told, we won't go in July or August!

ultra... aw, come on,you don't really mean that. You know the ol' saying... "IOWA is a great place to grow." LOL! Just remember bro, it is what it is!
(IHG... if you read this, don't hold it against him. He lives in Iowa! He's just sore cause he used to live in Montana and misses it really bad.)LOL!

KT... Amen sister. What could be better than riding down a road that teases with mystery and delivers breathtaking beauty! A rider's dream.

Rick said...

I have yet to ride out West. I am so looking forward to it.

Buckyknows said...

I have to agree with Ultra on this one. I visited Iowa recently and it reminded me of why I left. I too miss Montana greatly... Florids sux. Way too hot!!


Lady Ridesalot said...

rick... the west is has mile after mile of great riding. You should definitely plan a trip that way.

bucky... I know you guys miss being out west. And yes, it's hot here in the south. You get used to it after awhile and just learn to deal with it. Cheer up dudes! Get on your motorcycles and ride! The road therapy will be good for you. (Enjoy your scenery while your at it!)

Buckyknows said...

Boy I would sure love to partake in a little rider therapy right now, but I am back in Africa again. I will be here till the 15th of October... Just in time for Biketoberfest in Daytona... YIPPIE!!