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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Gone... another year. My, how time flies!

Looking back on 2011 leaves me savoring in thoughts wrought with highs and lows. Even though the year brought about a few unexpected surprises, I have much to be thankful for, all of which makes the memories and experiences of these last 12 months that much more valuable.  I would like to say things were perfect but, I figured out a long time ago; life is what you make of it... imperfections and all.

Looking back on County Rd. 29 in Coosa County.
So, here's to looking back! Looking back is good for reflection, however, I plan to use that reflection to embrace the New Year with vigor and determination.  I have a mental checklist of behaviors I plan to change, memories I need keep, and baggage I need to throw away... for good!

I think turning the page on the calendar is going to feel good this year.


Lady R

Author's Note: I know I missed my posts this week, but I had some wonderful family time in Iowa and enjoyed my trip back home immensely (even though I didn't get to experience even the first snow flake!).


mq01 said...

fabulous! i know im throwing some baggage out too, lol! 2012 will be magical, i can feel it! happy new year to you and family
"?::::::::::::::::::::::: (and cinco just said hi lol) ladyR!

Trobairitz said...

A very Happy New Year to you.

All the best wishes for a healthy happy baggage free 2012.

bobskoot said...

lady R;

what kind of baggage are you throwing away? does it fit me ? can I use any of it ?

See what happens ? you buy a Jeep and it doesn't snow.

Have a very Happy New Year

Riding the Wet Coast

Raftnn said...

All the best to you and HArley for the new year.

Jim P said...

Time flies when you're having fun! Six months ago, we were getting ready to move from Wa. state, to the south! We were lucky to find this place in Tennessee, otherwise, next step was going to be Texas. I always say that there's no looking back; otherwise you can't see where you're going !

Lady R said...

MQ01... I've come to realize that some of my baggage is keeping me from freely moving on. It must go. Tell Cinco we said Hi too! :)

Trobairitz... It's hard letting go. Objects you can toss... ideals and emotions are a little more challenging, but I'm ready.

Bobskoot... Can you wear a ladies large? lol! AND... Not even the first flake! :( Maybe next time!

Raftnn... the same to you, my friend.

Jim P... I think I'd rather be in TN than TX myself. Hope your settling in okay. You have many nice roads there. Enjoy!!