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Monday, November 21, 2011


Harley and I have been hunting new roads and trails that lets us play in our Jeep the way Jeeps are meant to be played with.  Last Saturday, we were in the woods away from all other traffic, enjoying the comfortable temperatures of fall when Harley spotted this huge wasp nest.


It was the biggest wasp nest I've ever seen!  We sat there and watched it for a while to see if it was still active.  Harley had this big idea to cut it down and take it home with us.  Although we both agreed that this would look cool hanging in our backyard, neither one of us was willing to go tap it to see if it was full of bees!!

We had the machete, but we didn't have any way of wrapping it up or carrying it.  I think we'll visit that place again, armed with wasp spray and a plastic garbage bag.  Probably not the smartest plan I've ever had, but certainly the most daring. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I guess I'll be like Paul Harvey next week and give you all... "the rest of the story!"

Have a great week everybody!

Bee Keeper Wannabe,
Lady R


Brady Steffl said...

Lady R,

What, you're not willing to hit hives with sticks? Where's your sense of adventure. By the way, I hate bees, their honey is delicious,but I was stung this summer and it reminded me of how unpleasant they can be in person.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

RichardM said...

An acquaintance mentioned that he loves to shoot these with a shotgun. You are a reasonable distance away and the wasps don't have a clue what happened or whom to blame.

bobskoot said...

Lady R:

if you are going to use a baseball bat to hit it down, then make sure to wear RED, Bees are color blind and cannot see red


just don't wear RED into a Bull Ring, or a RED cape

Riding the Wet Coast

bobskoot said...

Lady R:

Typo: should read NOT wear RED

Riding the Wet Coast

KT Did said...

I have never seen one so huge and actually in nature and not on a roof someplace. It looks like its pretty low to the ground too. Were there any active bees?

Lady R said...

Brady... The funny thing was, a mere garbage bag was the only thing in between me and my perilous task. (Like a thin piece of plastic was going to save me from a agitated swarm!) Besides, I told Harley it would be our luck, that we would get the giant nest home just to find out our neighborhood bees would be happy to hangout in the leftover's of some other buzzer's condo. We are going to go back there this weekend though and see if we can get it... for real. It's an awesome prize!

Richard M... sounds reminiscent of kicking over ant hills. Buwahahahaha! I think this one was dormant... we'll see. Shotgun, huh? Hmmmmmm.

Bobskoot... Red! I have red! Gonna hit it with a machete though, not a ball bat. I want my first swing (or Harley's) to count! lol!

KT... It was huge! The entry hole was about eye level, so we'd be able to reach it with no problem. We just want to make sure the nest has served it's purpose and is dormant. We plan to go back up this weekend to get it... if someone hasn't beaten us to it. I'll be sure and post about it if we're successful. It's totally the coolest thing!

PapaJeff said...

Hi, Lady R:

First time to pass by your blog, and I really like your layout. One thing about the nest - it's a hornet's nest, not wasps or bees. Be very careful if you go back for it! If it's pretty cold weather you should be all right.

Keep the shiny side up!


Lady R said...

Papa Jeff... we went back to try and get it Wednesday. I was so disappointed when we found it again... seems that someone (RichardM?!?!) decided to blow the crap out of it with a shotgun. It was hanging in shreds, not very pretty!

BTW... welcome to my blog. Glad to have ya!!