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Monday, March 7, 2011


Gas prices are in the news again as they creep higher and higher, but not everything has to be doom and gloom around the pumps. One day last summer, Harley and I pulled in at some country gas station to fuel up the Hogs, when we noticed this elderly gentleman filling up his vehicle as well.

I thought it was pretty cool and unusual to see a riding lawn mower parked at the gas pump so I thought I'd snap a pic. As I walked over to the man to ask him permission, he started putting the nozzle back on it's handle when he noticed me. I said... "Darn, I was going to see if you would let me snap a picture of you filling up your mower." He was a pretty cool ol' dude as he plastered a big smile on his face and replied... "Well, here, I'm sure I need to top it off a little more." He was happy to pose for me while I took my shot.

He told us he lived about a quarter mile down the road and always rides his mower up to the station. Lawn mower man was very happy to explain to us that he was on his way to cut his widowed sister-in-law's lawn and anybody elses that needs cuttin'. Knees in the breeze ol' timer!

Have a nice Monday everybody!

Lady R


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Cool pictures and what a great old man he is. Seems like a grandfatherly thing to do go cutting the grass for anyone who needs it.

FLHX_Dave said...

Keeping yourself busy is the key to longevity and staying young...too bad those gas prices are going to give us all a heart attack!

Chris "Kickstart" Beason said...

Our gas is up to $3.45 a gallon! Thank goodness I don't work that far from home, but if this keeps up I'll be riding the bike even if it is still a little cold!

Canajun said...

That picture reminds me of The Straight Story. If you haven't seen the movie, you must. The (true) story of an old fella who crosses a couple of states on a riding lawnmower. A great, feel-good movie.

Webster World said...

Near Lansing...$3.75 :( Neat photo. Springs ah coming.

Lady Ridesalot said...

AZD... He was a very likable fella and we enjoyed chatting with him.

Dave... Yeah! And when we do get old, who says the fun has to stop there. I can see it now...

"PUSH RALLY" @ Sunrise Manor from 8 till noon! (we take naps at noon, remember?)
Everyone push your wheel chairs up to the gathering room where we'll have:
Wheel Chair Games, Wet Diaper Contests, and all the Metamucil you can drink! Fun for all!

... yep, I can see it now.

Chris... Seems like these assholes do this every year right before summer!

Canajun... Thanks for the reference. I'll have to put that in my NetFlix queue. :)

Webster... Yes it is...we have clover popping up everywhere. Achooo!