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Monday, November 28, 2011


I hope you all survived the Thanksgiving holiday, complete with full bellies and kicks in the shins (that's for all you black Friday shoppers!) Mine was a very lazy one this year, but it was totally the best.  Harley and I went back up to the mountain to see if we could get our bee hive and it appears (as RichardM stated in his comment) someone probably used it for target practice. It was shot to hell and back... left nothing but gray confetti hangin' on a stick. It was not purty! Damn Richard, how did you know?

Anyway, my monitor went bad last week and I didn't replace it until yesterday, so I wasn't able to ponder over my photos and prepare properly for my Pic of the Week. Forgive me folks, but I'll try to do better next time. 

This pic has been hanging around my files for a long time and for some crazy reason, I just can't delete it.  I know I'm grasping here, but I always thought there would be an appropriate time for a pic like this. Today... is that time.


I think I'll let you all tell me what YOU see. I know what this cloud looks like to me, and I was wondering of anybody else sees what I see. Please comment and let me know!

Have a great week everybody, and don't forget... Name that cloud!

Lady R


Jim P said...

I enjoy reading you comments, and am also a longtime rider (since the early 60's)on and off road. I presently ride an '02 FXDL.

Where I used to live in Wa. state,there were always weird shaped clouds around the top of Mt. Rainier. I don't see much of that since I moved here to Middle Tennessee.

Ann said...

Looks like a frog to me. :)

RichardM said...

Honest! It wasn't me.

I was thinking that the cloud resembles some Sesame Street character. A frog works for me....

SonjaM said...

It isn't ginger coloured but it resembles Garfield.

Lady R said...

Jim P... Welcome to my blog! I've always wanted to visit Washington state. I had some cousins that lived in Clallum Bay for years and my Aunt always told me it was as far west and north you can go and still be in the United States. I guess Neigh Bay would trump that, but maybe to the locals, it's close enough.
I'm surprised you don't see interesting clouds in Tennessee... maybe you should look up more. LOL! :)

Ann and RichardM... yes! I can see a frog too. See? You guys are good at this game.

RichardM... (concerning the bee hive) okay. If you say so. But I'm watching you! lol!

Sonja... Garfield! I love him, and I can see him too.

To all... When one of my nephews was little, it was all about great jammies. Little boy PJ's came in all characters (Superman, Hulk, Big Bird, etc..) and my nephew slept with them nightly. But there was one particular character that he absolutely loved and he had this guy on everything. Lunch boxes, underwear, socks... and jammies.
Well,I saw this cloud (on whatever day it was) and my first thought was... "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE!"

Yes... I'm deranged. Just send get well cards. I'll be alright. :\

Eve said...

Looks like Jabba the Hutt to me LR!!! hahahahahaha!!

bobskoot said...

Lady R:

I still think it's the . . .

"Pilsbury Dough Boy",

but then again I am usually thinking about food.

Riding the Wet Coast

No Name said...

I was gonna say 'cumulonimbus' but that isn't what the post is about, is it?

Lady R said...

Eve... Ha Ha... I see Jabba too! What great imaginations you all have.

Bobskoot... LMAO!! You're such a funny guy!

No Name... lol! NO! But if we were in Science class... you'd get an "A"!

irondad said...

I'm sorry, my mind went somewhere else. Now I'm blushing.

Webster World said...


Willy D said...

Frog? Where? I see a pterodactyl getting ready to swoop down and eat a frog. But I always see things that aren’t there. So I guess I’m still normal.

Lady R said...

Irondad... Oh my... dare we ask? ;]

Webster... ribbet! BTW... how was the trip? Miss the warm yet?

Willy D... That's okay, we'll just light up another one and not worry about it. BTW... haven't you heard? Abnormal is the new normal. That means we're A-OK!

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Lady R:

The correct answrr is obvious: "It's cool cloud." This is a cloud wearimg dark sunglasses, glancing over the trees. It could be a frog, or a politician, which is another sort of wart-causing personage.

Merry Christmas.
Twisted Roads

Lady R said...

Dear Mr. Riepe,

I spotted the "cool" factor in this cloud as soon as I saw it. The dark glasses, which I also thought resembled a mask, is not the only think that sets this cloud apart from the others... it's that smooth smile resting right under those glasses that looks like it's wooing the other clouds.

Hmmmm. If clouds had names, I bet his would be Jack. ;}

Just sayin'
... and smilin',
Lady R

mq01 said...

LOL! wow, oscar the grouch too.

i wanna know what no name is thinking. maybe. ;)