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Friday, December 23, 2011


Don't forget... Jesus IS the reason for the season!


Red... my Christmas brother! (and favorite clown!)
My brother Red shares his birthday with Jesus.  I always felt sorry for him not getting to have a special day all to himself, but hey... not everybody can be as special has he is! I love you bro... and Happy Birthday!!



Arizona Harley Dude said...

Nice to see your brother embracing the Hispanic culture. Not sure why they name their kids Hey Souse though.

Bucky said...

This just goes beyond what words can express. This Boy Just Ain't Right!!! Gonna miss all of you up there this year. Love you all. Hug Moms neck for me.

mq01 said...

lol azhd! but that would be javier or jose, oh yaya ok...lol! :) happy birthday bro and merry christmas all!

bobskoot said...

Happy Birthday Red:

I feel for you. All these years with only ONE combined present, instead of two. We'll celebrate your special day by having a bite of Turkey in your Honour

Riding the Wet Coast

Lady R said...

AZD... You're being nice. About the only thing my brother Red embraces is how far he can push the envelope! He usually keeps us all in stitches cause he's so entertaining, but that's just one of the reasons we all love him so!

Bucky... yeah... but if we don't claim him... no one else will! We already miss you bunches! Talk to you later bro, I love you!

Mq01... Thanks for the wishes! We plan to help him celebrate Christmas night, after the merriment settles down a bit, then it will be time to crank up the Birthday Party! That's when Santa goes out, and the Captain comes in. (Morgan, that is!) Woo Hoo!

Bobskoot... that would be very nice of you, he likes turkey! He pretty much got got the short end of birthdays, that's for sure. I don't know how many times, as kids, on the morning of his birthday, we would be crazy and excited looking at all the stuff Santa brought us, and all of a sudden we would stop... "oh yeah, Happy Birthday Jeff!" Poor kid. I don't guess having a Christmas day birthday is that fun as a kid, but it gets better as a grown up. Thanks for the birthday wishes for him... I will be sure to pass them along!

WooleyBugger said...

Clown or nut? Hey, you should make him an acorn nut hat with fur trim.

Canajun said...

Reminded me of a comment I heard the other day when someone was musing about the 3 wise men showing up at the manger, and one said to the baby Jesus, "This gift is for your birthday AND Christmas".

Merry Christmas (and birthday) to you and yours!

Willy D said...

Is that a warm beer at 6:00 AM?

Oh well. What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets. Party on troops.

Webster World said...

It would be a bummer other than who you get to cellabrate it with. Jesus. Pretty cool when you think of it. If it were July 20 he'd of had to of done it with me. Hummm Kevin or Jesus?

Lady R said...

Wooley... I can see him wearing one now! He'd have too much fun with something like that. There's not much that he won't do... especially if dared!

Canajun... Thanks! We had a great celebration of both!

Willy D... That's probably what made his eyes go sideways! lol!

Webster... LOL! Never thought of it like that. Good point!