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Monday, January 31, 2011


We had a beautiful Saturday here in Alabama and I'm happy to report that riding 175 miles in some brilliant sunshine and under beautiful skies can do wonders for your spirit. I can't wait for all you riding brothers and sisters in the north to feel it again yourselves. It's great!

Lowndesboro Baptist Church, founded in 1888 - Lowndesboro, AL.

My FB friends had a sneak peak at my photos yesterday, and KT commented on this picture and called it the Storybook Church. I kind of liked it, so... Thanks KT, for helping me come up with a great title for my Pic of the Week for today!

I have a lot more to say about this historic community, but I'll have to save it for a longer post. In the meantime, here's a couple of bonus pictures of what you may see on the way to Lowndesboro.
"I think that I shall never see... A poem lovely as a tree."

Have a nice day everybody!

Lady R


motoroz said...

It was a great day in Texas also. Great to get out and ride this time of year. Looks like you had a great time. You got more miles in that I did.

KT Did said...

You can never leave where you live... mainly for one reason-- I will miss it. I need a map too. I have to figure out where all these places are.
BTW, You are welcome... the church is really something we don't see anymore. Simple & beautiful.

Webster World said...

Yea! Your brothers and sisters in the north are getting extra gas for the generators and snowmoblies right now. Lets hope we don't get 18" and wind. Bet it was a good ride for you. You did attend service...right?

Freebird said...

The pics don't lie, a real beautiful day...

Un saludo.

SonjaM said...

Sweet home Alabama, this is lovely, and looks like decent temperatures, too. Nice too see some pics from areas that a 'normal tourist' would not see.

Lady Ridesalot said...

motoroz... I was so happy to finally get a nice ride in. The first one for this year! Usually, when hubby and I take off on a Saturday, 250 to 300 miles is an average ride for us.

KT... You won't believe this, but I took another picture of my ol' girl in front of another old white church... right across the street! I'm planning to do a full post on Lowndesboro, it's full of plantation style homes and old buildings. Very cool place to ride through.

Webster... I'm sorry about that! Maybe if I keep posting bright sunny pictures, it will help you stay warm. LOL!
Either that, or you'll be ready to kick my "smart ass" into next Spring! Hang in there friend... Spring is coming!

Freebird... I loved how blue the blue is behind the church. It was a gorgeous day!

SonjaM... I agree... it's like finding little hidden treasures that no one else knows about. Alabama is full of them!

the rider said...

Lovely pictures, especially the ones in your previous post about the first.....and you certainly managed to put the essence and the feeling of being out on two wheels into words that made an enjoyable read. Well done!

bobskoot said...

Lady R:

soon we hope to have blue skies and warm temperatures such as you had on your ride. Our temps have gone down to freezing, but back to rain in a few days.

Looks like you had all the roads to yourselves

Wet Coast Scootin

Lady Ridesalot said...

The rider... Thank you. I appreciate that. I'm having a good time remembering the beginnings... it reminds me of those old Virginia Slims commercials... "You've come a long way baby!" Hope you enjoy the rest, I just posted another segment.

Bobskoot... Now that you mention it, there really wasn't that much traffic that day. I guess after having some really cold rainy days, everyone else was home doing yard work! lol!